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The Crimean News № 68

(Mass Media Review for  July 24 – 29, 2000)

Articles are shortened




Mejlis Delegation Visited Northern Cyprus


By invitation of Foreign Affairs and Defense Ministry of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a delegation of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people have departed on July 17 for Lefkose (the Turkish part of the city of Nicosia) to take part in celebration of 26th anniversary of peace building and  liberation operation of the Turkish military forces in Northern Cyprus.

During the short stop in the Istanbul airport, there was a brief meeting of the Mejlis Chairman with Suleyman Demirel, former Turkish President. At the meeting, both parties agreed to have a separate meeting to discuss problems of the Crimean Tatar people.

On July 19, a separate meetings of the Mejlis delegation with Rauf Denktas, the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus were organized in Lefkose, at which were discussed  the possibilities to allocate quotas for Crimean Tatar students at higher education institutions of Northern Cyprus  with English as the language of instruction.  The President and Prime Minister  have promised to reply to this inquiry  in the nearest future. Rauf Denktas also promised to raise the question of resumption of the aid program for Crimean Tatars to help them to resolve housing problems,   during his meeting with the newly elected Turkish President Ismet Sezer.

On July 20, the Mejlis delegation attended the military parade in Lefkose devoted to the memorable date.

On July 21, the delegation left for Istanbul. On July 23, Mejlis Chairman met with the Turkish businessmen and was interviewed by journalists. At the evening, the delegation arrived to Crimea.

The Qirim (Crimea) newspaper, № 33 (582),  July 29,  2000, pp. 1-4.


NATO Exchanges Experience With Ukrainian Military Staff

Michael Ejel, Deputy Defense Minister and  Commander of Ukrainian Navy Forces,  met in Sevastopol with Rear Admiral David Croker,  Chief Staff Officer of the NATO Joint Forces in Atlantic.  Issues related to cooperation and interchange of experience of peacekeeping operations were discussed at the meeting, the Krymskoye Vremya reports.

Within three days a group of NATO specialists will conduct briefings for Heads of departments and services of Ukrainian Navy headquarters, to acquaint them with the structure of NATO joint military forces, planning process for peacekeeping operations, and use of armament during humanitarian missions.

In turn, Ukrainian counterparts will organize a briefing for guests to introduce them to the structure of Navy forces of Ukraine, and their place in the system of Ukraine’s Army Forces.

The Krymskoye Vremya (The Crimean Time) newspaper, № 134 (1001), July 26, 2000,  p. 2.


Culture, Education


 A World-Class National Archaeological Museum To Be Created in Khersones

The Sevastopol City Administration and  the Institute of Classical Archaeology of University of Texas  will create a world-class archaeological park  on the territory of ancient Khersones.  The parties have signed a protocol of intentions, the Krymskoye Vremya newspaper  reports.

As  Joseph Carter, Director of the Institute said,  American archaeologists conduct scientific expeditions at the territory of Khersones reserve with their Ukrainian counterparts for six years. 

According to American scientist, there are foundations willing to allocate funds to create  an archaeological park in Khersones. The goal of the project is to open “the Second Troya”, as American archaeologists  call the Khersones, to the world.

Planning works at location have already been started.

The Krymskoye Vremya (The Crimean Time)  newspaper,  № 133 (1000), July 25,  2000,  p. 4.


National Specialists to be Prepared

A Department of Odessa National Academy of Law is opened in Simferopol.   Special commission have been created to hold preliminary hearings  and  select representatives of deported peoples to  pass exams. Entrants  are  young people from families with many children, orphans and  children from low-income families,  graduated with honor from the secondary schools.

The Krymskaya Gazeta (The Crimean Newspaper), № 134 (15990), 26 July 2000, p. 2.