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Crimean news 83.

(Mass Media review for 6-10 November 2000).

Articles are abridged.


"Adalet"* party states.

Public prayer hindered the judge.

President visited Bakhchisaray.

L.Kuchma has given commission to the Crimean government to solve the problem of Crimean Tatars' representatives in the organs of the autonomous power.

Financing of Crimean Tatars' problems must not be lower than in 2000.

Saudi deputy minister has done pilgrimage to Crimea.

A number of Crimean Tatar families have received a housing.

Protecting the rights




"Adalet"* party states.

The issue of dividing the land, which was given to the collective property of agriculture enterprises and organizations, has been repeatedly arisen in all governmental instances during the whole current year. In this connection, the chairman of "Adalet" party, Fevzy Kurtbedinov, addressed a statement to the President's representative in Crimea, A.Korneychuk, the chairman of Council of Ministers of Crimea, Sergey Kunitsyn that, in particular, pointed that a positive process began in many districts, and leaders had solved the problem of land allotment to the Crimean Tatars.

Yet, as the statement points, the process is getting complicated because of some economy leaders who act as chauvinists refusing to allot land plots to the Crimean Tatars, which leads to universal actions of disobedience. And instead of resolving the conflict they resort to criminal prosecution of this citizens. Similar actions happened in Nizhnegorsk and Dzhankoy districts - they have filed a criminal case against the Crimean Tatar national movement activists.

In the connection with the above-mentioned, national party "Adalet" has made a decision to hold an all-Crimea action of protest.

Leylya Alyadinova, "Golos Kryma" ("The Voice of Crimea"), #46 (365), 10 November 2000, p.2.

 Our information: * "Adalet" ("Fairness") party is one of the Crimean Tatar parties.


Public prayer hindered the judge.

The fifth hearing of Ruslan Kurtseitov, Eskender Bekirov, Enver Abduveliyev and Midat Kurtnezirov's case was appointed for November 7. They were accused of blocking the railway in Dzhankoy* on June 12.

But it wasn't held. The compatriots that gathered before judge's coming decided to hold a public prayer before judge would come. By the time when they were finishing the last prayer, the judge, Anne Kutanova and the prosecutor appeared in the corridor. Having seen the people praying with their hands folded, she left the premises. When being questioned the judged replied that the gathered violated the order and they kept on praying when the judge came in instead of standing up to greet her. She stated that she refused to head the process any more.

Accepting the judge's actions as an unwillingness to finish the case, the Crimean Tatars that came to Dzhankoy from different districts of Crimea held a rally against violating rights for a fair judgement.

When the rally was over they passed a resolution stating that they found those four men not guilty and the "case was fabricated to conceal the discrimination and unlawfulness towards the Crimean Tatars, organized by the head of state district administration, A.Bragin and the chairman of district council, S.Zhakov. When in the course of the case proceedings it was becoming clear that it all was a fake prepared on the order of those political powers, which try not to let the native people's rights to be restored. Judge Kutanova A.M. using the public prayer as a pretext refused to begin the sitting. And in result she broke the judgement process.

The judge, having accepted the public prayer as "a treat to the state of Ukraine and an attempt upon the legislation", only made the situation more tense.

"Avdet" ("The Returning"), #20 (254), 10 November 2000, p.1.

Our information: * The railway was blocked for several hours when the Crimean Tatars held their protest actions everywhere in Crimea this summer. People had to resort to such a measure after the powers openly ignored their demands to fairly resolve the issue of land division and some other essential problems.


President visited Bakhchisaray.

On November 10, Leonid Kuchma arrived in Crimea. The President started his business trip in Bakhchisaray. The sitting of the President's Council of the Crimean Tatar people was held under his leadership.

Leaders of some Ministries and Departments of Ukraine, Council of Ministers and Verkhovna Rada of Crimea took part in it. They made a detailed analysis of results of the president's commissions, he had given during his visit in May. They also discussed the issue of Crimean Tatars' return to Crimea and their housing on their native land.

They have developed the most suitable variants of solving complicated problems. The president has given some new commissions to the consistent ministries and departments of Ukraine and Crimea. There is only one opinion - it is necessary that all the power branches pay maximum attention to deportees' problems.

Vitaliy Ratay, "Krymskaya gazeta" ("The Crimean newspaper"), #210 (16066), 11 November 2000, p.1.


L.Kuchma has given commission to the Crimean government to solve the problem of Crimean Tatars' representatives in the organs of the autonomous power.

L.Kuchma has given commission to the Crimean government to solve the problem of Crimean Tatars' representatives in the organs of the autonomous power and local authorities.

The president pointed out that it was necessary to do something so that there would be no "opposition in the future".

The president also stated that it was necessary to solve some other problems - concerning Crimean Tatars' participating in the process of land division. L.Kuchma emphasized that he would use every opportunity to help this process go on. In his opinion, it is necessary to introduce changes into the current legislation, and the president made it clear that he would help develop this process in the parliament.

Apart from that, L.Kuchma paid a special attention of the Crimean government members to the Crimean Tatars' health. Crimean Tatars' level of disease is three times higher in comparison with the rest of Crimean population. "It is necessary to immediately develop the program on this issue" - stated the president. The problem of the Crimean Tatar youth's needs a corresponding solution.

The president finds that some officials demonstrate their "thoughtless attitude towards this problem and the commissions he had given during the previous sitting of the President's council of the Crimean Tatar people".

Interfax-Ukraine, "Krymskiye izvestiya" ("The Crimean News"), #210 (2214), 11 November 2000, p.1.


Financing of Crimean Tatars' problems must not be lower than in 2000.

"We have to allocate no less money to Crimean Tatars' problems from the State budget of Ukraine for 2001 than in 2000" - claimed the president of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma.

At the sitting of the President's Council of the Crimean Tatar people, the president addressing to the Minister of Finance of Ukraine, Igor Mityukov, demanded that he didn't make "the figure lower than in 2000".

The State budget of Ukraine for 2000 envisaged 40 million grivnas* for solution of the repatriates' problems. At the same time, the budget for 2001 envisages only 25,5 million grivnas for the same purpose.

L.Kuchma also gave a commission to solve the problem of reconsidering the Crimean Tatars' debt for electricity.

Interfax-Ukraine, "Krymskiye izvestiya" ("The Crimean news"), #210 (2214), 11 November 2000, p.1.

Our information: The Ukrainian grivna stands against the USD as follows: 1 USD=5,5 grivnas.


Social sphere and housing the deported.


Saudi deputy minister has done pilgrimage to Crimea.

On November 9, the chairman of the Crimean parliament, Leonid Grach met the deputy of minister of pilgrimage of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad al Kahtani. They discussed the issue of implementing the Saudi charity project in Simferopol - creating a socio-cultural center.

According to Muhammad al Kahtani's words it'll be a fashionable center with a conference hall, library, and studies and even a medical and health care complex (with free treatment). English and Arabic are amid the subjects to be taught in the center.

Oleg Volodin, "Krymskaya pravda" ("The Crimean Truth"), #206 (22619), 10 November 2000, p.1.


A number of Crimean Tatar families have received a housing.

45 Crimean Tatar families got flats in a new nine-storey building in Yalta.

On November 4, they held a special meeting near the new building, where the future residents were explained that they would get flat orders and keys in a week.

Those who reserve a place in the queue for flats will get one.

Next year, they are planning to construct one more building but already having 200 flats and a part of them will be allocated for the Crimean Tatars.

"Avdet" ("The Returning"), #20 (254), 10 November 2000, p.1.


Protecting the rights

A council of the Crimean Tatar representatives consisting of 18 members was created at the district state administration of Kirovskoye village.

Forming of this structure helps the executive power to take into account all the interests of the citizens having returned to their homeland. It also gives a hand in another field - it quickly solves the problems related to their housing and ethno-cultural development. Life proofs that the deported peoples still need such a care.

Vasiliy Verbetskiy, "Krymskaya gazeta" ("The Crimean newspaper"), #209 (16065), 10 November 2000, p.2.



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