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Crimean news 72.

(Mass Media review for 21-26 August 2000.)

Articles are abridged.


            L.Kuchma is satisfied with his meetings with the states heads, held under the summit of CIS.

            Statement dedicated to the issues of conducting Summit and Assembly of millenium.

Anatoliy Korneychuk demanded that a public evaluation to the Crimean Tatars' actions in Nizhnegorsk district* should be given.

Meeting in Nizhnegorsk.

Main problems are not being solved.

They have discussed the issues of housing the deportees and giving land plots to them.

Guests are arriving.

"Medrese with chain" is 500 years old.

Dzhanike-Khanim. From the epoch of Golden Horde - into the third millenium.

Leonid Grach* "adores" Crimean Tatars…




L.Kuchma is satisfied with his meetings with the states heads, held under the summit of CIS.

The President of Ukraine L.Kuchma is satisfied with meetings with the leaders of CIS countries, which were held in Crimea in the framework of Yalta Commonwealth summit.

"We have discussed all the issues of two-sided agreements and made decisions on many of them", -said the President.

L.Kuchma also noted that unofficial meetings with the leaders of CIS countries had given an opportunity to discuss many problems.

The main problems to be discussed at the meetings were the prospective of free trade zone in the frameworks of CIS, Ukraine's participating in transport corridor Europe-Caucasus-Central Asia. Altogether nine CIS leaders took part in the summit. Presidents of Uzbekistan and Kyrgizstan could not take part in the summit due to internal problems in their countries.

Interfax-Ukraine, "Krimskiye Izvestiya", #154 (2158), 22 August 2000, p.1.


Statement dedicated to the issues of conducting Summit and Assembly of millenium.

Leaders of CIS countries - participants of unofficial meeting in Yalta adopted a statement, dedicated to the issues of Summit and Assembly of millenium.

The statement mentions the followings: on the threshold of important events in the history of UNO, states leaders note a strong aspiration of international community to build a stable and safe world, free of war and violence…

Interfax-Ukraine, "Krimskiye Izvestiya", #154 (2158), 22 August 2000, p.1.


Anatoliy Korneychuk demanded that a public evaluation to the Crimean Tatars' actions in Nizhnegorsk district* should be given.

Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea, Anatoliy Korneychuk addressed to the chairman of Council of Crimean Tatar people's representatives attached to the President asking him to give "a public evaluation to hooligan actions in Nizhnegorsk district and assist security organs to punish the instigators of crime actions.

On August 19, a group of Crimean Tatars acting under the leadership of the chairman of local Mejlis blocked railway road.

The Representative of the state head believes that such actions can't be "taken as a form of fighting for Crimean Tatar people's interests and problems. In his opinion, such a behavior is classified as hooliganism, which is prosecuted by criminal law.

Mariya Lashkina, "Krimskaya gazeta" #155 (16011), 26 August 2000, p.2.

Our information: *Nizhnegorsk district is one of Crimean districts, located in the North-South part of the peninsula. Village Nizhnegorsk is its center.

Our commentaries: Crimean Tatars, who follow non-violence methods of fighting are compelled to resort to extreme measures in order to draw up government's attention to their urgent problems. In the course of Crimean Tatar people's fight for its return to motherland and restoring of its rights, other methods of fighting were useless. And only using of such actions of citizenry's disobedience allowed drawing up government's attention to solution of Crimean Tatars' various problems. In the course of Crimean Tatars' fight such actions have been called both "hooliganism" and "extremism" and etc. But experience proves that only in result of such actions could Crimean Tatars attract official power to solution of their problems.


News from Mejlis.


Meeting in Nizhnegorsk.

On August 21, in Nizhnegorsk district they held a meeting of the chairman of Crimean Tatar people's Mejlis, M.Dzhemilev, his deputy R.Chubarov, Mejlis member A.Dzhepparov, heads of state committee on deported citizens, E.Gafarov, deputy of the chairman of Crimean government A.Formanchuk, chairman of Nizhnegorsk regional Mejlis S.Deyn and the head of Nizhnegorsk administration D.Kovalyeva.

The relationships of Crimean Tatars with district administration were extremely tense before the meeting. Because the leadership of state administration had ignored the solution of Crimean Tatar people's problems, its representatives were compelled to restore to some protest actions.

They adopted a report at the meeting. The demands it includes are: the Council of Ministers of Crimea should demand from the head of Nizhnegorsk district administration one staff unit of deputy of head of district administration, creating a working group for solving the land issue including representatives of regional Mejlis, making decision to create a working group for solving problems of education, development of culture and Crimean Tatars' employment. It also demands that Nizhnegorsk regional mejlis should be recognized as a plenipotentiary consultative organ attached to district administration.

After the report had been signed they made a decision to dismantle the "tent town" in front of the district administration building.

Press-Service of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, "Yani Dunya" ("New World"), #34 (535), 28 August 2000, p.4.

Our information:* The "tent town" was initiated by the representatives of Crimean Tatar people in May 2000.


Housing of the deported.


Main problems are not being solved.

On August 20, the President of Ukraine met the members of Council of Crimean Tatar people attached to the President in Yalta.

Representatives of Crimean official power also took part in the meeting.

When opening the meeting, L.Kuchma ordered to consider issues prepared by the Council of Crimean Tatar people's representatives.

In the course of the meeting, they discussed how President's orders were being implemented, that he had given on results of the previous meeting held in May.

The Prime Minister of Crimea, S.Kunistin came out reporting how they were being implemented. He said they were on the stage of implementing.

The chairman of the Council of Crimean Tatar people's representatives, M.Dzhemilev, who came out later stated the report, made by the head of Crimean government, S.Kunitsin did not completely correspond the reality. He focused on several President's orders, which haven't been implemented and handed a document with a practical evaluation of their implementing to the President. M.Dzhemilev also handed documents with urgent problems, demanding a prompt solution.

The main issue to be discussed at the meeting was the land issue. Crimean leaders believe that they have used all the methods and possibilities for its solution and now they have to be solved on local level. Members of the Council of Crimean Tatar people's representatives used specific examples of law violations on this issue. They also emphasized that it was necessary to take specific measures for fair land allotment to the Crimean Tatars.

It was noted that the next meeting of The Council of Crimean Tatar people's representatives with the President of Ukraine would be held in the following September-October.

Press-Service of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, "Kirim", #38 (586), 28 August 2000, p.1.


They have discussed the issues of housing the deportees and giving land plots to them.

L.Kuchma has recognized the work of Crimean executive power on solving the problem of giving land plots to the Crimean Tatars as unsatisfactory. The President ordered the Council of Ministers and heads of regional administrations to consider the land problem in every district separately.

L.Kuchma ordered the Ministry of Finance to retain the 2000 level of financing expanses for housing of deported nations in 2001*.

He also ordered to restructure the debt system of Crimean Tatars for the electricity they have used.

The president ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to address to the countries where the Crimean Tatars are coming from, proposing to provide some help to them.

L.Kuchma ordered to consider the issue of possibility to construct gas main in Belogorsk district, where the Crimean Tatars live in compact.

In result, the President of Ukraine emphasized that the solution of the problem of giving land plots to the Crimean Tatars was possible, but we needed agreed attempts of local power organs and Mejlis for that.

Interfax-Ukraine, "Krimskiye Izvestiya", #154 (2158), 22 August 2000, p.3.

Our information: *49 million grivnas have been planned to be allocated from the state budget for financing the Program of housing the deportees (1 dollar US = 5,4 grivnas).




Guests are arriving.

More than three million people have come on vacation to Crimea this year and in August - almost 594 thousand. If we compare it with the last year then we'll get the following result: the numbers are 2739 thousand and 537735 respectively.

The number of people, who spend their time in organized forms, has increased. It has reached 536 thousand of people in comparison with 490 thousand last year. The rate of attending health resorts has reached 98,6% in comparison with 83,9% last year.

Ivan Dyakov, "Krimskaya Pravda", #155 (22568), 28 August 2000, p.1.


Culture, history.


"Medrese with chain" is 500 years old.

A unique complex Zyndzhirli* medrese is located in the suburb of Bakhchisaray. It is one of the oldest European educational institutes. Only University in Tartu, found in Eastern Europe is older than it. And it still exists, but it will take many years to restore Zyndzhirli.

According to tradition, a new capital would be begun with construction of a new palace. A poet and a scientist, khan Mengli Giray 1 decided to forget that tradition and before building his new palace he started building a big medrese on a big mount.

Kahn hung a chain over the door for the visitors to take a bow when they enter.

The building of medrese would fascinate everyone, by its strict beauty and harmony. It's a true masterpiece of architecture of those times. Most state officials, diplomats, interpreters of the Crimean Khannate studied there. They instructed not only religious sciences there but also mathematics, astronomy, history, geography, literature… Graduates could speak several languages: Arabic, Ottoman, some Western Europe and Slavic languages.

Theological and science works from dozens of Western and Eastern countries could be found in the library.

The complex of legendary temple of science was turned into a psychiatric hospital by the Soviet regime. Restored "Medrese with a chain" would be one of the most important sightseeing of Bakhchisaray museum-town. In time it would be possible to open theological faculty here. It would also be possible to open a school of arts of eastern peoples.

There is an idea to create a National Park of Ukraine in Bakhchisaray, which would include Khan's Palace, Zyndzhirli museum, and other places of interests of culture, architecture, nature that the town is rich in. They have created an organizational committee on preparing measures, related to the 500th anniversary of Medrese.

Anatoliy Vlasenko, "Krimskaya Gazeta", #153 (16009), 22 August 2000, p.4.

Our information: *Zyndzhir is translated as "chain" from Crimean Tatar.


Dzhanike-Khanim*. From the epoch of Golden Horde - into the third millenium.

Elmas Seyitumerova's brochure "Dzhanike-Khanim" from the series "Significant women of Crimea" was published by the Community on studying archeological, historicocultural memorials of Crimea and Moslem sacred places of Crimean Tatar people "Azizler"**.

It's noteworthy that the author of this science-and-research work is only 15 years old. Elmas Seyitumerova has finished 9 grades of a Bakhchisaray secondary school with instruction in Crimean Tatar language. Fascinated by the legends about a secret and wonderful Dzhanike-Khanim, astonished by oppositions they contained, she decided to collect published and accessible materials and create a real image of a woman living in epoch of Golden Horde. A unique research, which will help to learn one of pages of our history, has become the result of this tremendous work.

Feride Vait, "Golos Krima", #35 (354), 23 August 2000, p.3.

Our information: *Dzhanike-Khanim (Menkandzhah-Khanim) daughter of the leader of Golden Hodre. She lived in the 15th century in Crimea and died in 1437.

**Azizler means "Sacred" in Crimean Tatar.


Analytical material.


Leonid Grach* "adores" Crimean Tatars…

A story about people who tried to turn wind into a storm…

Everything began when attempts of Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars, responding ill-some fits of anti-Tatar propaganda of regular accusations in "wahabbism" and other "sins", new publications about so-called "Moslem legions of the third Reich", to find any protection from these blackening accusations in court and power organs led to a frank mockery - suit to "Krimskaya Pravda" newspaper was not accepted because it doesn't mention the address of the author, Dmitriy Kulikov, even if it's widely known that this is a pseudonym and the editorial office, in accordance with law, is obliged to tell the name of the author to the court***. During the sitting in the Representatives of the President of Ukraine in Crimea deputy of Ukraine, M.Dzhemilev spoke about the necessity to stabilize relations in informational sphere, when he came out at the signing of the plan of joint actions on solving problems of the deportee's integration. He said the following: "This kindling of interethnic opposition in Mass Media means… (these people) make actions, which correspond a punishment by the Criminal Code of Ukraine. I mean that there is the same, I'm not afraid of that word chauvinist swine in the structure of executive and security organs, which want to conceal this interethnic opposition…"

Naturally, no one has a right to insult even the worst state officials, but no one allowed these officials to violate rights of the Crimean Tatar people and laws of the country. Leonid Grach was the first to express his offence. He specially invited journalists to the sitting of Presidium of Verkhovna Rada in order to introduce his statement to them: "This is a big insult to a considerable part of Crimean residents, who are ethnically the Russians", and the accusation of national deputy of Ukraine was addressed not only to the Russians but also to chauvinist mood in the Ukrainian Bureaucracy no matter what nationality they are. It is very interesting indeed, Crimean power organs, including the Parliament were accused to have officials dealing with corruption, "Mafia leaders", even "bandits" and "criminals" but it didn't touch Leonid Ivanovich's feelings.

And then came the turn of the Council on assisting Russian culture attached to the Chairman of Verkhovna Rada, headed by a communist Vladimor Kazarin. The shorthand report of the sitting, which was published in "Krimskiye Izvestiya" (not shortened but rewritten) gives a weak explanation of what they spoke about at the sitting. The reporters accused Crimean Tatars for their wish to create their own national state in Crimea and they consider all non-Crimean Tatars (Especially Ukrainians and Russians) as swine. They also said that Mejlis had not been registered and Mustafa Dzhemilev did not represent Crimean Tatar people.

We asked Mustafa Dzhemilev to explain why he said that at the meeting. "This is not a kind of emotion. No one doubts that chauvinism exists in our life, -he explained. - And if it is true then there are chauvinists too. Who are they? Leonid Grach at the sitting of Council of Europe in Stasburgh, said that Crimean Tatars were a backward people and could not compete with other peoples on equal terms. Isn't it a chauvinism and humiliation of a nation? I knew that it would be chauvinists who show themselves in respond to my words." "However, the main reason that makes Leonid Grach be insulted by me, said the national deputy of Ukraine Mustafa Dzhemilev, - is that Crimean government, Representatives of President of Ukraine in Crimea, the Council of representatives of Crimean Tatar people attached to the President are working together now. They are working on the problem of housing deportees, socio-political, culture-and-educational problems of the Crimean Tatar people. And they are doing this with success. These problems are being solved without participating of Crimean Parliament and the communist Leonid Grach, who does anything in order to prevent that success. As it turned out Leonid Grach himself and the communists he heads are not able to solve the problems of deportees because of their preconceived relationship to the Crimean Tatars and other people belonging to foreign nations. That's why Leonid Grach always states that President's Representatives are not allowed to conclude agreements*****. But the point is that we have made the plan of the measures, which have to be solved on solution of housing deportees. Of course, we did not ask any permission from Leonid Grach. Communists couldn't solve our problem during 49 years, they both can't and don't want to solve it now also…"

Mikola Semena, "Golos Krima", #35 (354), 23 August 2000, p.1.

Our information:* The chairman of parliament (Verkhovna Rada) of Crimea Leonid Grach is also the head of Crimean communists.

**Wahabbism is one of radical streams of Islam.

***After the next in turn prevocational edition in "Krimskaya Pravda" newspaper against Crimean Tatars and Crimean Tatar people's Mejlis, the latter sued the author and the newspaper. The Office of Public Prosecutor did not accept it, because the charge does not contain the author's address.

****See "Crimean news 69" about that sitting.

*****See "Crimean news 71" about it.


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