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Events of April 8. Crimean Tatars Protest Alleged Discrimination

Events of May 7. Crimean Tatars Demonstrate in Bakhchisaray

P.Grigorenco's monument

Events of May 18

Tepresh Celebrated in Istanbul

An Article By Vladimir Polyakov

Kurultay Day one, Day two, Day three

Russian version of Kurultay's coverage..
Mr. M. Jemilevs' report on Third Kurultay( russian version)
Coverage of Kurultay day one.
Coverage of Kurultay day two.
Coverage of Kurultay day three.
Photo's from Kurultay

 Announcement from Mejlis (Russian version) September 2000

Our first issue of Places and People in photo.

European trip of Crimean Tatar nation's Mejlis chairman, M.Djemilev. (in Russian)

Lord Ponsonby,5 April 2000(russian version)

Mustafa Djemilev,5 March 2000, Strasbourg(russian version, english one pending editing)

Крымскотатарский вопрос в Совете Европы

Resolution of the Meeting of May 18,2000 (Russian version)

Lord Ponsonby,5 April 2000

An article from Electronic Telegraph UK

 An article from a "Ukrainian daily News" sent to us by fellow reader (in Russian).




Dear Friend:

We appreciate your interest in Crimean News, a Web site that carries
news  about Crimean Tatars both in Russian and English. News items are
selected from Crimean newspapers by the staff of the Crimean Tatar
Initiative in Simferopol (Ukraine), translated into English, and posted
to the Web. The Crimean News site ( is managed by
Mansur Alyadinov, who lives in the Washington, D.C. area.

Crimean News is looking for volunteers who can edit the English translations
of the news. The task involves editing 2-4 pages of written material per
month. And if we have have more individuals volunteering, we may call
on you even less frequently.

If you are a native speaker of English or have good command of the
English language, with some experience in writing and editing, and
you can read Russian, you are an ideal person to volunteer for this

In English translations of the news, we do not emphasize getting a
verbatim translation but rendering the meaning of the original Russian
in clear, grammatically correct English. Free translations are also

The text to be edited will be sent to you by e-mail, and after you
are thru with editing you can return it by e-mail. If there are
ambiguous areas in the English translation, you will need to refer
to the Russian original that will have been already posted to the Web.
(English translations lag behind Russian originals, which are posted
soon after they are received from Crimea.)

We expect and hope that you will be able to edit the issue you receive
within a week or sooner, if possible.

Would you like to volunteer?

We hope you will join a group of dedicated individuals who are volunteering
at the Crimean News. We believe in the importance of keeping the channels
of communication open. We need to disseminate the news from Crimea must
widely over the networks. The economic and social hardships faced by Crimean
Tatars, as they resettle in their native land after a 50-year forced exile,
need to be known by a wider audience. This is a worthy task, and this is one
way you can assist Crimean Tatars in their struggle to regain their right
to live in their ancestral land peacefully.

Crimean News

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