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Crımean news 58.

(Mass Medıa survey for 15-20 May 2000).

(All the material is given in an abridged form).



Powers are getting ready for The day of deportation.

Demonstration, meeting, tents…

Powers condole with the deported.

Crimean dwellers paid respect to the victims of mass deportation yesterday.

Monument to the victims of deportation.

May 18 in Uzbekistan.

On the results of the Crimean Tatar nation's representatives council sitting.

Anatoliy Rakhanskiy: PAEC Resolution on the Crimean Tatars was formed in Ismail-bey*.

Sudak expects guests.


18 May - The Day of Deportation.


Powers are getting ready for The day of deportation.

On the threshold of May 18 - The Day of deportation - powers remember the Crimean Tatars more and more often. On May 11 the President of Ukraine held a sitting of the Crimean tatar nation's representatives council with participating of Crimean leaders. And on May 12 they held a meeting of organizational committee for carrying out mourning measures in the Ministry Council.

The members of organizational committee assured the chairman that the powers were basically ready for May 18. The plan of intended measures includes the meeting of Ministry Council leadership with specialists-managers from the Crimean Tatars, mourning sitting in the Ukrainian theatre devoted to the annivarsary government leadership's participating in the meeting on May 18.

City and district leaders were recommended to hold regional mourning meetings simultaneously with the one in Simferopol. This was done in order not to overcrowd Simferopol with the meeting participants.

A.Nejivoy "Krimskoye Vremya", #86 (935), 16 May 2000,p.3.


Demonstration, meeting, tents…

They considered the results of the first sitting of the Crimean Tatar nation's representatives council with the Presidentof Ukraine at the widened sitting of Mejilis on May 14. Additionally, they considered the measures, devoted to the mourning day on May 18. The previous day, chairman of regional mejilises were recommended to hold some actions in district centers and initiate "tent towns".

S.Abdurahmanov, "Kirim", #22 (571), 20 May 2000, p.4.


*      *      *

Some 300 Crimean Tatars walked in colons at the meeting in Nijnegorskiy district on May 14. Their main demand was the solution of the land problem. They initiated a "tent town" in front of the district state administration after the meeting.

Crimean Tatars' picket began in front of Simferopol district state administration building on May 15. The meeting participants decided to initiate a "tent town" and keep it until their demands have been satisfied.

According to the words of the Simferopol regional mejilis, the most important problem is the problem of getting land. The meeting participants demand that the Crimean Tatars should be presented in all power structures, the toponomics should be restored, national education should be developed and also the head of Simferopol district state administration should be dismissed.

Protest actions began in Djankoy, district center Pervomayskoye and village Bogdanovka of Simferopol district. The picket participants in Pervomayskoye decided to march to Simferopol showing their protest.

"Avdet" ("Returning"), #9 (243), 17 May 2000, p.1.


*      *      *

The Crimean Tatars' action of protest was held in Simferopol on May 16. Some 50 persons walked along the central streets of the city to the building of local district state administration under usual slogans. Militia blocked traffic on their way. And a "tent town" of their compatriots was expecting the action participants at the final point. "Adalet" party organized a meeting there. Their demands are as follows: "Re-division of land" "Dismiss the chairman of Simferopol state administration"…

Andrey Konovalov, "Komsomolskaya Pravda v Ukraine", #87 (902/22312), 17 May 2000, p.4.


Powers condole with the deported.

Ministry Council, Presidium of Supreme Court and President's representative in the Crimea promulgated an address to the autonomy dwellers in the connection with the deportation anniversary. All the documents included condolence to the deported and they emphasized state's striving for solving the problems of repatriates despite difficult economic condition.

Dmitriy Bushev, "Krimskoye vremya", #88 (955), 18 may 2000, p.3.


Crimean dwellers paid respect to the victims of mass deportation yesterday.

According to the evaluation of Crimean mourning meeting organizers, some 20 thousand people took part in the meeting, which was held in Simferopol Central Square on May 18. Representatives of all Crimean districts and places of compact dwelling of repatriates, took part in the meeting. The national deputy of Ukraine Refat Chubarov, the chairman of Ministry Council Sergey Kunitsin, President's regular representative in the Crimea Anatoliy Korneychuk, national deputy of Ukraine Alexander Emets, representatives of the Crimean Tatars' organizations and other national communities of the Crimea came out at the meeting. Mejilis Chairman, Mustafa Djemilev didn't take part in the meeting this year, because he is now on business trip in the USA, where he's discussing the problem of international help to the Crimean repatriates.

The idea of meeting participants' demands, mentioned in the resolution is to restore Crimean Tatars' political rights, developing mechanisms, which would provide their representing in power structures, giving the Crimean Tatar language the status of a state language, giving land to the repatriates on the equal terms with other Crimean dwellers, living in the rural zone and more rapid consideration of social accommodation and cultural development. Many respondents emphasized that there had been established a constructive dialogue of the Crimean Tatars with the Ukrainian leadership, the President. They would like to establish the same dialogue with the Supreme Court of the Crimea.

After the meeting the colon of districts representatives went to the building of Verkhovna Rada (VR) of the Crimea in order to initiate a "tent town" there, inviting to the dialogue and cooperation on norm-and-lawful acts, which assure the political status of the Crimean Tatars. The "tent town" will remain in front of Verkhovna Rada of the Crimea until May 24, the day of next in turn plenary sitting of VR session.

Yelena Gornaya, "Krimskaya Gazeta", #89 (15945), 19 May 2000, p.1.


Monument to the victims of deportation.

The chairman of Ministry Council of the Crimea, Sergey Kunitsin came out proposing to build a memorial, devoted to the victims of deportation and Stalin Regime in the Crimea.

Formerly, It was an idea to create a memorial in Simferopol, which would symbolize friendship of nations, living on the peninsula and would erase all the stereotypes of the past, which divide people today. It was later understood that the monument could be a memorial  to the victims of deportation.

"Krimskaya Gazeta", #90 (15946), 20 May 2000, p.1.


May 18 in Uzbekistan.

The representatives of official powers of Tashkent came out categorically against conducting civil funeral devoted to the victims of deportation at the city cemetery "Dombrabad". Noting "Uzbekistan's preference to the principals of democracy and civil values", it was declared that the Crimean Tatars were allowed to visit the graves of their relatives and say a prayer but it didn't have to be a general prayer as it is usually done by the Crimean Tatars.

Mejilis representative in the Middle Asia noted that no matter what the position of powers was the Crimean Tatars would visit cemeteries in the republic, where the victims of deportation rest.

"Dombrabad" cemetery was blocked by militia from 7 a.m. There were two buses with militioneers at gates. There were also many militioneers along the foot walks in the cemetery. There were totally about 300 of them.

When Mejilis representative and officials of the Ukrainian embassy came to the cemetery wishing to take pert in the mourning action, the leader of Uzbek security organs demanded that the Crimean Tatars should leave the cemetery in 10 minutes stating that "otherwise he would give an order to clean the area".

Press-service of Mejilis representatives in the Middle Asia.




On the results of the Crimean Tatar nation's representatives council sitting.

The President of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma gave several orders to the Cabinet of Ministers on the results of the Crimean Tatar nation's representatives' council.

The President has obliged the government to finish the developing of the Concept of State ethno-national policy of Ukraine.

They studied and developed specific measures for providing the deported with land, who live in the rural zone of the Crimea.

Corresponding government departments were given orders to finance programs and measures related to returning and accommodation of the deported Crimean Tatars and people of other nationalities in quantities, foreseen by the Law of state budget for the current year.

The project of Law about the State  budget for the coming year should include expenses for capital investments in construction of dwelling for the deported in the Crimea and also giving credits for individual construction.

They will take measures for creating favorable conditions for a specialized banking service of financial-and-economic activity of entrepreneurs, based by the Crimean Tatars' representatives.

The Ministry of Education was given an order to provide an annual accepting deported nations' youth in state educational establishments.

Interfax-Ukraine, "Krimskiye Izvestiya", #89 (2093), 18 May 2000, p.1.


Anatoliy Rakhanskiy: PAEC Resolution on the Crimean Tatars was formed in Ismail-bey*.

The deputy of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the Yevpatiriya district, chairman of Committee of Parliament Assembly of European Council (PAEC) on science and technologies Anatoliy Rakhanskiy considers the resolution on the Crimean Tatars as a very important decision of socio-economic problems of the deported nation's integration:

-       It's an extremely important document for attracting West to the fate of the deported nation… I could invite the PAEC Committee to the away seminar on the nature protection and problems of self-authorities to Yevpatoriya three years ago. It was then that the European deputies, having been to Ismail-bey, learnt about the deported nation in the first time. So, this PAEC resolution was indirectly developed already in Ismail-bey…Now, in the connection with adopting the resolution there is a real possibility to influence on the Ukrainian state structures, Cabinet of Ministers, ministries and different departments… Apart from that, we have a legal right to address to Russia and other CIS countries asking to solve our problem. But the main task is that Ukraine has to enter the Fund of social development of the European Council. It gives long-term credits for solving social problems on very favorable terms. Ukraine could take such a credit for accommodation of the deported nations and for solution of some other social problems.

Valentin Scherbini, "Krimskaya Gazeta", #88 (15944), 18 May 2000, p.2.

-                     Our information: *Ismail-bey - the village where the Crimean Tatars live in compact. It is situated at the suburb of Yevpatoriya.




Sudak expects guests.

The 7th annual conference "Libraries and associations in the changing world: new technologies and new forms of cooperation" will be held in Sudak from June 3 till June 11.

The number of conference participants increases year by year; the number of reports also increases, the range of topics, considered by specialists from 30 countries also widens.

The conference participants will be working in 10 sections, seminars, "workshops" this summer. They have foreseen some away sittings in Simferopol, Koktebel and Alushta.

M.Kucheruk, "Krimskiye Izvestiya", #87 (2091), 16 May 2000, p.5.


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