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Crimean News No 23

(mass media review September 11 - September 18, 1999)






The Yalta Conference results

During several days Crimea was in center of attention of the world public. September 10 till September 11 in Yalta, Livadia Palace the Conference called "Baltic-Black Sea Cooperation: to the integrated Europe of XXI centuries without the boarders" was held. Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Finland, Greece, Denmark, near foreign countries* took part in the Conference work. Almost 22 delegations, including 14 which was leaded by countries’ Presidents.

The countries-participants according to the adopted solutions will plan and develop political and economic contacts. The President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma in the speech has told, that this summit has demonstrated significant potential of Baltic-Black Sea cooperation as generator of new ideas and new approaches in Euro-integration processes.

Everybody understand today that in order to be constituent of the indivisible Europe, the Baltic-Black Sea region countries should work together in political, economic, ecological, humanitarian spheres and security sphere. September 13 accepted the solution where directed the ways of the common work.

TV Program "12 Minut novostey" (“12 News Minutes), "Crimea" State TV and Broadcasting Corporation.

Our note.

* Near foreign countries – former USSR countries.

* * *

Problems of creation of transport corridor from Central Asia through Transcaucasia to Europe became one of the themes for negotiation (during the Conference) between the President of Ukraine and President of Azerbaijan. Under the point of view of these Presidents, transport corridor "Central Asia - Europe" would be possible to use for transportation of various freights, first of all – fuel and electricity.

Interfax-Ukraine, newspaper "Krymskie Izvestiya" (“Crimean News”), No 179 (1930), September 14, 1999, p. 4.


Damaged Turkey does not refuse from the help, promised by it

September 13 took place the meeting of the head of Parliament of Crimea Leonid Gratch with the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Turkey to Ukraine Alp Karamanoglu. Parliament’s Chairman at the beginning of the speech expressed to the Turkish Ambassador the sympathy concerning the happened tragedy in this republic. A. Karamanoglu has expressed thanks to the Ukrainian people for the help rendered to his country during act of nature.

The significant part of mating word was allotted to Crimean Tatars problems. The Ambassador of Turkey has stated the judgement that, because Crimean Tatars are the citizens of Ukraine, this state should care about them. The Ambassador has informed about construction by the Turks of 1000 apartment houses for Crimean Tatars, including 230 which are already have been given. Turks planing to continue this action. Besides the Turkish Government gave $1 million for individual constructors, as well as gave the money for construction of polyclinic in the village Pionerskoe and for realization of the line of water-supply and roads into two Crimean Tatar settlements in Simferopol region.

"It is necessary, - the Turkish diplomat has underlined, - as far as it is possible to remove the historical injustice in relation to this people". As he has informed further, the Turkish businessmen are interested to work in Crimea, but the appropriate projects are necessary for it, which confirmation the Ambassador has asked the Speaker. It will allow, apart from the stabilization of the economic situation in Crimea to create working places for Crimean Tatars, because the unemployment level among them are very high. He hopes also for activation of business relations between Turkey and Crimea.

Lentara Khalilova, newspaper “Golos Kryma” ("Voice of Crimea"), No 38 (305), September 17, 1999, p. 1.


The visit Council of Europe envoy to Crimea

Familiarization with the Crimean Tatar living conditions is the aim of two-day visit to Crimea of the speaker of the Parliamentary Assembly the Council of Europe (PACE) on repatriation and integration of Crimean Tatars Lord Ponsomby. The report on the situation in Autonomous Republic of Crimea (ARC) is introduced into the agenda of autumnal session of PACE, which will begin on September 20.

In the Verkhovnaya Rada (Parliament) of Crimea took place the discussion of the problem of social-economic situation of Crimean Tatars. The first Vice-Chairman of the Verkhovnaya Rada of ARC Boris Deych has addressed with the request to raise on PACE meeting the problem of giving to Crimean Tatars the economic help from the Western Europian countries.

G.Mayko, newspaper "Krymskie Izvestiya” (“Crimean News"), No 181 (1932), September 16, 1999, p. 1.


The Council of Europe is interested in the Crimean Tatar situation

Mr. Ponsonby has arrived to the peninsula with the aim of preparation of the report for PACE about the Crimean Tatar situation. There is the fund of social development under the PACE, which selects money for the aid for the refugees damaged from acts of nature and persons, returned from places of deportation. Ukraine in order to receive the help should to be a part in this fund and to pay enter fee. The necessary sum is already entered into the budget of Ukraine, and now representatives of PACE have arrived for familiarization with the situation on field.

The Vice-Chairman of the Republican committee on Nationalities and Deported Peoples briefly told about the history of deportation and about the situation of formerly deported peoples today. In particular he has informed, that for the last years have been given 45 thousands land plots for building, appeared more than 300 settlements, a third of returnees have managed to receive housing accommodation from the state or to construct it independently. Nevertheless, it was underlined, that until now is acute the problems with gasifying, electrification and water-supply of settlements and with employment people who returned to the native land are still sharpen. Only for completion of created housing accommodation and construction of the communications it is necessary about $200 millions. Ukraine is not capable to allocate such sums.

Aleksey Nezhivoy, newspaper "Krymskoe Vremya" (“Crimean Time”), No 173 (794), September 17, 1999, p. 3.


Everybody in Ukraine struggle with poverty, but only one received the UN award

For the first time the Ukrainian citizen has been awarded to the UN award for struggle with poverty. Elmaz Appazova (awarded at the beginning of September in New York) - Crimean Tatar by the nationality lived long time in deportation, today is one from activists of the UN Crimea Development and Integration Program.

E.Appazova nowadays works as the daintiest in the clinic constructed within the framework of this program, which main problem is the giving assistance to Ukrainian and Crimean governments "in preservation of the peace and stability on the peninsula by contributing to the process of settling and reintegration of the peoples, deported from Crimea during the Second World War". On words of the chief of the project, important factor of success is cooperation and help from the ordinaries persons, therefore having paid greatest contribution to the issue of UN struggle with poverty annually are awarded personally by UN General Secretary in the UN General Assembly Hall.

Alexander Mikhelson, newspaper "Den" (“Day”), No 169 (706), September 15, 1999, p. 2.


Listening of case in Bahchisaray court

Proceeds the listening of case, which the representatives of the Council of Aksakals* have presented the claim to the Chairman of Bahchisaray Mejlis Ilmi Umerov in protection of honor and virtue.

The Council of Aksakals was created in 1999 under the Chairman of the Parliament of Crimea Leonid Gratch. A subject of the action at law has become transformation of the word "aksakal"** into "akshakal"***. The Council of Aksakals considers itself insulted by Ilmi Umerov’s words. The Council of Aksakals anywhere officially is not registered, therefore its representatives can require protection only as the private persons. But think in that the Chairman of Bahchisaray Mejlis called Council of Aksakals under Leonid Gratch as "akshakals" did not touched the persons.

As approves Ilmi Umerov, he spoke not about particular names, and spoke "about policy, about the Parliament, about the Constitution of Crimea and the position of the Chairman of the Parliament, which in counterbalance to the representative elective body of Crimean Tatar people – Mejlis - created under himself any councils, which people names not differently as "council of akshakals". The case have added oils into the light of split between Crimean Tatars living in the region.

Osman Pashaev, "12 Minut novostey" (“12 News Minutes), "Crimea" State TV and Broadcasting Corporation.

Our note.

* - "Council of Aksakals" - public structure organized by the initiative of the Chairman of Crimean Parliament, Communist Leonid Gratch with the aim of creation the opposition to the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People.

** Aksakal - literally: white (i.e. gray-haired) beard - valid title, reference to the elderly people.

*** Akshakal - literally: white jackal.


Conflict situation in Sudak

The second week the opposition between Crimean Tatars and authorities proceeds. As an occasion the disappearing of Gafar Abdurahmanov has served which in June autocratically has taken base of rest in state farm "Solnechnaya Dolina" (“Sunny Valley”). In night 3-4 September on the base there was a fire, after which extinguishing Gafar has disappeared.

11 days the Gafar’s compatriots are picketing the building of Sudak town administration. They requiring to find Gafar. As the effect on bodies picketing people made more resolute measures. At the 4th day after happened they at 2 p.m. have superimposed the entrance into administration’s building. People consider, that in next time their rights are violated, and all occurred is beforehand planned, including the fire.

On words of the Chairman Sudak regional Mejlis, the self-acquisition in Sudak for a long time become tradition, because Crimean Tatar problem here practically is not decided. Only 7 families of formerly deported have received for the last 10 years the apartments. With disappearing of Gafar the situation in Sudak region was heated. In order to solve the conflict, to the place the Chairman of Council of Ministers of Crimea Sergey Kunizin has gone away. He has told: "What we want from the people, which at the end of 20 century have not water, light, job, and have illnesses and set of other problems". He made the conclusion, that the local authorities are not working in full power. The authority, on words of Sergey Kunizin, will do all from it dependent, that hereinafter similar conflicts did not arise.

For searches of Gafar Abdurahmanov created the operative group from the law-enforcement workers and relatives of disappeared person.

TV Program "12 Minut novostey" (“12 News Minutes), "Crimea" State TV and Broadcasting Corporation.




Premiere in Crimean Tatar Theatre

More than one year Crimean Tatar Music-Drama Theatre cannot show the performances in the native premise. There are repair jobs. But as annually allocated sum by Ministry of Culture of Crimea this year was not received by them, the restoration activities cannot be completed. In steadfast consideration of the problem that fact is selected, that the development of culture and art of Crimean Tatars goes by very slow rates. For example, Russian Drama Theatre the allocation of necessary money from the state budget happens regularly. And this year the Russian Drama Theatre has received money, assigned to it. And this is not discrimination?

Despite to all financial and other problems, the art head of the Crimean Tatar Theatre continues to work. The new performances are going. This year the theatrical season here beginnings on September 13 by the premiere. In the small hall of theatre came together about 100 spectators and warmly have met performance "Bahchisaray Fountain", posed by the young producer of theatre Ahmet Seitablaev.

The TV Program "Haberler" ("News") Crimean Tatar edition of the Crimea" State TV and Broadcasting Corporation.


There is wedding on the stage

National Crimean Tatar dancing ensemble "Avdet" from Bahchisaray region is known in Crimea. Recently Ava Azamatova, Head of this ensemble, has exhibited yourself as script writer, the producer and producer of performance on Crimean Tatar language, in which basis is putted wedding ceremony. The dancing and national variety ensemble "Bahchisaray" (head Edem Mustafaev) participates in it.

The large activity for reconstruction of the wedding ceremony was conducted, the dances, national costumes, ancient songs, subjects of household activities were collected and embodied to the wedding performance on the scene. The national proverbs, sayings, songs sounded, the wedding games were conducted. The spectators warmly applauded the actors.

V.Roshten, newspaper "Krymskie Izvestiya" (“Crimean News”), No 180 (1931), September 15, 1999, p. 7.