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Crimean news 59.

(Mass Media survey for 22-27 may 2000).

(All the material is given in an abridged form).


Actions will continue.

Crimean Tatars invited the autonomy to a dialogue. Will it be carried out?

L.Grach "has no intention to accept any ultimatums" from the Crimean Tatars.

They say: Fund "Krim"* but mean: Mejilis.

"A man sounds great!" Provide good accommodations to the man.

Tents will remain.

Stop the discrimination of a whole nation!

"A play, prepared by Grach".

President will decide whether the solution is lawful.

President will do anything to preserve stability.

Photographers' gift for the deportation anniversary.





Actions will continue.

They discussed the problem of the Resolution realization at the widened sitting of the Crimean Tatar nation's Mejilis Presidium on May 19. The Resolution was adopted at the meeting, devoted to the 56th anniversary of the Crimean Tatars' deportation.

In the course of the sitting it was decided that the "tent town", formed in front of the Crimean Parliament after the mourning meeting would remain until May 24. The plenary sitting of the 5th session of the Crimean Parliament was planned on that day. If the Crimean Parliament members ignore Crimean Tatars' demands and don't make specific decisions, the protest actions will continue. Forms of actions will be considered at the sitting of the Crimean Tatar nation's Mejilis.

"Avdet", #10 (244), 23 May 2000.


Crimean Tatars invited the autonomy to a dialogue. Will it be carried out?

The Crimean Tatars initiated a "tent town" after the meeting, held in front of the Verkhovna Rada on May 18. The national deputy of Ukraine, Refat Chubarov called the protest actions as "an invitation of the Crimean Parliament to a dialogue with the Crimean Tatars".

The picket participants demand that they should create Draft Law projects of Ukraine "About introducing additions and changes into the Law of Ukraine", "About the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic Crimea" and "About the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of ARC". There are following slogans hung on the tents: "Grach is the initiator of hatred between Crimean people", "We demand a direct presidential government in the Crimea", "Dismiss the Verkhovna Rada of ARC - the source of anti-Crimean Tatar hysteria".

46 people, including women and children from the Crimea live in 13 tents. Initiating the "tent town" has disturbed regular square visitors, who are fond of threatening passers-by by emotional disputes on politics. In order to avoid troubles, which can be provoked from outdoors, "Avdet" party members defend the "tent town".

Such protest actions are also held in front of district state administrations in Djankoy, Nijnegorsk, Alushta and Simferopol.

Elmas Sedvapova, "Avdet", ("Returning"), #10 (244), 23 may 2000, p.2.


L.Grach "has no intention to accept any ultimatums" from the Crimean Tatars.

The chairman of Supreme Council of the Crimea, Leonid Grach has no intention to accept "any ultimatums, which oppose the general mood of the Crimean dwellers and don't meet legislation.

He declared this in his interview with journalists, commenting the mourning meeting participants' demands in Simferopol.

L.Grach believes that the meeting participants, who gathered on May 18 under the leader ship of Mejilis, today represent neither Crimean dwellers nor the Crimean Tatars".

Interfax-Ukraine, "Krimskiye Izvestiya", #92 (2096), 23 May 2000, p.1.


They say: Fund "Krim"* but mean: Mejilis.

The deputy of the Crimean Parliament, Oleg Rodivilov** blamed the power of Ukraine and Crimea to agree with the Crimean Tatar nation's Mejilis. He said that it had been manifested by the Crimean Parliament resolution project about donating a two-story building, located on 2 Shmidta St to the fund "Krim".

According to O.Rodivilov's words, that Fund "Krim" is only "a cover of non-legalized and anti-law organization - Mejilis". Thus, powers, planning to donate the building on Shmidta St to the above-mentioned Fund support unlawfulness themselves. O.Rodivilov informed the Crimean Prosecutor about that.

Moreover, the Crimean official powers, O.Rodivilov stated, sabotage the problem of creating Russian culture Center in Simferopol. In his opinion, the solution of this problem is intentionally delayed. The Parliament and the Crimean powers prevent the project, developed by Russian community in the Crimea. These are the projects of creating of schools with advanced studying of Russian and also decision to create a Russian national library based on Jukovskogo library in S.

V.Danilov, "Krimskaya Pravda", #91 (22504), 23 may 2000, p.3.

Our information: *Fund "Krim" is the public charity organization that implements programs of assisting the Crimean Tatars (in particular, TIKA is one of the programs).

**Oleg Rodivilov is also the leader of Russian Community's Youth Center. Its office is located in a prestigious building of Yevpatoriya library. Some time ago he addressed letters to the City Culture administration demanding explanations regarding the location of the Crimean Tatar cultural center "Yashlik" ("Youth") in one of Yevpatoriya libraries (it was the Crimean Tatar club until 1941).

Our commentaries: more than 85% of the Crimean library funds are in Russian, more than 90% out of 600 schools are in Russian. (There is only one Ukrainian gymnasium in Simferopol and nine Crimean Tatar national schools in the Crimea). A new Russian culture Center has recently been opened in Zuya village of Belogorsk district.


"A man sounds great!" Provide good accommodations to the man.

Urojaynoye village dwellers blocked the building of village council*. The Russians, Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars showed their being unsatisfied by the actions of powers: cutting electricity (17 hours a day), delays in salaries and pensions. This protest action has been provoked for along time. After blocking the village council, people having marched six kilometers cordoned the highway and were willing to cordon the railway road should their demands have been ignored. They have had several meetings with the head of district state administration during last months. Land division is carried out unlawfully. Moreover, there is neither water, nor electricity available.

The head of Simferopol district administration and oil and energy Minister went to the place of road blocking in some hours. Teachers, pupils and pensioners submitted their claims to the powers. The school administration had to stop the educational process for two months in winter due to the absence of proper central heating. Teachers again have got the same problem: delays in salary. All these problems were told to the village council and Simferopol administration but no one paid attention to them.

Village dwellers were promised to stabilize the system of electricity cutting and solve the rest of problems at the citizenry's meeting.

Leylya Alyadinova, Riza Seitmemetov, "Golos Krima", #20 (341), 26 May 2000, p.2.

Our information: *Village council is the organ of local authorities.

Our commentaries: such a condition is observed in the whole Crimea.


Tents will remain.

Power organs were introduced some demands of the Crimean Tatar nation, which are concerned with the solution of its problems. These demands were adopted as a Resolution on May 18. Nation representatives initiated "tent town" in front of the Verkhovna Rada of the Crimea in order to get a positive result from the Parliament.

More than 1000 Crimean Tatars held a picket near the "tent town" on May 24. Mejilis members, non-governmental organizations members, writers and veterans of the Crimean Tatar movement, who came out at the picket decisively supported the requirements adopted on May 18. These requirements include the following: solving the problem of the Crimean Tatar national status, fair land division, Crimean Tatar representatives in power and authorities organs, creating a working group with Mejilis representatives and Crimean deputies for solving these problems.

S.Abdudarhamanova, "Kirim", #23 (572), 27 May 2000, p.1.


*      *      *

Meanwhile there were last preparations for the meeting, some other play began in the Crimean Parliament: Mejilis Chairman deputy, Refat Chubarov submitted his application to the session secretariat asking to let him come out. After that, according to his words, mediators from the speaker L.Grach started coming to him trying to find out what exactly he was gong to speak about from the tribune. Finally, Leonid Ivanovich* declared the sitting closed. Deputies went on working without journalists and visitors. And after having spoken under his situation control, Grach let Chubarov come out. R.Chubarov announced the requirements of Mejilis. There was no official reaction after that, the session went on its formerly planned agenda.

We asked Refat Chubarov what specific system of Parliament completing he insisted on:

There have been several approaches, allowing providing adequate Crimean Tatar representatives in the Crimean Parliament. These are either national quotes, or national electoral quotes, which were once mentioned by Grach, or proportional system of elections (when people vote for lists of parties and public organizations, but not for each candidate - A.N.). We are not speaking about any specific electoral system. We have to hold negotiations and discuss various variants, in order to reach one that would suit everyone.

But there have been no specific negotiations on that problem. I don't even know which of the variants Grach prefers.

We should also add that the proportional system would suit not only Mejilis but also many other political systems. Russian public organizations would also be able to offer their candidates. The point is, no one takes a risk to support it openly even though seeing the real profit for his system.

Alexey Nejivoy, "Krimskoye Vremya", #93 (960), 25 May 2000, p.3.

Our information: *Leonid Grach is the speaker of the Crimean Parliament and the head of Crimean communists.


Stop the discrimination of a whole nation!

Colons from Yevpatoriya, Sevastopol and other Crimean cities came to the mourning meeting.

Mejilis chairman assistant, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine deputy, Refat Chubarov stated that abolishing of the "tent town" depended on how the powers would satisfy their demands, picket participants' wants and Mejilis requirements.

They also offered the Crimean Tatars' demand, which caused extreme debates when discussing the Crimean government's report on its activity. Deputies showed their distrust to the government after a prolonged discussion and in result dismissed it having 68 voices of support.

F.Tarsinova, "Golos Krima", #22 (341), 26 May 2000, p.2.


Is the "tent town" to blame for the governmental dismissal?

Crimean Parliament deputies recognized the work of Sergey Kunitsin's government as unsatisfactory by the Constitutional majority in 68 voices. They showed their distrust and dismissed it.

The dismissed Prime Minister, Sergey Kunitsin, refused to give any comments reffering to the necessity to contact with the President:

-         All the regulation norms have been violated because A Prime Minister has to be dismissed by a secret election.

The speaker Leonid Grach blamed the Crimean Tatars for what had happened. It's curious: Would Sergey Kunitsin have saved his position if the "tent town" in front of the Crimean Parliament had been removed?..

Kira Ivanova, "Krimskoye Vremya", #93 (960), 25 May 2000, p.3.


"A play, prepared by Grach".

Since the unexpected dismissal of Ministry Council is explained by the Parliament speaker Leonid Grach as follows: deputies' decision was influenced by a very tolerate relation of Ministry Council to Mejilis we have addressed to Refat Chubarov for comments:

-         I've analyzed claims, submitted to the government. They are all concerned not with the relation with Mejilis but some other problems. Now, Grach needs justification from the Parliament: if the Crimean Tatars hadn't created a tense situation, which destabilized deputies they would have done as I proposed, because I was against. But I'm sure that Grach entirely controls actions of communistic fraction and all the fractions that have joined them. So, all that has happened is Grach's will.

I'm also sure that we would have initiated a "tent town" not in front of the Parliament by the Ministry Council. It would have also been accepted as governmental fault. They would have said that they couldn't make contacts with Mejilis.

I'm, as an analyst, interested not in the dismissal itself but the play, prepared by Grach. I think he has born a great risk. He thinks he has become such a great Ukrainian politician that can decide things without discussing with the President. According to the Crimean Constitution, if 2/3 of deputies vote for Ministry Council's dismissal the President can't reject it. And if the Constitution differs from the Ukrainian one, they follow the last one.

-         If the government is changed, how will it result on the further policy of Mejilis and its relationship with the Crimean powers?

-         There is only one thing that can prevent reasonable solution of the Crimean Tatars' problems: avoiding all the possibilities providing dictatorship in the Crimea. It's necessary whether the Parliament will work constructively. If the communists head the Parliament - there will be a constant destruction, not only in the relation of the Crimean Tatars.

Kunitsin's government wasn't very strong, but still an obstacle on the way of Grach's personal power establishment.

Alexey Nejivoy, "Krimskoye Vremya", #93 (960), 25 May 2000, p.3.


President will decide whether the solution is lawful.

The sitting of the Crimean government, devoted to the decision made by the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea was held in Simferopol. They adopted an address to the President of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma. Sergey Kunitsin focused on the following in the address: "We draw your attention to some constitution violations, caused by that decision".

Sergey Kunitsin said that the reason for such a Parliamentary is the following: "We have interfered with serious financial and economic interests. Firstly, they tried to dismiss us due to the problems of spring works in fields, but we came up with that problem. Then they wanted to blame us for problems in referendum* organization, but we fulfilled our task correctly, they also wanted to blame us for increasing of costs for dwelling services, but we didn't increase them. And the fourth position is they wanted to oppose us with the Crimean Tatars and wanted to make the May 18 event go out of control, and then it would be possible to blame the government and the Prime Minister. But I accepted the political responsibility on solving this problem and none of above-mentioned events have happened.

Press-service of Ministry Council of ARC, "Krimskaya Gazeta", #394 (15950), 26 May 2000, p.1.

Our information: See "Crimean news 54 " about the referendum.


President will do anything to preserve stability.

The President of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma has got all reasons "to abolish the resolution" about distrust to the government and send corresponding address to the Constitutional Court - stated the head of Presidential administration.

He also emphasized that if the Crimean Parliament "didn't demonstrate its kind will and comprehension of the situation, then the President will do anything necessary in order to provide stability in the Crimea. He wants the work of power organs to be aimed for solving economic problem but not the political disputes".

Interfax-Ukraine, "Krimskaya Gazeta", #95 (15951), 27 May 2000, p.1.




Photographers' gift for the deportation anniversary.

Ministry council press-service and the association of Crimean professional photographers organized a photo exhibition "A long way home", devoted to the 56th anniversary of the Crimean Tatar nation's deportation.

Thirty photos, taken by the Crimean photographer-reporters of a high class are presented there. The photos reflect the ten-year period of the Crimean Tatar nation's returning to its homeland.

S.Vetrov, "Krimskoye Vremya", #91 (958), 27 May 2000, p.6.



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