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Crimean news 46.

(Mass Media for 21-26 February 2000).survey

(All the material is given in an abridged form).



Day of Chechen nation's deportation

Devoted to N.Chelebidjihan

Vosstavshih" square in Sevastopol has to be renamed after our great hero.

The Crimean electoral committee is getting ready for the referendum

Simferopol dwellers do not find the referendum necessary.

The Court has made decision, but...

Conference of the UN development  program will be held.

"To the 21st century with Ismail Gasprinskiy" action has begun.

They have considerably reduced the time of State TV-Radio Company broadcast.

A day of the native language.

It will soon be impossible to go to Uzbekistan without visa.





Day of Chechen nation's deportation.

Meeting devoted to the 56th anniversary of the Chechenian nation's deportation was held near the building of Russian consulate in Simferopol on 23th  February. Several dozens of people took part in the meeting.

The action was held by Crimean Tatars in solidarity with Chechenian people who were fighting for their freedom and independence. It also expressed the protest against purposeful extermination of the Chechenians by Russian troops.

Representatives of the Crimean Islamic party, Moslem community "Kade Mahale", national party "Avdet" and Crimean Tatar youth center took part in the meeting. They talked about criminal actions of federal troops and extensive shootings in the territories where peaceful dwellers live. They also mentioned that Russian troopers consider every ten-year-old Chechenian child as a criminal. The meeting participants expressed their protest against informational blockade in Chechnya and unlawful arrest of independent journalists. "Set Babitsky free" - the gathered people cried.

L.Shamil, "Golos Krima", #9 (328), 25 February 2000, p.1.


*      *      *

The meeting participants had the following slogans: "Keep your faith in Allah and you will avoid any bad luck", "Russia is the empire of evil", "Putin=Miloshevich - are military criminals".

Resolution, signed by heads of the meeting participants demanded that the heads of states and world community should come out with a radical protest against punititve actions carried out by Russia and demand an immediate withdrawal of Russia's troops from Ichkeriya. We remind that these punitive actions include extermination of the Northern Caucasus Moslem population.

Alexander Mashenko, "Krimskoye Vremya", #35 (902), 24 February 2000, p.3.


Devoted to N.Chelebidjihan.

Crimean Tatar nation had one more dark day, February 23, in its own calendar . The chairman of the Crimean Temporary Moslem Executive Committee*, Mufty of Tauria province**, the founder of the Crimean Tatar Kurultay, the head of the National Committee of the Crimean Democratic Republic - Noman Chelebidjihan - was executed by shooting on 22 February night in 1918.

They hold annual open lessons, devoted to Chelebidjihan in Crimean Tatar national schools and classes.

One of such activities devoted to the memory of N.Chelebidjihan was carried out in the Crimean industrial and pedagogical institute. People listened to the Crimean Tatar national anthem "Ant Etkenmen" ("I swear") written by N. Chelebidjihan.

They also talked about N.Chelebidjihan's works and recited the verse of the Crimean Tatar classical poet Amdy Giraybay - "Ant etkenmen" aytaman" ("I say, I swear") devoted to N.Chelebidjihan. At the end the students of Tauria national university demonstrated a music-and-literature composition.

E.Temurdjan, "Yany Dunya", ("New World"), # 8 (509), 9 February 2000, p.1.

Our information: *Crimean Temporary Executive Committee - was organized in November 1917 and was the first government, created by the Crimean Tatars after they had lost their independence in 1783.

**Mufty of Tauria province - the head of the Crimean Moslems.


"Vosstavshih" square in Sevastopol has to be renamed after our great hero.

A mourning meeting devoted to the prominent Crimean Tatar activist, Noman Chelebidjihan was held in Sevastopol at "Vosstavshih" square on February 23. Other facts were also discussed there, the 56th anniversary of the Chechenian nation's deportation and present evil deeds made by Russia.

The mourning meeting participants gathered at the Sevastopol city administration hall with the resolution that they had adopted. In this resolution they decided to erect a memorial stone with the engraved name of Noman Chelebidjihan. It will be placed at the jail wall where he was executed by shooting. The resolution also had a proposition to change the name of "Vosstavshih" square for "Noman Chelebidjihan".

"Kirim",  #9 (558), 26 February 2000, p.1.


The Crimean electoral committee is getting ready for the referendum.

The first sitting of Autonomous Republic Crimea commission dealing with the Ukrainian referendum was carried out on February 24. The referendum is appointed for April 16 in accordance with the President's decree. It is necessary to form electoral districts until March 7 and make list of citizens who will take part in referendum on  16 April  until March 10.

The total number of participants is 1161. Great expenses are expected. And it is in time when the state has a debt of about several millions for the last presidential elections . O.Volodin, "Krimskaya Pravda", #37 (22450), 26 February 2000,p.1.


Simferopol dwellers do not find the referendum necessary.

"I am not interested in it"- was the answer of almost every Simferopol dweller, who was questioned whether he had any idea that the Ukrainian referendum was appointed for April 16. Most of the asked think that there is no "vital importance" in holding it.

The Russian population of the peninsula insists on considering the problems of making the Russian language as the second language in Ukraine and joining the State Union of Russia and Byelorussia. They collect signatures in the Crimean cities under this demand.

"Krymskoye Vremya", # 37 (904), 26 February 2000, p.2.


Juridical sphere.


The Court has made decision, but...

In the decision dated by 31 January 2000 Bakhchisarai regional court satisfied the suit demands of S.Seitablayev, R.Suleymanov, E.Gulahmetov, H.Abdurrahmanov and S.Memetov toward the chairman of Bakhchisarai regional mejilis, Ilmi Umerov. The court has decided the following: "To recognize the words of I.Umerov as not corresponding to reality and discrediting of honor." We remind that at the meeting in Bakhchisarai on May 16 and solemn sitting on 17 May 1999 I.Umerov stated that the Aksakal Council members* are nothing but "akshackals"**. They also decided to make I. Umerov to refute this information by speaking on TV at one of the STRC "Krim"*** programs. They also want  to call him to account of moral abuse and pay 3000 grivnas to R.Suleymanov and 2000 grivnas to each of the rest above mentioned group member.

I.Umerov considered the decision of court as unlawful and appealed to the court collegiums, that deals with citizen's affairs. In particular, in his appeal he stated the following : "In accordance with demands p.1., a. 440 (1) of the Ukrainian Criminal Code it is necessary to shoulder responsibility for compensating a moral abuse when someone has made it. Could any harm be caused by my actions? No. How was it expressed? - The Court has not found out because these people have not provided any proofs that  they have been caused any abuse".

Further,  in the appeal it is mentioned that Aksakals Council is not foreseen by Constitution of Ukraine, Constitution of the Crimea and any other legislative act. It is not a juridical body and it has not been registered by the Main Administration of Justice of the country. Moreover, the Council members list has not been published in any Means of Mass Media by 17 May 1999.

I.Umerov expressed his disagreement related to the arguments of the court as follows: "The arguments of court, that Aksakals Council consists of only 14 Crimean Tatar nation's representatives known to many people, are groundless and based on someone's assumptions. These people are not the Crimean Tatar nation's representatives, i.e. they were not elected by nation. They were nominated by SC ARC chairman ***** in order to make balance with elected Kurultay and the Crimean Tatar nation's Mejilis******.

SC ARC chairman has no right to nominate any organs, which are not foreseen by Constitution and law of Ukraine. Thus Aksakals Council is an unlawful organ.

The arguments of court, that plaintiffs have been enduring moral turmoils because of the shame in front of many people, are also groundless and are based just on statements of plaintiffs. And another fact, none of them provided any sufficient evidence of bad treatment on behalf of other people." I.Umerov  asks the Court collegiums to cancel the Bakhchisarai district court decision dealing with him."

R.Nazir, "Golos Krima", #9 (328), 25 February 2000, p.2.

Our information:*Aksakals Council - is the organ working under the chairman of Crimean parliament, which has a consultative aim.

**Crimean Tatar word "akshakal" has a negative meaning and means - "a white jackal)

***STRC "Krim" - State TV-Radio company "Krim".

****3000 grivnas (National Ukrainian currency) - approximately 600 US dollars, 2000 grivnas - approximately 400 US dollars. Meanwhile a medium salary in the Crimea is 40 US dollars.

*****SC  ARC - Supreme Court (parliament) of the Autonomous Republic Crimea.

******Kurultay and Mejilis of the Crimean Tatar nation - are electoral and representative organs of the Crimean Tatars.


Social Sphere.


Conference of the UN development  program will be held.

The UN (PROUN) development program in Ukraine intends to carry out an international conference in the Crimea with the aim to demonstrate differnet actions dealing with Crimean Tatars' accommodation under PROUN support. At the meeting of the UN development program in Ukraine they discussed the problem of government's assisting. Such people as Pedro Pablo Vilyenuv and Vice Prime-Minister of Ukraine, Nikolay Zhulinskiy were present there.

The PROUN in Ukraine head noted that there was a preliminary agreement with the Crimean Autonomy about conducting the conference on May 18. They are planning to invite representatives from several countries and introduce them to the activity of the UN development program and what they have been doing during these years.

They also discussed the details of carrying out conferences of donor countries, that cooperate with some international organizations in solving the problems of the accommodation of deported in Crimea. They are planning to hold this conference in summer or in the beginning of fall together with OSCE that also takes part in some projects dealing with the problems of the deported nations.

11 countries cooperate in the PROUN program of the Crimean Tatars' accommodation. Today the program functions in five regions of the Crimea.

DINAU, "Krimskoye Vremya", #34 (901), 23 February 2000, p.3.


Culture. Education.


"To the 21st century with Ismail Gasprinskiy" action has begun.

On the eve of the 150th anniversary of the great Crimean Tatar nation's teacher, famous scientist and publicist Ismail Gasprinskiy, which will be celebrated on 21 March 2001, the Republic Crimean Tatar library of I.Gasprinskiy came out with the initiative to carry out a long term action - "To the 21st century with I.Gasprinskiy". The action includes conducting literature readings with participance of famous culture and art activists, discussion club dealing with preparing for the jubilee of I.Gasprinskiy and also laying flowers on the memorial stone of the great teacher in Simferopol on March 21.

Crimean Tatar culture and education activists, Crimean Tatar nation's Mejilis representatives, workers of Republic library of I.Gasprinskiy, Tauria national university instructors and students gathered near the memorial on 21 February.

Action participants emphasized the special importance of the coming event for the Crimean culture. They layed a lot of flowers on the memorial stone.

Gulnara Useinova, "Golos Krima", #9 (328), 25 February 2000, p.1.


Crimea remains without State TV.

They have considerably reduced the time of State TV-Radio Company broadcast.

The conflict between State TV-Radio Company "Krim" and Republic TV broadcasting center, which provides the TV signal to the population, has become known beyond these two departments.  Director General of STRC "Krim" gathered a press-conference on February 22 and informed that the broadcast time of TV-Radio Company was going to be considerably reduced. The reason for that is its debt to RTBC. The debt makes up 600 thousand grivnas, it is only by 10% less than the debt of all TV-Radio companies but regardless to this fact they are going to shut off the state company only.

Gayana Yuksel, "Komsomolskaya Pravda v Ukraine", #36 (850/22260), 25 February 2000, p.11.

Our commentaries: there is only one Crimean Tatar editorial staff working at the STRC "Krim" together with other national editorial staffs. The Crimean Tatar editorial staff's broadcasting time has been reduced from 2 hours a week to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Most Crimean Tatars living in far regions of the Crimea are unable to watch the programs of the Crimean Tatar editorial staff's programs because the RTBC does not provide the TV signal to those districts at all.


A day of the native language.

UNESCO has decided that a special day must be devoted for speaking native language only. A day of native language was held under this program in Tauria national university, Simferopol. University departments of the Crimean Tatar language and literature invited Crimean Tatar writers and poets to the meeting with students.

Such writers as Ablyaziz Veliyev and Yunus Kandim were invited. They told about the recently  published book in two languages - Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar - "Distant and close Shevchenko". The writers also spoke about the creative work of famous Ukrainian poet and writer Tars Grigoryevich Shevchenko. Apart from that, A.Veliyev recited some translated extracts from the works of T.Shevchenko. The writers also spoke about nationalities and the present condition of the Crimean Tatar language. They answered the questions of students and instructors.

T.Emirov, "Yany Dunya", ("New World"), #8 (509), 26 February 2000, p.1.


It will soon be impossible to go to Uzbekistan without visa.

Bad news arrived from Uzbekistan. This republic has introduced a visa regime for the CIS* citizens. Citizens of neighboring countries -Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kirgiziya and Kazakhstan have to apply for visa in order to enter the republic. And citizens of Russia and other CIS countries will not be able to go to Uzbekistan without visa from the beginning of summer.

Uzbekistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials think that the price of entry visa has to vary depending on the term of the visit and must not be cheaper than the Turkmenian one ( this visa regime has been functioning in Turkmenistan for one year and the minimum visa charge is $31).

"Golos Krima", #9 (328), 25 February 2000, p.3.

Our information: *CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States, formed after the USSR collapse.

Our commentaries: According to different statistical data sources there are approximately from 150 thousand and 200 thousand Crimean Tatars living on the territory of Uzbekistan (the exact number has not been established because there are no exact statistical data about the Crimean Tatars population). Most Crimean Tatar families are apart: some of them could return to the Crimea but some of them are compelled to stay in exile place.


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