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Crimean news 86.

(Mass Media review for 27 November – 2 December 2000).

Articles are abridged.


Crimean Tatars hold rally of protest in Dzhankoy.

Dzhankoy events are discussed.

S.Kunitsyn explains to the press events happed in Dzhankoy on November, 27.

A.Dobrorez is not inclined to call the event with the Crimean Tatars in Dzhankoy as a “capture”.

Alexander Dobrorez’s evaluations

Official visit.

Prove it not by a word but by an action.

Major Crimean organized criminal groups are “beheaded”.

“A lot depends on men”.




Crimean Tatars hold rally of protest in Dzhankoy.

On November 27 about a hundred of the Crimean Tatars picketed the building of Dzhankoy state district administration demanding that the case against their four compatriots accused of premeditated violation of railway traffic and organizing unsanctioned rallies should be stopped*. We should remind that on June 12, a group of the Crimean Tatars blocked railway traffic expressing their protest against an unfair land division. Today the sitting was again put off.

Picket participants demanded a meeting with the administration head, Bragin, but he rejected their demand. After that the Crimean Tatars entered the administration building and spent several hours there. As the chairman if Mejlis Mustafa Dzhemilev informed by telephone, the picket participants demand that the administration head should step down as well. M.Dzhemilev called the picket participants to leave the premises, which was done at 7 p.m.

News TV program “Volna (“Wave”), Chernomorskaya TV-Radio company.

Our information: *See “Crimean news 83” on this case.


*      *      *

The legal hearing of the case brought against Kurtseitov Ruslan, Abduveliyev Enver, Bekirov Eskender and Kurtnezirov Midat appointed on November 27 wasn’t held. And if last time the “public prayer” prevented legal hearing then this time judge Kutanova didn’t come to the process at all.

The Crimean Tatars, who came to support their compatriots from almost every region of Crimea, organized a rally of protest, which accounted some 500 participants. Their demands were as follows: to stop the case against the participants of protest actions and fire A.I.Bragin from the post of the head of district state administration.

The four-hour negotiations didn’t help to come to a mutual agreement. A 65-year-old Yashar Seydametov passed away in the administration building because of heart attack.


*      *      *

The sitting of Presidium of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people held on November 30, was devoted to the last developments in Dzhankoy. They passed a decision to hold an all-Crimea rally in Simferopol on December 10, 2000, devoted to the Day of Human Rights.

Press-service of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people.


Dzhankoy events are discussed.

On November 28, they held a working sitting in the Council of Ministers with participance of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, President’s representatives in Crimea, and Crimean force powers. And a preliminary evaluation of Dzhankoy’s event was made at the sitting.

As a result they decided to create a council of Crimean Tatars’ representatives at the district administration. They also decided to assert â Crimean Tatar representative to the post of the deputy of Dzhankoy administration head. To resolve the problem of conflict situation and study politico-lawful issues arising in the district they decided to create an interdepartmental commission consisting of representatives from both sides.

“Kirim” (“The Crimea”), #54 (602), 2 December 2000, p.1.


S.Kunitsyn explains to the press events happed in Dzhankoy on November, 27.

Blocking traffic in Dzhankoy envisages criminal responsibility. The house of prosecutor has initiated a case on this fact. I think that everyone has to act in correspondence with law and the guilty have to be punished – whether they are the Crimean Tatars or anybody else. Nationality plays no role for law.

But on the other hand, not only have there been some unlawful actions against the Crimean Tatars but some non-governmental organizations as well. In February, April on Kirova avenue* the traffic was blocked by the Union of Soviet officers, representatives of komsomol and other youth organizations. I said then that if they couldn’t punish them they wouldn’t be able to punish others.

Everything that happened during evasion into the administration building has been registered by security organs and they have got a videotape. According to the data I have, what happened in Dzhankoy is also the guilt of Dzhankoy district administration. The guilty from both sides must be punished.

Yelena Gornaya, “Krymskaya gazeta” (“The Crimean newspaper”), #223 (16079), 30 November 2000, p.1.

Our information: *one of Simferopol’s central avenues.


A.Dobrorez is not inclined to call the event with the Crimean Tatars in Dzhankoy as a “capture”.

The Crimean procurator, Alexander Dobrorez states that in connection with the event with the Crimean Tatars on November, 27 in Dzhankoy the public house of Crimea will pass a decision, “which will meet the legislation demands”.

Yet, at the conference in Simferopol he emphasized that it would be done after a thorough revision of what happened. And it was being held at that time. A.Dobrorez call the media not to hasten with their final conclusions.

“I wouldn’t like it to sound so abruptly as a0 capture. As a procurator I wouldn’t call it like that” – emphasized A.Dobrorez, having noted that his opinion was grounded on studying videotapes.

According to his words, no one blocked the entrance to the building of administration and the building was not closed.

Interfax-Ukraine, “Krymskiye izvestiya” (“The Crimean news”), #224 (2228), 1 December 2000, p.4.


Alexander Dobrorez’s evaluations

on the Crimean cross-destruction.

Alexander Dobrorez informed that they had brought actions against all facts including the fact of dismantling a worship cross in Morskoye.

<…> I feel obliged to say that the evil roots are much deeper. And we should begin our conversation not from the fact that their (crosses) have been dismantled but from the unlawful erecting of them. If we take it as â countdown point then I’ll say that it doesn’t correspond with the law. <…> We must say that we have the same number of facts as when the Moslem gravestones were profaned. Why don’t we speak about it? Let’s prepare this whole material, <…> and won’t limit ourselves with the fact that a cross has been cut off, it fell down, which is considered to be vandalism.<…>

Oleg Markelov, “Krymskoye vremya” (“The Crimean times”), #226 (1093), 2 December 2000, p.3.

Our information: *See “Crimean news 82, 85” on dismantling of Christian worship cross in Morskoye village near Sudak.


Official visit.

Official visit of Ukraine’s president, Leonid Kuchma to Turkey was held on November 22 through 24, 2000. The delegation included several highest leaders of the nation, heads of state committees for religion, connection and information, chairman of Crimean government, Sergey Kunitsyn and chairman of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, Mustafa Dzhemilev.

Ukrainian delegation visited the mausoleum of the founder of Turkish Republic, Mustafa Ataturk. They held a separate meeting of Ukraine’s president with the president of Turkey, Ahmet Sezer, after which they took part in negotiations of two delegations. The president of Turkey said he appreciated that Ukraine did so much to address the Crimean Tatars’ issues and informed that Turkey was willing to closely collaborate with Ukraine in this field. At the end of the negotiations both sides had signed 9 various agreements aimed at expanding and deepening of collaboration of two nations in different fields. After signing the agreements they held A brief meeting of Turkey’s president, Ahmet Sezer with Mustafa Dzhemilev, where he informed Mustafa Dzhemilev about his conversation with L.Kuchma on the Crimean Tatar theme.

During the visit M.Dzhemilev also held some negotiations with the leadership of Turkey’s Administration of Education on the issue of mutual recognition of higher educational establishment’s diplomas of both nations. In particular, they expressed a possibility of recognizing by Turkey of those Ukrainian universities, to which the Turkish students attend and by Ukraine – the diplomas of universities, to which students from Ukraine attend. They reached an agreement that a delegation from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine will soon visit Turkey for a detailed discussion of this issue and signing an agreement with the Ministry of Education of Turkey.

After that M.Dzhemilev met with the leader of party of National Action of Turkey and vice Prime Minister, Davlet Bakhcheli. Ihsan Kyrimli and his deputy also took part in the meeting. In the course of the meeting, which lasted for more than an hour, they discussed the entire complex of Crimean Tatar people’ problems.

They also held a meeting of the chairman of Crimean government, Sergey Kunitsyn with chairman of unity of Crimean Tatar organizations, Ahmet Kyrimli. M.Dzhemilev attended it as well. They discussed Crimean Tatar people’s problems and the project of creating trade-and-production complex in Simferopol for 100 employees and which will cost about one million US dollars. This complex can be constructed by Turkey’s help. S.Kunitsyn promised to provide any help in finding an appropriate land plot and communications for constructing the complex. After the meeting M.Dzhemilev met with a group of students attending Turkish universities.

On November 24, the delegation left for Istanbul, where president L.Kuchma together with Ukrainian delegation held a conference with Turkish businessmen. Before leaving for Ukraine the chairman of Mejlis met with the governor of Istanbul, Erol Chakyr. He promised to provide satellite dishes to the Crimean Tatar non-government organizations in the Crimean Tatar villages. He also promised to provide some help in improving technical equipment of the Crimean Tatar editorial office of State TV Radio Company “Krym” (“Crimea”).

Mejlis press-service.


Prove it not by a word but by an action.

Turkey will continue financing the program of constructing 1000 houses for the Crimean Tatars. In the course of negotiations between leaders of nations they reached an agreement that Turkey will make its contribution to the restoration of Bakhchisaray palace of Crimean khans. They also discussed possibilities of Turkey’s help in restoration of Zyncirli Medrese*.

In the course of the meeting with businessmen they discussed the question of investment into the agrarian sector of economy.

Press-service of the Council of Ministers of Crimea, “Krymskaya gazeta” (“The Crimean newspaper”), #233 (16079), 30 November 2000, p.1.

Our information: * Zyncirli Medrese is an ancient Crimean Tatar educational institution, on the territory of which there is a psycho-neurological hospital now.


Criminal review.


Major Crimean organized criminal groups are “beheaded”.

Major Crimean organized criminal groups acting on the territory of our peninsula have been “beheaded”, said the Crimean procurator, Alexander Dobrorez.

The procurator informed that during the fight with criminals during 11 months of current year the investigation department of Crimea has completed 55 criminal cases and 14 of them are connected with crimes committed by groups. 34 people have been attracted to the criminal responsibility. 5 more cases are about to be completed.

Interfax-Ukraine, “Krymskiye izvestiya” (“The Crimean news”), #244 (2228), 1 December 2000, p.4.




“A lot depends on men”.

This is the motto of the worldwide day of fight against AIDS, which is annually held on December 1. In Crimea, according to the data for November 1, 4246 people infected by venereal diseases have been registered and 214 of them are infected by AIDS. 76 Crimean dwellers have already been killed by the “Plague of the 20th century”

65,9% of Crimean dwellers have infected with AIDS through their veins (syringe drug users). And 28,6% by sexual relation. 5,5% have been infected by a from-mother-to-child way. They have organized giving â counteracting medicine to infants and their infected mothers under the humanitarian help of organization called “Boundless doctors” since May 2000. Taking into account the fact that the epidemic of AIDS has been officially announced in the country, and the Crimea is on the fourth position on the amount of the infected, such â measure is very essential.

Yelena Ozeryan, “Krymskaya pravda” (“the Crimean truth”), #220 (22633), 1 December 2000, p.1.



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