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Crimean News № 69

(Mass Media Review for July 31 – August 5,  2000)

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Representative office of Ukrainian President in Crimea Reports

Mejlis News

A Plan of Joint Actions Discussed

There Is No Vakhabism*, But the Russian NTV** Attempts to Find It At All Costs

Crimea is Perplexed Because of Actions of Russian Journalists

Crimea Have Been “Ordered”?

We Have New Public Prosecutor

 Unique collection.

In Sokolinoye* - by Ethno-Tour




Representative office of Ukrainian President in Crimea Reports

            On July 25, Anatoli Korneychuk, the  representative of the President of  Ukraine in Crimea  met with members of Ukrainian Parliament Mustafa Jemilev and Refat Chubarov. A measures to provide representation of the Crimean Tatar people in the Crimean Parliament were discussed at the meeting.  Leaders of the Crimean Tatars submitted their propositions to members of the   Working Group near the Representative office of the President of Ukraine. There are two visions  on how this problem could be resolved: a quota system of elections  or elections on proportional basis in one all-Crimean multi-mandate electoral district. In the case one of these propositions is accepted, the Law of Ukraine “On Elections to the Supreme Soviet* of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea” would be changed accordingly.

The propositions will be discussed at the next sitting of the Working Group.

            Presently, there are 262 000 Crimean Tatars in Crimea, or 12.5% of Crimean population. In 5 Crimean districts, Crimean Tatars constitute more than 20%: Belogorsky – 32%, Sovetsky (26.6%), Kirovsky (25.5%), Pervomaysky (25%) and Bakhchisaray (22%).

The Yani Dunya (The New World) newspaper, № 31 (532), August 5,  2000, p. 2.

Note: The Parliament of Crimea



Mejlis News

            On July 27  the plenary sitting of the Working Group to develop the draft of  Regulations on Elections of the Deputies of the Qurultay* of the Crimean Tatar People  took place.

            Several versions of the draft prepared by members of the Working Group were discussed at the sitting. Principal regulations of these versions,  to organize elections of the delegates of the Qurultay, were voted.

            It is proposed in the approved draft of the Regulations, that the upcoming elections of delegates to be conducted  by mixed (majority-proportional) system.  Another distinctive feature of the draft is that Crimean Tatar political and public organizations and their blocs  will take part in the elections.

            The draft  will be published in mass media to be discussed by Qurultay delegates and the public.

The Mejlis Press Service, Golos Kryma (The Voice of Crimea) newspaper, № 32 (351), August 4, 2000, p. 1.

Note:  Qurultay of the Crimean Tatar people – the National Congress of the Crimean Tatars.


A Plan of Joint Actions Discussed

            A plan of joint actions was signed on August 2 by Representation of the Ukrainian President in Crimea and Council of Representatives of the Crimean Tatar people near the President of Ukraine.

The document was signed by the Representative of the Ukrainian President in Crimea Anatoli Korneychuk  and the Chairman of the Council of Representatives  of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Jemilev. A developed plan satisfies both parties.  Joint actions, outlined in the plan, are directed to resolve problems of the Crimean Tatar people in social and humanitarian spheres, health care, land distribution, in cooperation with  the legal structures. Members of the Council of Representatives of the Crimean Tatar people, staff of the Representative Office, Council of Ministers of Crimea, executive power bodies  bear  equal responsibility of executing this plan.

            An issue of representation of Crimean Tatars in the Crimean Parliament will be separately discussed. A special group has been created to examine all the proposed versions and after discussing them  at the next sitting, to submit proposals to the Ukrainian Verhovna Rada (Parliament).  Representatives of the Crimean Tatar people have already submitted their proposals for working group to discuss.

The Qirim (Crimea) newspaper, № 34 (583), August 5, 2000, p. 1.


There Is No Vakhabism*, But the Russian NTV** Attempts to Find It At All Costs

            In the last days of July, a report on supposed  active dissemination of Vakhabism in the territory of Crimea was broadcasted  in Segodnya* program of NTV Channel. 

The Press Group of the Main Department of the Ukrainian Security Service in Crimea stated, that these references  have no any real ground and were never confirmed by the Security Service. Since interests of the State and its unity were  touched upon, the Security Service of Ukraine informs that  “This production has biased, irresponsible nature and does not match the reality,  can be evaluated as run after sensation. We see this  topic as the next point of purposeful action, as intention to raise negative resonance in the Crimean region.”

This channel recently presented a series of reports which represent Crimea not in the best view. There is a suspicion that all this is done deliberately…

Viktor Stus, The Krymskaya Gazeta (Crimean Newspaper), № 140 (15996), August 3, 2000, p. 1.

Note:  * Vakhabism – a radical flow of Islam, appeared in XIX century in Saudi Arabia.

** NTV – one of Russia’s TV channels.

*** Segodnya – news program of the NTV Channel


Crimea is Perplexed Because of Actions of Russian Journalists

            Sergei Kunitsin, Prime Minister of Crimea expressed his perplexity  caused by reports from Crimea recently broadcasted by RTR* and NTV Channels, to Aleksei Sviridov, Consul of the Russian Federation in Simferopol.

The Head of Crimean Government stressed that  facts were roughly disfigured  by these television reports, and groundless, biased conclusions have been made. The journalists obviously wanted to create a negative image of Crimea as an international resort, where millions of Russians traditionally spend their vacations. As Kunitsin said, “Such position is all the more strange considering that RTR is a Russian Federation’s State Channel.”

He noted that the direct connection can be observed between increasing numbers of tourists daily arriving to the peninsula, and the negative informational pressing towards Crimea in the Russian mass media.

Press Service of the Council of Ministers of Crimea, The Krymskaya Gazeta (The Crimean Newspaper), №140 (15996), August 3, 2000, p. 1.

Note: *RTR – one of Russia’s State TV channels.


Crimea Have Been “Ordered”?

There Is No Ground for Vakhabism At Peninsula,

said Hubedin Qurtbedinov, Chairman of public organization “Kirim – 2000”, opening the press conference concerning the Itogi* program of the Russian NTV Channel.  According to him, there are no supporters of Vakhabism in Crimea. To call Crimea “the center of Vakhabism” is completely groundless. It is hard to find here even a small group of people who follow this  Islamic flow.

Mohsin Mohammed, whose name was mentioned at the TV program, told journalists, that he cannot understand how his name appeared at NTV. He said, “the author tried to compare situation in Crimea and Chechnya.” According to him, “broadcasted information is defamatory fabrication and directed to destabilize the situation in Crimea and Ukraine,  to create social, ethnic and confessional tension.”

Viktor Stus, The Krymskaya Gazeta (Crimean Newspaper), № 142 (15998), August 5, 2000, p. 2.

Note: *Itogi –  news program of the Russian NTV Channel


In the Office of Public Prosecutor of Crimea


We Have New Public Prosecutor

            On August 2,  Michael Poteben’ko,   the Public prosecutor of Ukraine introduced Aleksander Dobrorez (1953, State Justice Adviser) as the new Head of Crimean Office of Public Prosecutor.

            Vladimir Shuba, former Crimean Public prosecutor is transferred to Dnepropetrovsk oblast of Ukraine to serve as oblast prosecutor. These changes were made according to the presidential decree on rotation of personnel.

Svetlana Sergiyenko, The Krymskaya Pravda (Crimean Truth) newspaper, №140 (22553), August 3,  2000, p. 1.




Unique collection.


An exhibition of Crimean applied arts of XVIII-XX centuries is opened at the Livadia Palace by the Crimean Tatar Arts Museum. The museum has more then 1500 pieces at its funds, with 600 of them collected  in 2000.

Jewelry, weaving, embroidering, national women’s and men’s dresses, ceramics, wood engraving are presented at the exhibition. Of particular interest is the collection of Crimean Tatar applied arts, as well  as pieces of  jewelry and ornamental embroidering.

V.Parfilyev, The Krymskiye Izvestiya (The Crimean News) newpaper, №141 (2145), August 3, 2000, p. 1.

Note: * Livadia Palace – historical and archaeological monument, located in Yalta.


In Sokolinoye* - by Ethno-Tour

            Crimea has not only sea and beaches. For two years already, the Association for Support  Rural Green Tourism Development attempts to prove this fact. By idea of Association, it was possible to do it in the village of Chernopolye, where  an ethnographical complex of Greek village is being created now. This  Summer, a Crimean Tatar ethno-cultural Center Kokkoz appeared in the village of Sokolinoye near Bakhchisaray.

            A project called “Business for Women – Study, Think, Act” have been extended to Bakhchisaray region. Ethno-tourism, which is part of green tourism, is  decided to be developed through women’s business

in the district.

            A lot is done in Sokolinoye-Kokkoz for one month. As Marlen Asanov, Executive Director of Kokkoz Center said, local teenagers, in  national  dress, already guide excursion tours. Local inhabitants gladly enrich the ethnographic museum. Near the Center, there is a café with national meals. A woman who is good at carpet-making is intended to teach   all interested the art of making kilims.

            Similar projects are planned to launch in Belogorsk, Stary Krym, Saki, Yevpatoria and Leninsky district. There is an idea to create an ethno-tourism route from Solhat** to Bakhchisaray.

Kira Ivanova. The Krymskoye Vremya (Crimean Time) newspaper, №142 (1009), August 5, 2000, p. 3.

Note: * Sokolinoye -  one of villages of Crimea, Crimean Tatar name is Kokkoz

** Solhat – Stary Krym


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