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Crimean news 76.

(Mass Media review for 18 -23 March 2000).

Articles are abridged.


News from Mejlis

Crimean Tatars' problems - dialogue goes on.

On the eve of parliament's session communistic-ministers are leaving the government of Crimea.

Has Grach given up his idea to dismiss the Council of Ministers?

Natives of Ozenbash* village have got decisive intentions.

UN representative met the head* of Simferopol.

New Public Prosecutor in Crimea.

Season goes on.

Kerch has signed minutes about cooperation with Chanakkakle*.

"Derviza" - harvest holiday



News from Mejlis.


On September 13, in the building of Nizhnegorsk district state administration they held a sitting with participants of local authorities, Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, chairman of regional mejlis S.Deyn, officials of education department of Mejlis and Nizhnegorsk district, principals of secondary schools.

The reason for holding the sitting was addressing the issue on opening classes with the Crimean Tatar language of instruction and national school in Nizhnegorsk district.

In the course of discussion and seeking for ways out of this problem, representatives of Mejlis proposed to analyze the working experience in Stariy Krym and Belogorsk, where regional mejlises managed to open, at first, classes with the Crimean Tatar language of instruction and later national schools. The meeting participants proposed to work on opening national classes and schools in Nizhnagorsk district using joint efforts of officials of education, regional mejlis and parents.

In accordance with the results of the meeting they have created a working group in Nizhnegorsk district state administration, which will work on issues of education in Crimean Tatar language.

On September 13, the chairman of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, M.Dzhemilev took part in the ceremony of opening the exhibition of Turkish export goods, which was held in the Palace of Trade Chamber of Ukraine in Kyiv. Later on, he held a meeting with a group of Turkish entrepreneurs.

On the same day, the chairman of Mejlis met the ambassador of Turkey to Ukraine Alp Karaosmanoglu. They discussed issues connected with coming-up visits of state minister of Turkey, Abdulkhalyuk Chaya to Ukraine and Crimea. They also discussed the issue of President's of Ukraine visit to Turkey, implementing programs of Turkey's help to the Crimean Tatars in addressing their social problems.

On September 16, they held a sitting of Presidium of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people. The sitting participants were introduced with the information that in accordance with resolution of Council of Ministers of Crimea it was decided to create the Administration of education in the Crimean Tatar language involving a two-member staff. The Ministry of Education has announced a competition for competent specialists.

In the course of the sitting they also discussed the issue connected with coming-up next in turn meeting of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people with the President of Ukraine, L.D.Kuchma.

Press-service of Crimean Tatar people.




Crimean Tatars' problems - dialogue goes on.

On September 15, in the President's of Ukraine Representatives in Crimea under the leadership of Permanent Representative of President of Ukraine, Anatoliy Korneychuk, they held a next in turn meeting of the working group on considering main issues connected with deportee's representatives in Verkhovna Rada* of Crimea, and giving land to those who weren't CAE** members at the moment of land distribution.

The sitting participants, namely representatives of Verkhovna Rada, Council of Ministers, Council of representatives of Crimean Tatar people, President's administration, decided to discuss the proportional electorate system in details at the next sitting.

The issue of distributing land amongst the Crimean Tatars will be considered at the next sitting as well.

Mariya Lashkina, "Krymskaya gazeta", #171 (16027), 19 September 2000, p.1.

Our information: *Verkhovnaya Rada (Council) is the parliament of Crimea.

**CAE stands for Collective Agriculture Enterprise. In accordance with the law of land reforms, one of necessary conditions for getting a land plot is the membership in CAE.


On the eve of parliament's session communistic-ministers are leaving the government of Crimea.

A group of government members consisting of seven persons from communistic fraction has made a public statement that it intended to leave their posts in executive power.

The statement says the followings: "According to the Decision of Supreme Soviet of ARC as from May 24, activity of Council of Ministers was recognized as unsatisfactory. In this connection, the whole staff of government was dismissed receiving a commission to fulfil its duties until a new staff of Council of Ministers is formed. According to decision of Supreme Soviet as from June 21 this decision can't be implemented until October 1<…> We have come to agreement that <…> our occupation of state service as members of government after October 1, 2000 is impossible".

At the moment, reports S. Kunitsyn, we are holding negotiations of replacing vacancies in the government. He doesn't find the situation critical. The government was given a possibility to work until October 1 in order to come up with the legislative conflict. The reason for the conflict is that Constitution of Crimea doesn't completely correspond the main Law of Ukraine.

Ivan Dyakov, "Krymskaya Pravda", #172 (22585), 20 September 2000, p.1.


Has Grach given up his idea to dismiss the Council of Ministers?

Even though they didn't discuss the issue of further development of situation connected with government's under-dismissal (which was expected by majority) at the last sitting of VR of Crimea*, speaker Leonid Grach has proposed some of his dull views.

It seems that the speaker after his statements that government's dismissal will be conducted in any case, has stopped hastening this process, moreover he has been busy calming his colleagues on this issue.

Some observers presume that the speaker has taken a time-out in order to try to insist on this idea when he will meet the President. Because it is only President's agreement that lacks.

Apart from that if communists manage to convince some more ministers to leave the government (promising the same posts in the next government) the Council of Ministers will be paralyzed due to the absence of quorum in it. And then the President will have no choice but agree upon the replacement of executive power.

Alexey Nezhivoy, "Krymskoye vremya", #175 (1042), 22 September 2000, p.3.

Our information: *We mean the next in turn sixth session of Parliament of Crimea.


Natives of Ozenbash* village have got decisive intentions.

A traditional meeting of Buyuk-Ozenbash village fellow-villagers of Bakhchisaray district was recently held. They held a meeting, where they specially noted that people, opposing the current legislation, bought and invaded land plots, where the Crimean Tatar cemeteries used to be.

At the meeting they passed the Address of native residents of the village and their descendants to the representatives of local power of Crimea. It comprises the following demands:

1.       Restoration of historical names of Buyuk-Ozenbash and Kuchuk-Ozenbash villages.

2.       Taking urgent measures on security of priceless for science ancient burials.

3.       Stop privatization of land plots until village natives and their descendants don't return.

4.       Returning territories, which are the objects of historic-cultural meaning.

5.       Developing measures on creating conditions for returning of native residents of these villages and provide land plots for them.

E.Ozenbashly, "Golos Kryma", #39 (358), 22 September 2000, p.4.

Our information: *Ozenbash is one of Crimean villages, consisting of two small villages - Buyuk-Ozenbash ("Schastlivoye") and Kuchuk-Ozenbash.


Housing deportees.


UN representative met the head* of Simferopol.

On September 19, they held a meeting of representative of United Nations Organization, coordinator of program "Development and integration of Crimea" Marlin Udo with Simferopol city head Valeriy Yermak.

The main issue discussed at negotiations was rather complicated: the third stage of housing and integration of deported peoples. This joint program has been working and bringing its specific results since 1995. During this time they have built one outpatient department and a secondary school for deportees in Kamenka village**.

The Executive Committee*** has to submit specific proposals for further aid from participant-countries working under this program. Both parties noted that it was necessary that facilities be sent to exact places where they are needed.

Marina Rostova, "Krymskaya Pravda"#171 (22585), 20 September 2000, p.1.

Our information: *Head - is the city major.

**Kamenka is a residential array of deportees' compact dwelling situated on the outskirts of Simferopol.

***Simferopol executive committee headed by V.Yermak is meant.




New Public Prosecutor in Crimea.

On September 20, 2000, at the plenary sitting, Supreme Soviet of Crimea passed a decision to nominate Dobrorez Alexander Alexandrovich to the post of Public Prosecutor of Autonomous Republic Crimea.

A.Timarchuk, "Krymskoye Vremya", #175 (1042), 22 September 2000, p.2.




Season goes on.

Resort season in Crimean still goes on - the rate of health resorts' visiting is higher then 55%. According to data, roughly 3,5 million of tourists have visited Crimean peninsula this year (the figure exceeds the last year's figure by 20%). The number of unorganized tourists has increased by 52%.

L.Lebedeva, "Krymskoye vremya", #173 (2177), 21 September 2000, p.2.


Kerch has signed minutes about cooperation with Chanakkakle*.

Turkish delegation from Chanakkakle, which visited Kerch on the days of city's 2600th anniversary also visited its enterprises. After the visit it signed minutes of intentions to construct a trade house "Kerch-Chanakkale" and a business-club.

In the course of negotiations they also discussed the issue of opening classes with advanced learning of Turkish in Kerch schools and sharing of cultures by delegations.

The city-major of Chanakkale stated that the Turkish side was interested in cooperation, but Ukraine had a lot of legislative acts preventing joint investment projects.

Tatyana Panina, "Krymskoye vremya", #176 (1043), 23 September 2000, p.1.

Our information: *Chanakkale is a Turkish city.




"Derviza" - harvest holiday.

Crimean Tatar national holiday of harvest "Derviza" was held in Bakhchisaray. City and district residents, guests from Simferopol took part in it.

They organized an exhibition of autumn gifts - vegetables and fruits. The fair of agriculture production was held in a particular way - it was possible to buy any goods for… amateur talent performance. But the main event to be admired was the Crimean Tatar national dance "Khaytarma".

Sports program included wrestling contest, national wrestling kuresh. Weight lifters also took part in the contest. Winners were given prizes in the end of contest.

L.Lebedeva, "Krymskiye izvestiya", #172 (2176), 20 September 2000, p.1.



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