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Crimean news 73.

(Mass Media review for 28 August - September 2000).

Articles are abridged.


News from Mejlis

The time will come, when springs will revive in self-buildings*.

It is necessary to name villages with their historical names.

With Gasprinskiy to the 21st century.

See you!


News from Mejlis.


On August 24, in Simferopol, the chairman of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, M.Jemilev and some Mejlis members took part in the meeting, devoted to the 9th anniversary of Ukraine's independence.

*      *      *

On August 25, M.Jemilev met with representatives of Crimean Tatar Diaspora living in Turkey. The guests arrived in Crimea from Turkish town Yalov.


*      *      *

On August 28, in Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, they held a meeting of the chairman of Republic committee on nationalities and deported peoples*, E.Gafarov with chairmen of regional mejlises.

The committee chairman spoke about the work they had conducted in 2000. In particular, he said that they used 8,5 million grivnas, out of totally allocated 37,5 million grivnas**, for social sphere. And the rest was used for major construction. They used 1,5 million grivnas for social sphere, 8,5 - for major construction and 1,5 - for redeeming accommodation for repatriates out of 11,5 million grivnas that was allocated from the budget of Crimean autonomy.

The committee, in its turn provided aid to 716 repatriates' families. Medical center received 200 thousand grivnas for purchasing medicine. They have redeemed 100 flats. They are planning to redeem some 500-600 more flats this year. More than 1000 Crimean Tatar children spent their summer holidays in summer health camps.

Apart from that, 1 million grivnas was allocated for the program of studying in higher educational institutions. 200 thousand grivnas were allocated for restoration of Zincirli Medrese and 110 thousand grivnas for restoration of I.Gasprinskiy's*** grave.

They are planning to complete electrification of villages, where the Crimean Tatars live in compact in 2002 and complete laying the water main in 2003.

In the course of discussion, chairmen of regional mejlises and E.Gafarov discussed construction of houses for deportees. They also discussed some more important issues. It was decided to coordinate the joint work of chairmen of regional mejlises with committee departments. They have also reached an agreement to hold this kind of meetings every 3 months.

Our information: * this committee was created in Crimean government for resolving the problem of repatriates' returning and housing.

**Ukraine's national currency (grivna) stands against US dollar as follows: 1 US$ = 5,4 grivnas.

***The grave of a famous Crimean Tatar scientist, teacher and humanist Ismail Gasprinskiy is located on the territory of a famous educational institution Zincirli Medrese. Both Zincirli Medrese and the cemetery are in a very bad condition.


*      *      *

On August 29, M.Jemilev met with the second ambassador of Great Britain in Ukraine, Paul Knot. He has arrived in Crimea for getting aquatinted with Crimean Tatar people's condition and its problems.

Mejlis Press-service, "Kirim", #39 (587), 2 September 2000, p.1.


Housing deportees.


The time will come, when springs will revive in self-buildings*.

Crimean Tatars began a massive returning to their homeland in the beginning of 1990-ies. Powers, creating many commissions, which had a declarative character and supposedly resolved the problems of repatriates' returning and housing, did not expect to encounter people's organized aspiration to return to its historic homeland whatever it took. The resolution of problems was artificially delayed, they did not even mention providing any kind of dwelling, they did not allot any land plots for construction on different pretexts. The Crimean Tatars who had arrived in Crimea had nothing to do but picket administrative buildings and demand that they should be given land plots. It was then that they started holding first so-called "self-seizures" of lands for constructing individual dwelling. After the first repatriates' villages had been destroyed, "seizures" got a massive character together with protest actions.

10 years have passed since then. Villages, where the Crimean Tatars live grow bigger and bigger day by day.

On August 26, they recalled ten-year-old events on a celebration party, organized by the dwellers of the first self-building "Fontany", which was formerly called Bor-Chocrak (Spring) (this village used to be famous for its springs long time ago, which disappeared after the native people** had been banished).

Life slowly changes for the better in villages, which celebrate their 10th anniversary this year. Of course, people living there dream that they do not endure those terrible electricity*** cuttings any longer and they can develop and improve their lives as soon as possible.

Lentara Halilova, "Golos Krima", #36 (355), 1 September 2000, p.4.

Our information: *Self-buildings are the villages, where the Crimean Tatars live in compact. This name is used because all the constructions in these villages is held at the expense of the dwellers themselves.

**Crimean Tatar people is meant.

***They cut electricity in most Ukrainian towns and villages in order to economize it. Meanwhile Crimean Tatars that live in villages of their compact dwelling are suffering from it the most.


Restoration of Crimean place-names.


It is necessary to name villages with their historical names.

On August 19, they held a meeting of Kokluz village fellow-villagers (currently - Bogatoye Usshelye) of Bakhchisaray district. More than 200 fellow-villagers, living in different corners of Crimea and Ukraine gathered for that meeting. The measure was opened by a prayer, which was held in the village mosque in honor of village-fellows, who died during deportation.

Dwellers of nearby villages Yansala (currently Novopolye), Markur (Polyana), Yandju (Putilovka) took part in the meeting of village-fellows as well. Dwellers of these four villages adopted and signed an address about naming villages with their historic names to the parliament of Ukraine and Crimea and corresponding structures.

Ayder Bariyev, "Kirim", #39 (587), 2 September 2000, p.8.




With Gasprinskiy to the 21st century.

On August 21, they held a literature hour near the memorial of I.Gasprinskiy, in the framework of a long-term action "With Gasprinskiy to the 21st century". Workers of Crimean Tatar library, museum, teachers, journalists, representatives of society "Crimean Karaits*" from Kyiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Simferopol took part in the measure.

N.Kurshutov, "Yani Dunya" ("New World"), #35 (536), 2 September 2000, p.1.

Our information: *Crimean Karaits are one of Crimean native peoples.


Mutual aid.


See you!

Two months of a hot Crimean summer have passed so quickly that we couldn't even notice them. Meanwhile, Chechenian children, who arrived in Crimea and were settled down in Crimean Tatar families, improved their health, forgot the burden of military times, and got acquainted with a lot of friends. All 102 Chechenian children, accompanied by the members of Crimean Tatar youth center have left for Ingushetiya. Children, who arrived in Nazran were met by their parents and relatives. They thanked Crimean Tatars, Mejlis and fund "Krim" for the aid and support provided.

I.Abdullayev, "Golos Krima", 336 (355), 1 September 2000, p.4.



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