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Crimean news 85.

(Mass Media review for 20-25 November 2000).

Articles are abridged.


Deported peoples' problems have been discussed.

Bakhchisaray's echo.

Crimean PM leaves for Turkey in an official delegation.

Conciliation commission created in Morskoye.

Let us coexist friendly.

George Soros promises support to the Crimean Tatars.

News from Mejlis

Let the theatre halls be always full.

Pigeon, flying to the Sun.

New theatre season opens.

Teachers share experience.

Ecologists are worried about people's health




Deported peoples' problems have been discussed.

The program of Crimean integration development and preparations for the 3rd conference of donor countries dealing with deported peoples were the main points to be discussed during the meeting of Vice Prime-Minister of Ukraine, Nikolay Zhulinskiy with Permanent UN representative, Douglas Gardener in Kyiv.

The discussion was devoted to issues of social policy in Ukraine, fight against AIDS.

D.Gardened informed that he would gladly provide some support in these issues, which are vitally important for Ukraine. According to his words, UN Representatives in Ukraine is ready to assist, first of all Crimea providing a full medical examination of deportees, in particular for tuberculosis and AIDS.

"Krymskiye izvestiya" ("The Crimean news"), #218 (2222), 23 November 2000, p.2.


Bakhchisaray's echo.

President of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma signed his commission on results of sitting of Representative Council of Crimean Tatar People, which was held in Bakhchisaray on November 10, 2000*.

Crimean Tatar people' Council of Representatives was created in May 1999 as a consulting-discussion organ working under the leadership of the president. The Council includes leaders of Crimean Tatar national movement. Mustafa Dzhemilev, national deputy of Ukraine was appointed to the post of the Council chairman.

The document envisages settling of several acute problems of housing and deportees' integration into the Ukrainian society. This includes the following points: giving housing subsidies to deportees living in half-built houses; creating additional employment for repatriates using different sources of financing; providing bank services for programs aimed at housing deported Crimean Tatars in Crimea; allocating facilities for restoring Bakhchisaray historian-cultural museum; improving medical treatment of deportees; taking some measures on celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Crimean Tatar theatre.

"Krymskaya gazeta" ("The Crimean newspaper"), #220 (16076), 25 November 2000, p.1.

Our information: *See "Crimean news 83-84" for more detailed information about this sitting.


Crimean PM leaves for Turkey in an official delegation.

The chairman of Crimean Council of Ministers, Sergey Kunitsyn has left for Turkey as a member of an official delegation headed by the president, Leonid Kuchma.

The government leader said that Crimea and Turkey had common economic interests, however there was a lot to develop in this field.

He said that he was striving for extending economic connections with Turkey, and in the field of tourism at first. They will hold a forum of businessmen of two countries within the frameworks of Ukrainian delegation's official visit. The forum will be devoted to issues of bilateral economic relations. Apart from that, they plan to discuss the issues of Turkey's contribution to Crimean Tatars' housing and their integration into the Ukrainian society.

"Krymskaya gazeta" ("The Crimean newspaper"), #218 (16074), 23 November 2000, p.1.


*      *      *

"I hope that the decision of Turkey's former president, Suleyman Demirel concerning construction of a thousand flats for the Crimean Tatars will be fulfilled by the current leadership of Turkey" - president of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma emphasized at the meeting with representatives of Turkish media in Ankara. "We appreciate the help and support provided by Turkey for addressing this issue." - he noted.

"Krymskoye vremya" ("The Crimean times"), #220 (1087), 24 November 2000, p.1.


Conciliation commission created in Morskoye.

On November 16, they held a meeting of Moslem and Orthodox community representatives in Kapskhor village (currently Morskoye).

There have already been three meetings on this case held on October 31 and November 6 and 13. The latter was devoted for considering minutes of previous meetings and passing an ultimate decision.

The meeting held on November 16 proved that the stand of Orthodox community hadn't changed. They still insist on restoring the cross on Kamatra mount and propose to erect a Moslem symbol next to it.

In result both parties reached an agreement to create a conciliation commission which will comprise of three representatives from Moslem community and three representatives from Orthodox community. This commission, having studied all the materials in detail and having agreed upon conclusions with ecclesiastic Moslem and Orthodox leadership will have to develop certain steps in order to solve the situation. Presumably, the commission will have a permanent character and one of its obligations will be to solve local conflicts.

"Avdet" ("The Returning"), #21 (255), 24 November 2000, p.2.

Our information: *We mention the dismantling of Orthodox cross made by the village Moslems. The cross was erected there on the decision of local authorities. See "Crimean news 82" on this case.


Let us coexist friendly.

The chairman of Committee for religion under the Crimean Council of Ministers, Vladimir Maliborskiy again drew everyone's attention to the dismantling of Christian worship cross in Morskoye at the press conference held on November 23.

The Committee chairman emphasized that they had worked a lot so that representatives of various communities could reach a mutual agreement. The sitting held by the chairman of the Crimean Council of Ministers assisted this process. Representatives of Orthodox and Moslem confessions attended the sitting. They decided to resort from further erecting of crosses, but the cross in Morskoye will be restored. Representatives of both communities agreed on this point and made clear about exact place for it.

On the sitting Eve some people cut off a worship cross in Mazanka village of Simferopol district. Vladimir Maliborskiy asked journalists not to make soon conclusions about the guilty. Security organs have to look into the case first. This may even be a kind of provocation. The cross in Mazanka will be restored and sanctified.

Anatoliy Vlasenko, "Krymskaya gazeta" ("The Crimean newspaper"), #219 (16075), 24 November 2000, p.1.


George Soros promises support to the Crimean Tatars.

Solemn celebrations devoted to the 10th anniversary of "Renaissance" fund, created with the facilities of the world-famous patron George Soros, were held in November in Kyiv.

On November 7, within jubilee celebrations they held meeting of leaders and representatives of the Fund projects and programs.

Gulnara Useinova, "Golos Kryma" ("the Voice of Crimea"), #48 (367), 24 November 2000, p.1.


News from Mejlis.


The next in turn Kurultay 3 session will be held on January 5 through 6, 2001.


*      *      *

The head of political-law department of Mejlis, Nadir Bekirov* introduced people with the latest developments of court hearings, held in Dzhankoy against protest action participants, at the widened sitting of Crimean Tatar people's Mejlis on November 18. We should remind that appointed court hearings weren't held on November 7. Judge Kutanova upset the next in turn sitting because the Crimean Tatars (more than 300 people), having arrived from different regions of Crimea for supporting their compatriots, said a brief prayer before the sitting and removed huge Lenin's picture from the stage. Kutanova showed her being unsatisfied with it and the sitting wasn't held. Judge's actions caused adequate reaction and people organized meeting near the building of district court of Dzhankoy.

In result, they have passed a decision to hold several protest meetings in regions against executives' free actions towards the Crimean Tatars and on November 27, on the day of court hearings in Dzhankoy, to hold an all-Crimean meeting of protest.

They discussed the results of president's meeting with Crimean Tatar people's Council of Representatives held on November 10. In the course of discussion they passed Regulations about the Crimean Tatar people's representative Councils at district state administrations and city executive committees and gave the document to the Crimean government administration for the further consideration.

Press-Service of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people.

Our information: *See "Crimean news 83" about this case.


Culture, Education.


Let the theatre halls be always full.

On November 21, they held a solemn opening ceremony of the restored Crimean Tatar musical-drama theatre.

The chairman of Mejlis, Mustafa Dzhemilev came out on this occasion, congratulating his compatriots with restored center of national art.

M.Dzhemilev and S.Kunitsyn were entrusted to cut off the band. Guests entered the theatre being accompanied by national music.

Leylya Alyadinova, "Golos Kryma" ("The Voice of Crimea"), #48 (367), 24 November 2000, p.1.


Pigeon, flying to the Sun.

There has been a major event in the cultural life of Crimea, which had been expected for a long time. The Crimean Tatar musical-drama theatre was opened after being restored. The collective's emblem - a pigeon, flying to the Sun and an actor's mask - symbolize world, life, art or rather everything which is worth working for.

The art leader, Bilyal Bilyalov says that they have performed 40 plays and concert programs since the theatre was restarted in 1989. It was in 1990 when the collective prepared play "A dream girl" ("Arzi-qiz"). Now they are working on another play. Such plays as "Macbeth" and "Bakhchisaray fountain" are performed in two languages - Crimean Tatar and Russian. Concert program includes works of Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian and Russian authors, and classics. The theatre will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year.

Chairman of Crimean government, Sergey Kunitsyn came out at the opening ceremony. He read greetings from the president of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma.

Anatoliy Vlasenko, "Krymskaya gazeta" ("The Crimean newspaper"), #217 (16083), 22 November 2000, p.1.


New theatre season opens.

On November 21, they held the opening ceremony of the 99th theatre season of the Crimean Tatar theatre. This event was held in the premises of restored building of the national theatre. Authorities started reconstruction and a capital redecoration of the theatre two and a half years ago, and in result it looks brilliant today.

Actors have gone to different Ukrainian cities and abroad with their program during the last six months. They performed 22 plays, which were gladly attended in 14 cities of Turkey. They carried on their program in Romania. The Crimean Tatar theatre got the biggest number of awards in Ufa among 15 Turkik theatres.

Gulnara Kurtaliyeva, "Avdet" ("The Returning"), #21 (255), 24 November 2000, p.4.


Teachers share experience.

Seminar for teachers was held in Yevpatoriya on October 31 through November 2. Primary school teachers from various schools of Crimea gathered to the seminar. It was held under support of cultural center "Yashliq" ("Youth").

Trainers from Lviv, Olesya Pasechnik and Igor Pusshak showed how to use games and discussions to explain a new topic to children, what kind of materials it was necessary to use taking into account every child's individual character.

The seminar helped the gathered to share experience in child tuition making him love his motherland and native tongue.

Gulnar Ablyazova, "Kyrym" ("The Crimea"), #53 (601), 25 November 2000, p.1.


Ecologists are worried about people's health

They seek ways of collaboration with scientists and state executives.

What is the probability of emergency ecological situations in Crimea? How much does our health depend on the environment? How can we unite efforts of state, scientific and non-governmental organizations to create an integral system of medico-ecological monitoring named "Ecology of regions and health of population: theory and practice", which was held in Simferopol on November 22 through 24.

As far as the question of probability of emergency ecological situation in Crimea is concerned it should be said that it was answered by the director deputy of Institute of hygiene and medical ecology AMS* of Ukraine, Valeriy Stankevich. He mentioned chemical armor, drowned in the Bay of Kazachya. The head doctor of republic SES, Maria Krovyakova explained that the situation of storing and utilizing of remains (first of all mercury and pesticides) was critical.

The data about worsening of Crimean dwellers' health, exceeding of death rate over the birth rate and other sad trends was said aloud again. However, economic crisis kills people more rapidly than the ecological crisis.

Oleg Markelov, "Krymskoye vremya" ("The Crimean times"), #221 (1088), 25 November 2000, p.7.

Our information: *AMS stands for the Academy of Medical Sciences.

**SES stands for the Sanitarium-epidemic Station.



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