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Crimean news 71.

(Mass Media review for 14-19 August 2000).

Articles are abridged.


Big politics in - Big Yalta.

Some 270 journalists will throw light on the meeting of CIS states heads.

Welcome to Yalta.

New from Mejlis

V.Kiselyev*: The problem of land plots distributing is being "transferred into political plane.

On the threshold of a meeting with the President.

Has the Crimean Tatar museum of arts got a future?

Salam aleykum* to everyone.

Community will celebrate two jubilees.




Big politics in - Big Yalta.

On August 18, in Yalta, on Southern coast of Crimea, the summit of CIS state heads will begin its work. The summit will be devoted to solution of important problems related both with bilateral interrelations of states and common economic ways of development of CIS countries.

This summit is an unofficial meeting, "without ties" as Presidents state.

"Krimskaya Gazeta", #150 (16006), 17 August 2000, p.1.


Some 270 journalists will throw light on the meeting of CIS states heads.

Some 270 Ukrainian and foreign journalists will throw light on unofficial meeting of CIS states heads in Yalta.

Journalists from USA, Great Britain, Germany, Check Republic, Russia and other states have accredited to the summit.

Interfax-Ukraine, "Krimskiye Izvestiya", #151 (2155), 17 August, p.1.


Welcome to Yalta.

Leaders of CIS states will discuss relations in the Commonwealth at the unofficial meeting. They'll also discuss situation in the Middle Asia, some international problems, including the coming "summit of millennium" in UNO.

"Krimskaya Gazeta", 151 (16007), 18 August 2000, p.1.


News from Mejlis.


On August 9, the chairman of Crimean Tatar people's Mejlis, M.Dzhemilev visited the President of Ukraine, L.Kuchma who was on his vacation in Yalta, which was devoted to his 62nd birthday anniversary.

They discussed the problem of coming meeting of Council of Crimean Tatar people with the President, which will be held this month.

Mejlis Press-service, "Kirim", #36,37 (584, 585), 19 august 2000, p.1.


*      *      *

On August 15, they held a meeting of M.Dzhemilev with journalists, Zoya Skoropadenko (Radio Lublin, Poland) and Lariats Holdt (Lylads Posten, Finland) in Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people.

The guests were interested in political and economic situation around Crimean Tatar people, structure of Mejlis, participating of international organizations in returning and accommodation of the Crimean Tatar people, role of Mass Media Means in throwing light on the Crimean Tatars' problems.

Mejlis Press-service, "Yani Dunya" ("New World"), #33 (534), 19 August 2000, p.1.


Land reform, social sphere.

V.Kiselyev*: The problem of land plots distributing is being "transferred into political plane.

Solving the problem of distributing land plots to the Crimean Tatars by using reserve lands in Crimea is impossible. That's why it is necessary to make a decision to re-divide all the land plots - believes the deputy of chairman of Bakhchisaray district state administration, the chairman of Bakhchisaray regional Mejlis, Ilmi Umerov.

He stated this during the "workshop" entitled: "Will the Crimean Tatars get land? Executive power provokes social outburst in Crimea".

According to his words, all the reserve lands have already been distributed among officials of social sphere, who hadn't got any land before.

The deputy of Verkhovna Rada**, Refat Chubarov emphasized that officials of all ranks had no wish to solve the problem of distributing land plots to the Crimean Tatars, referring to the current legislation. At the same time, he says that there are some rude violations of that legislation, made by separate power representatives.

Vasiliy Kiselyev stated that the problem of distributing land plots to the Crimean Tatars, which is implemented by mejlis members, is "transferred into political plane". He emphasized that land certificates had been received by everyone who had had right for that. He also added that it was impossible to foresee all the points legislatively.

Interfax-Ukraine, "Krimskiye Izvestiya", #150 (2154), 16 August 2000, p.3.

Our information: *Vasiliy Kiselyev is the chairman deputy of the Council of Ministers of Crimea.

**Verkhovna Rada is the Parliament of Ukraine.

Our commentaries: Currently, more than 73% out of 260 Crimean Tatars, who have returned to Crimea, lives in the rural zone. Crimean Tatars make up 25 per cent in the structure of Crimean rural population. Only a small part of them works in collective agriculture enterprises (CAE). According to the current Land Code of Ukraine only a worker of (CAE) has a right to get a land plot. This Code was adopted more than 40 years ago and, of course, does not take into consideration interests of the deported people. Crimean Tatars' attempts to solve this problem face inadequate reaction of officials and power representatives.


On the threshold of a meeting with the President.

The second sitting of the state head with the council of Crimean Tatar people at the President's office will be held in August.

The Prime Minister of Autonomy, Sergey Kunitsin visited several housing units of Crimean Tatars' compact dwelling - Beloye, Kamenka, Khoshkeldi of Simferopol city - under the context of coming-up meeting.

In the course of the meeting with dwellers of every district they discussed problems, common for all the places of repatriates' compact dwelling. They are the lack of water main, roads, gas main, and automatic telephones. And the main problem is the lack of water, because they bring water to dwellers in many districts.

The leadership of Council of Ministers of Autonomy visited the construction of energetic and water providing of Khoshkeldi housing unit. They also visited local hospital and mosque. They discussed many urgent problems at the meeting with local dwellers, including the problems of occupation of repatriates, protection and development of the Crimean Tatar language, culture and art. According to the Prime Minister's words, they'll focus their attention on retaining the current amount of financial support at the coming-up meeting with the state head, because it is necessary to conduct an engineering infrastructure in repatriates' villages.

The construction of water main will have been completed by September. And after forming the plan for 2001 it will be possible to speak about the construction of secondary school, trolley-bus line, and gas providing in the villages and providing a radio center.

Lentara Halilova, "Golos Krima", #34 (353), 18 August 2000, p.1.




Has the Crimean Tatar museum of arts got a future?

Republic Crimean Tatar museum of arts was created by the decision of Council of Ministers of Crimea last December. However, it has had no own premises since then, and more than 20 museum workers are compelled to huddle on 16 meters square in one of studies of Simferopol museum of arts.

Museum collections were added by a unique collection of ornamental-and-applied art. Units of national art come from Uzbekistan, Turkey and Romania.

The museum staff accounts 25 specialists, but they haven't got even their working places. 650 units of traditional national art, which have been collected during six months can't be introduced to people as well as all the other collections. They have no place to do that.

The museum was given a building. What can we say about a building, which "just" lacks a roof and storey overhead cover. Specialists stated that it was impossible to restore the building. Construction of a new building will cost one million US dollars.

Anatoliy Vlasenko, "Krimskaya Gazeta", #148 (16004), 15 August 2000, p.2.


Salam aleykum* to everyone.

The Day of Crimean Tatars was held in Yevpatoriya museum local lore under the International day of minority peoples.

Conference of the Crimean Tatars' history, culture and traditions was devoted to this event. State Crimean Tatar ensemble "Khaytarma" and ensemble "Kuneshchik" from children music school made a performance on Duvanovskiy Street, where the museum is located.

They held a demonstration of models of modern national cloth for children in that street. Exhibits of artist, Remiz Netovkin and his Yevpatoriya counterpart, Kerim Ibadlayev had a special place in the celebrity program.

National dishes were a successful desert for the celebration.

Valentin Kostrov, "Krimskaya Gazeta", #152 (16008), 19 August 2000, p.8.

Our information: *Salam aleykum (selyam aleykum) is a Crimean Tatar greeting.


Community will celebrate two jubilees.

Crimean dwellers are preparing to celebrate two jubilees this year. Historical memorial of architecture and culture of Crimean Tatar people, Zyndzhirly Medrese in Bakhchisaray will be 500 years old.

Community will celebrate 80th anniversary of two-times hero of the Soviet Union, Amet-Khan Sultan this year. They have created organizational committees for preparing for these significant dates.

"Krimkaya Gazeta", #150 (16006), 17 August 2000, p.1.



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