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Crimean news 60.

(Mass Media survey for 30 May-3 June 2000).

(All the material is given in an abridged form).




The chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine considers the decision of VR of ARC rushed.

The Crimean Tatars are worried about Crimean government’s dismissal.

Government is not leaving.

Crimean Tatars have dismantled the half of their tents.

International experts are in the Crimea.

Principal of equal possibilities.

L.Grach has been reelected the Crimean communists’ leader.

America always opens in a new way.

Devoted to I.Gasprinskiy.

Nationalities’ problems in the Republic Committee of Nationalities.





The chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine considers the decision of VR of ARC rushed.

The chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ivan Plyush believes that it is pointless to launch direct presidential administration in the Crimea. He announced it at the meeting with journalists.

According to his words, the decision of Verkhovna Rada of ARC to dismiss the Ministry Council of the Autonomy is rushed in many ways. Instability of the executive power can badly influence on the holiday season, which plays an important role on the Crimean economy. In the opinion of the Verkhovna Rada speaker, the decision of autonomy parliament is not final, it’s necessary to keep the “status-qo” until October at least. “And then we could arise that problem again and make deeper corresponding conclusions on that topic”.

DINAU, “Krimskaya Gazeta”, #96(15962), 30 May 2000, p.1.


The Crimean Tatars are worried about Crimean government’s dismissal.

The deputy of Mejilis chairman, Refat Chubarov, when commenting the present situation caused by the Crimean government’s dismissal, refuted the accusations of the Crimean Tatars made by the Crimean parliament.

He noted that the dismissal meant that the Crimean Tatars remained alone against “the communistic ideology” presented by Leonid Grach in the Crimea. That’s why, according to his words, “if those who are trying to convince the President that the decision of the Crimean parliament has to be confirmed by Kyiv, then it will be a further strengthening of communistic power in the Crimea. Its actions are becoming dangerous not only for the peninsula but for the whole country also”. Refat Chubarov shared his hope that “the decision about government’s dismissal would be reviewed by the autonomy parliament itself”.

“Krimskoye Vremya”, #97(964), 31 May 2000, p.2.


Government is not leaving.

Crimean Parliament Presidium has decided not to develop the process of government’s dismissal for while at its sitting held on May 31 under the leadership of L.I.Grach.

It’s been decide not to promulgate the decision of Crimean parliament adopted as from May 24*.

Meanwhile, under the resolution of Mejilis press-center, they will divulge the resolution of Mejilis presidium on the Crimean Parliament square and dismantle the “tent town”.

Y.Gornaya, “Krimskaya Gazeta”, #98(16954), 1 June 2000, p.1.

Our information:* Crimean government’s dismissal is meant.


Crimean Tatars have dismantled the half of their tents.

The meeting of Mejilis Presidium and the chairman of Ministry Council, Surgery Kunitsin was held on may 30. The government leader proposed specific measures, aimed to decrease the level of  opposition between the Crimean Tatars and the Republic parliament.

In this connection, the picket participants have decided to make the first step from the deadlock of opposition – 10 tents out of 20 initiated in front of the Crimean Parliament were dismantled.

And the Crimean Tatar nation’s Mejilis promulgated its resolution. It says that the tents have been dismantled for ten following days only. The picket participants think that it is the right term that the deputies of the Crimean parliament have to take measures related to the practical solution of the Crimean Tatars’ problems.

Mejilis Presidium also highly evaluated “the change in conciseness of national deputies of Ukraine that the Crimean Tatar problem is very deep and complicated.

V.Stus, “Krimskaya Gazeta”, #99(15955), 2 June 2000, p.1.


International experts are in the Crimea.

President’s of Ukraine representative in the Crimea, Anatoliy Korneychuk met the experts of mission related to the activity of the development Program and Integration of the Crimea PR UNO, Dennis Galager and Alexander Bogomolov on the request of the Crimean office coordinator of PR UNO, Merlin Udo.

The Program of Development and Integration of the Crimea was developed in 1995 and have been implemented on the territory of the peninsula since 1996. Its main goal is to provide favorable conditions for the repatriates who are returning to their motherland. These conditions foresee rapid adaptation and repatriates’ integration into the Ukrainian society. The program budget makes up $3 million.

Unfortunately, during the years of repatriation, considerable part of the facilities allotted for the accommodation of the deported have been used in as wrong way. That’s why the President’s representative spoke about necessity to make that process more monitored by letting the publicity control the expanses. In case if local construction organizations are attracted – they’ll have to conduct tenders and competitions.

The President’s of Ukraine representative in ARC informed his guests about the talks he had conducted in the President’s administration concerning the decision of the Crimean Parliament to dismiss government. A.Korneychuk shared his hope that the decision would be reviewed soon because there are no enough reasons for that.

M.Lashkina, “Krimskoye Vremya”, #97(964), 31 may 2000, p.3.


Principal of equal possibilities.

The commission for developing mechanisms of giving land plots to the repatriates has been created in the Crimea under the president’s errand. The Ministry Council of ARC chairman deputy, Vasiliy Kiselyov has been chosen the head of the commission.

President’s decree on emergency measures of accelerating the reforming of Agricultural Industrial Complex has been developed for the whole Ukraine. It has come across two obstacles in the Crimea: two-kilometer zone and demographic pecuiliarities of the region. However, the land division has already been conducted, the certificates have been received, and there are few free lands, especially in those regions where the density of Crimean Tatars’ living in compact is the highest. We can’t even mention the land re-division, because the Law has no opposite strength. There is only one way out : we should convince the population to share a part of their private lands with the deported voluntarily. Bakhchisarai district has become the epicenter of this work, because the Crimean Tatars make up one-fourth of the population there.

Citizenry meetings were conducted in all economies and district village councils during two months. And the most important fact is that all the district dwellers have come to a mutual understanding after these meetings and dialogues.

Only the methodological approach has been developed for a while. And according to it the district and Mejilis leaderships have to follow the principal of “equal possibilities”.

According to the President’s errand, the whole work has to be completed during a month.

Y.Gornaya, “Krimskaya Gazeta”, #100(15956), 3 June 2000, p.1.


L.Grach has been reelected the Crimean communists’ leader.

As G.Mamiko informed, the press-secretary of Verkhovna Rada of ARC representative, L.Grach has again been elected the first secretary of the Crimean Republic committee of Communistic party in Ukraine. A new Republic committee staff was elected on May 28 in Simferopol at the 3rd report-and-electoral conference of the Crimean communistic organization.

The first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communistic party of Ukraine, P.Simonenko, the chairman of the federation of independent Crimean trade-unions, V.Arbuzov and leaders of autonomy branch trade-unions took part at the conference.

There are some 8,6 thousand members in the Crimean Communistic party. L.Grach has been leading it for 9 years.

R.Seitmemetov, “Golos Krima”, #23(342), 2 June 2000, p.1.


America always opens in a new way.

The Crimean Tatar nation’s Mejilis chairman’s visit to the USA.

The Crimean nation’s Mejilis chairman, Mustafa Djemilev was in the USA during 17-25 May 2000 on the invitation of the American union of the Crimean Tatars, USA Turkik federation and the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe.

The conference, organized by the USA Turkik publicity on the 56th anniversary of the Crimean Tatar nation’s deportation was held on May 18 in Patterson, New Jersey. M.Djemilev, Turkish historian Sevginaz Hamevioglu, the author of the Crimean Tatars’ researches, the correspondent of “Turkiye” paper Kemal Chapraz, Turkish parliament deputy doctor Mehmet Telek and the chairman of the Turkik world researches Fund, professor Turan Yazgan came out at the conference.

Next day, another conference was held in hotel “Hilton” in New York. It was devoted to the anniversary of Crimean Tatar nation’s deportation. The conference was organized by the American union of the Crimean Tatars and the USA Turkik federation. M.Djemilev, Turan Yazgan and the ex-President of Azerbaidjan, Ebulfez Ebulchey came out with their reports. Kemal Chapraz demonstrated slides, related to the Notational movement, returning and accommodation of the Crimean Tatars in the Crimea.

On May 20 M.Djemilev took part in the traditional annual parade of Turkik nations’ representatives living in the USA, which was conducted in the central streets of Manhattan. He also made his speech there. The USA President, Bill Clinton’s and Turkish Republic President, Nedjet Sezer’s dispatches were divulged at the meeting after the parade.

On May 21 they held a meeting of the Crimean Tatar Diaspora in the USA, devoted to the 56ht anniversary of deportation at the club of the American union of the Crimean Tatars in New York. After M.Djemilev, S,Hamsvioglu, T.Yazgan, K.Chapraz, E.Elbichey and some other Turkish parliament deputies had come out, M.Djamilev and T.Yazgan answered numerous questions of the meeting participants.

Next day, M.Djemilev went to Washington, where he met some USA state officials.

On May 23 M.Djemilev met the ex-ambassador of the USA in Ukraine, W.Wilson Researches center political scientist William Henry Miller at the office of Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe. W.H.Miller told M.Djemilev he was going to visit the Crimea in the second half of July together with a famous political scientist and political activist of the USA, Zbignov Bjejinsky in order to study the situation and Crimean Tatars’ condition.

The same evening M.Djemilev met the Commission coordinator on security and cooperation in Europe around Ukraine, Orest Dsichakivskiy at the USA congress. They discussed lawful problems of the Crimean Tatars’ in Ukraine.

On May 24 morning they held a meeting of M.Djemilev with the director of National Fund of Democracy Barbara Hague – the daughter of A.Hague (the ex-Minister of Defense of the USA), Fund coordinators in Ukraine and Russia Nadya Duke and John Square. They discussed the problems of financing the programs related the development of the Crimean Tatars’ culture and education.

After that, M.Djemilev held some meetings in the USA state department. He met the director of department dealing with Ukraine, Moldavia and Byelorussia, Mary B.Warlik and her assistants. They discussed the problems, related to the coming summer visit of the USA President, Bill Clinton to Ukraine, Crimean Tatars’ policy-and-lawful problems and also the activity of UNO program and integration in the Crimea. The director of Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe, I.Lasota also took part in the meeting.

On May 24 afternoon M.Djemilev met the director deputy of agency dealing with refugees, demography and migration around Europe, Middle Asia and Southern America, Nancy R.Iris, the agency coordinator dealing with democracy human rights and employment, Carol Timko, the agency leader in the CIS and Baltic, Ketrin Perkins in the USA state department. The director assistant of Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe, O.Serensal took part in the meeting. They discussed a wide range of policy-and-lawful problems of the Crimean Tatar nation.

On May 24 evening M.Djemilev took part in the press-conference of Ebulfez Elbichey about the political situation in Azerbaidjan.

When having returned to New York on May 24 night, M.Djemilev met several businessmen. They discussed the possibility of building a plant in the Crimea together with the Crimean businessmen, which will have an estimate cost of $1,5 million.

On his way to the Crimea, M.Djemilev visited Istanbul Department of learning Turkish and met the department director, Ibraim Dilek. They discussed the problems of the Crimean students studying there. After that, M.Djemilev held a meeting with students of the center.

Next day, M.Djemilev visited the residence of “Fazilet” party chairman, professor Nevzat Yalchintash in the suburb of Istanbul. The chairman of the Crimean Tatar organizations in Turkey, Ahmet I.Kirimli, chairman of the Crimean Tatars’ union living in Istanbul, Djelyal Ichten and many other representatives of The Crimean Tatar Diaspora took part in the meeting. They discussed the prospects of Turkish leadership’s participating in solving Crimean Tatar social problem after a new President of Turkey had been elected. Mustafa Djemilev returned to his Motherland on May 28.

Mejilis Press-service, “Kirim”, (“The Crimea”), #24 (573), 3 June 2000, p.4.




Devoted to I.Gasprinskiy.

The 150th birthday anniversary of a prominent Crimean Tatar pedagogue Ismail Gasprinskiy is coming. The action “Together with Ismail Gasprinskiy to the 21st century” is held on the initiative of Crimean Tatar republic library of I.Gasprinskiy.

They have created an organizational committee at Bakhchisarai district administration. One of the streets was called after I.Gasprinskiy. They have started restoration works in the building, which used to be the publishing house of “Terdjiman” paper. The prominent pedagogue’s memorial house, that will include a hall, study and library, is restored also. They are planning to establish a working publishing house. The memorial house-museum will be opened in March 2000.

A literature-and-music concert, devoted to the great humanist has been recently held. In September, literature activists are planning to conduct a literature-and-music concert and literature readings with participating of culture officials.

They are also planning to make a-thirty-minute scientific film about I.Gasprinskiy. A square with a memorial devoted to the great humanist will be opened in Bakhchisarai.

V.Roshten, “Krimskiye Izvestiya”, #97(2101), 30 May 2000, p.7.


Nationalities’ problems in the Republic Committee of Nationalities.

They considered several problems at the next in turn meeting of the Committee apparatus: dwelling redemption for poor families, health restoration of children, and the structure of the Republic Committee.

Lists of families, which were allocated material facilities for dwelling redemption in Djankoy, Sovetskiy, Leninskiy, Bleogorsk, Pervomaysk, and Krasnoperekopsk districts and also in Saki, Armyansk and Pheodosiya cities were announced.

The Republic Committee is planning to send 1000 children to summer camps. They have already concluded agreements with camps directors. These camps are located on the shores of Alushta, Saki and Yevpatoriya. The first group of 300 children is leaving for the summer camp.

M.Mavke, “Yani Dunya”, (“New world”), #22(523), p.2.



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