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Crimean news 89.

(Mass Media review for 18-23 December 2000).

Articles are abridged.



Crimean parliament acts according two different scenarios.

…NATO is to blame for separation of Crimean power branches.

Two in one.

Kyiv cancels previous orders.

Russian is used as an official language.

News from Mejlis




Crimean parliament acts according two different scenarios.

It was easy to understand that something very extraordinary was brewing in the Crimean parliament, in the wake of a red-flag rally held near the Supreme Council of Crimea on December 20 morning. Nevertheless, plenary sitting of Crimean parliament was started.

However, when forming the agenda, the Supreme Council of Crimea appeared to be divided into two parts and all events were happening according to their so-called different plans.

Oleg Shakhnyuk, “Krymskaya Pravda” (“The Crimean Truth”), #234 (22647), December 21, 2000, p.1.

Our commentaries: Opposition of two Crimean power branches – legislative and executive – has been going on for more than a year. Communistic majority of Crimean parliament’s presidium headed by speaker Leonid Grach acts against the supporters of Crimean head of government, Sergey Kunitsyn.


…NATO is to blame for separation of Crimean power branches.

There are two stands, which are seemingly willing to fight till the end: “kunistsyntsy” (Kunitsyn’s supporters) insist on including into the agenda the issue of President’s Decree, which has temporarily stopped four legal acts of Crimean parliament, in order to abolish them without waiting for decision of Constitutional Court. Besides the Constitutional Court had to hold sitting to consider these issues last night Leonid Grach* openly shared his opinion on this issue: “I have no intention to vote (which means that he will not raise this issue for voting – author’s explanations) I have a right for that. He believes that such actions will “confuse the basis of constitutional style”.

According to the opposition, the temporarily stopped acts have considerably limited powers of Supreme Court in favor of the speaker and presidium.

After a long arguing communist Zakharov claimed the followings: “…If you are asking when exactly the parliament and Council of Ministers separated from each other, I will clearly answer you: it happened in Brussels**!..”

Natalya Gavrilyeva, “Krymskoye vremya” (“The Crimean Times”), #239 (1106), December 21, 2000, p.3

Our information: *Leonid Ivanovich Grach is the speaker of Crimean parliament and the head of Crimean communists.

**We mean the official visit of Crimean delegation to NATO headquarters.


Two in one.

On the day of parliament’s sitting communists initiated a rally with following slogans: “Do not touch Grach!”, “There is no past with Kunitsyn, so there won’t be any future with him!”. The rally participants were surprised to see another rally, which had been initiated by “Molodaya Batkivsshina*” (“Young Homeland”). Besides the latter had opposite slogans: “We are for prosperity in unity”, “Peace among powers – peace in the republic”, “Guys, let’s lead a friendly life!”

Alexey Nejivoy, “Krymskoye Vremya” (“The Crimean Times”), #239 (1106), December 21, 2000, p3.

Our information. It is one of the Crimean youth organizations.


Kyiv cancels previous orders.

Evening sitting of Crimean parliament differed from the one held in the morning. “Having worked” from the morning till noon, deputies couldn’t even assert agenda. Opposition majority acting against speaker tried hard to cancel some of Crimean parliament’s decrees.

Vasiliy Kiselyov again demanded that the clause on changing time-limit should be introduced into agenda (this document is considered in the Constitutional Court as well, and Crimean deputies believe that the time-limit provides too much power for the speaker.) But Leonid Grach, by using his usual methodic, didn’t raise this proposition for voting.

Kiselyov blamed the speaker for phoning president to complain on his colleagues, who try seemingly to make him step down. Grach’s respond was as follows: “I have…informed the president about the issues that caused difficulty for the session”. We do not rule out the possibility that Center demanded that they should make a short break. One way or another, but we can face the result: they have calmed down and “antigrachyovs” (People acting against Grach) did nothing but minor attacks.

Alexey Nejivoy, “Krymskoye Vremya” (“The Crimean Times”), #239 (1106), December 21, 2000, p3.

Our information: *One of Crimean deputies from opposition majority.



Russian is used as an official language.

The next in turn session of Sevastopol city Council passed a decision to declare the Russian language as â language of work and business of city council’s apparatus. The leaders of enterprises with communal ownership, tuition and education institutions have been recommended to use the Russian language as an official one.

“Krymskaya gazeta” (”The Crimean newspaper”), #237 (16093), December 20, 2000, p.1.

Our commentaries: There has been a serious discussion about the issue of giving an official status to the Russian language. In Ukraine the Ukrainian language is the state language. However, the Russians living in Ukraine, especially in Crimea strongly fight for their stands on giving an official state status to the Russian language.


News from Mejlis.


On December 22, office of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people received notices to the House of public prosecutor for N.Bekirov, S.Kadirov, and K.Abdullayev. They are to be witnesses on the sitting of criminal case. Executive of the Head Administration of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Rakhmatulin explained that the case had been initiated due to “occupation of Dzhankoy district state administration made by the Crimean Tatars on November 27”*.

On November 27, more than 300 Crimean Tatars gathered to take part in the political process of their compatriots: Ruslan Kurtseitov, Enver Abduveliyev, Eskender Bekirov, Midat Kurtnezirov**. Judge Kutanova, having not come to the court, on the pretext of being ill, frustrated the second court hearings on this case. And the head of district state administration, A.Bragin again refused to provide any explanations to people. In result, these people decided to enter the building of district state administration and speak to Bragin at his working place. These people caused neither damaging of state property nor frustration of state institution’s work. The fact is that these events have been initiated by powers in order to use them as a pretext for a new period of repression against leaders of Crimean Tatar movements afterwards.

Press-Service of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people.

Our information: See “Crimean news 86” on this issue.

**See “Crimean news 83, 86, 88” on this issue.


*      *      *

From December 2 through 12, chairman of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, Mustafa Dzhemilev, members of Mejlis Ilmi Umerov and Shevket Asanov within the frameworks of UN PDIC* project and Canadian agency of international development “Management under conditions of many-national society: Canadian, Crimean experience” took part in the introductory trip around Canada. The program included introduction with Canadian history and culture, policy of many cultures and functioning of several official languages. They also considered issues related to native peoples. The delegation visited Ministry for Indians and northern territories, Carleton University and Museum of civilizations.

Press-Service of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people.

Our information: *The UN Program of Development and Integration of Crimea.




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