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Crimean news 41.

(Mass Media survey for 17-22 January 2000).

The material is given in an abridged form.


General Moskal apologized for his people.

Mejlis press-service informs.

“About unlawful actions of the Crimean militia”

Who is going to win?

Nothing is being done.

Karasubazar is preparing for protest actions

On the instructions of the President

Some words about the privileges of getting the citizenship of Ukraine.

Micro district has revived.

Work is not alive but it runs away

The more languages there are  - the merrier.




General Moskal apologized for his people.

On January 11 Representatives of investigations administration of MA MIA of Ukraine in the Crimea, accompanied by a group of special sub-unit descended on Mejilis building on Shmidta Street They took out all the bookkeeping documents of “Kirim” Fund located in the same building

The hunting for fund receipts began a weak before this non-precedent invasion. Authorized persons visited the General director of fund Riza Shevkiyev on January 4 proposing to give all the documentation, dated back to the fund establishment. Being astonished by these demands, Riza Shevkiyev explained that the financial activity of "Krym" Fund is controlled by corresponding organs, and proposed to present documents of a definite period and also a room, where in the presence of accountant and under his help the Investigations Administration officials could be introduced with the papers they were interested in.

The same day, R.Shevkiyev met investigator Selyametova and answered the questions she was eager to know. It is noteworthy, that the resolution of Investigations Administration, given to fund director, mentions the fact of state facilities embezzlement, which were supposedly put to the cash-box of "Krym" Fund by A.Suleymanov who is under investigation now. As Riza Shevkiyev states, he really gave the receipt to A.Suleymanov after he had brought the money to the cash-box. But it was returning of a debt to a private person and it was impossible to speak about any kind of embezzlement. Obviously, these explanations did not satisfy either the investigator or his leadership.

"The law offenders" arrived at the beginning of the working day. Having cordoned off the Mejlis building, bursting into the building itself, they presented the same resolution to the fund director and stated that they were going to take out the documents. Obviously, the operative group received rather strict orders, because Riza Shevkiyev's proposal to send an inspector and study all the papers they were interested in at the building was left with no answer. Having gathered all the papers into sacks and having not even taken a trouble to enlist withdrawn documents, the secret militia agents packed sacks and stated that they were going to enlist the documents in militia, at the investigator's. So, they again broke their own rules and the law also.

The fact that the head of MA MIA of Ukraine in the Crimea had no idea about what happened is quite interesting too. The first time he heard about the incident, as he states, was when he met the national deputy Mustafa Djemilev in President's representatives. General stated that he had not given such an order; on the contrary he charged colonel Refat Kenjaliyev and his sub-units to conduct the given case in order to avoid accusations of preconception.

General Gennadiy Moskal visited Mejlis in order to look into the given case on January 12. All the officials who were engaged in the investigation accompanied him. During his discussion with the chairman and members of Mejlis Gennadiy Moskal stated several times that he accepted violations and tactical mistakes, made by officials of security organs on January 11. He also added that the guilty would get corresponding penalty. He emphasized that militia did not pursue any political ends, it did not interfere the activity of Mejlis and was not going to do that at all. Even though having admitted unlawful actions of the investigation group, G.Moskal did not promise to return the documents the way the were taken out and the way Mejlis demanded it. "Krym" Fund director and accountant were proposed to come to the Investigations Administration and find out which documents had any relation to the case.

The Fund leader and accountant came to the investigator on 13 January. As Riza Shevkiyev says, all the seals on sacks was dangling freely either because it was not well stuck or by some other reason. In the presence of them and witnesses th investigator looked through all the documents, took out only the expense warrant of giving the loan dangling modifier, better – to Molla Ismail under TIKA program. Riza Shevkiyev regards this fact as an absurd one since giving a loan is a process that should be controlled by numerous organizations and commissions. Other papers were returned.

It is perhaps early to say that the incident is over now. "Krym" Fund General director is not sure that some financial documents have not vanished and some other "new" ones have not appeared. Besides, collection of Fund's activity information is made in all regions of the Crimea. And even if we are not speaking about some other Crimean Tatar representative organ's activity, we can notice a vivid parallel in his words.

The Crimean Tatar Mejlis chairman, Mustafa Djemilev, who is also the Fund President expressed an extreme indignation at actions of the Crimean militia. He considered the event as the next provocation, which injuries authority of Mejlis and blackens the activity of "Krym" Fund. Mustafa Djemilev stated that only patience of their compatriots helped to maintain peace on their peninsula since, the same sentence the Crimean Tatars are interested in a peaceful co-existence of nationalities living in the Crimea.

Gulnara Kerimova, "Avdet", #1 (235), 19 January 2000, p.1.


Mejlis press-service informs.

On 11 January 2000 at about 10 a.m.  Crimean militia invaded the building where the Crimean Tatar nation’s Mejlis and “Krym” Fund are located. Moreover, officials in uniforms and in civilian clothes, threatened people, provoked a conflict, carried out a search and an unsanctioned video recording, withdrew and took out documentation. The reason for the invasion was the investigator's resolution to withdraw documents of “Krym” Fund, made on the ground of the fact that Abmedjit Suleymanov supposedly paid stolen money to the Fund cash-box. Militia took out all the documentation they could find at the director’s office, with a rude violation of an existing procedure, without drawing up the necessary protocol, without necessary participance of an investigator, without any witnesses, without recording the details of withdrawn documents.

Meeting of M.Djemilev and the head of MA MIA of Ukraine in Crimea, G.Moskal took place at the Crimean Tatar nation’s Mejlis office on January 12. The deputy of President’s representative in Crimea R.Havadji, senior investigator of economic crimes E.Selyametova, Mejlis members, representatives of regional Mejilises and Mass Media workers also took part in the meeting.

M.Djemilev abruptly convicted the actions of security organs and emphasized, “that only patience of the Crimean Tatars did prevent increasing of the conflict. E.Kurtiyeva and A.Suleymanova are trying to blacken Mejlis using the investigation of criminal case”.

G.G.Moskal commented the situation and emphasized that the security organs really made unlawful actions. He also promised that an official investigation would be carried out?

The next in turn sitting of the Crimean Tatar nation’s Mejlis took place on January 15, The problems of security organs’ unlawful actions regarding to the public charity organization Fund “Krym” were discussed there. The preparations for the actions dealing with actions dealing with the 56th anniversary of the Crimean Tatar deportation were also discussed there.

The sitting participants adopted the Declaration of the Crimean Tatar nation’s Mejlis “About unlawful actions of the Crimean militia”. They also created a working group for preparing the actions related to the 56th anniversary of the Crimean Tatar nation’s deportation.

“Avdet”, #1 (235), 19 January 2000, p.1.


The Crimean Tatar nation’s Declaration

“About unlawful actions of the Crimean militia”

The Crimean Tatar nation’s Mejlis building had to undergo one more attack on 11 January 2000. As opposed to to the last attack on 15 January 1999, when Mejlis building was set on fire by inflammatory bottles, thrown by still “unknown persons” , this time Mejlis was openly attacked by Crimean security organs. Several dozens of Tommy-gunners of MA MIA sub-units descended on the facilities of charity Fund “Krym”, in the building of Mejlis with an aim to withdraw its documents. The whole neighborhood of Mejlis had been cordoned off before the action. Moreover, the roads were covered. Simultaneously, militia officials recorded this performance on a camera. Militia also carried out an unsanctioned video recording in the facilities of the fund.

As it was later found out the official reason for such militia actions was the fact that during the search at Suleyman Abmedjit, who was arrested on 29 December 1999 under the accusation of embezzlement of state facilities, militia officials found receipts of Fund "Krym" According to this receipt in 1999 he paid a definite amount of money which he earlier had taken from the Fund as a loan. These receipts were the prime ground for the investigator of MA MIA of Ukraine in the Crimea to adopt a declaration which allowed to withdraw all the documents of Fund "Krym" from the day of its establishment in 1991 to present days.

Leaving aside the problem of Suleyman Abmedjit's grounded accusation and his unlawful arrest, we turn your attention to the following circumstances which prove that the actions of militia officials regarding to Fund "Krym" have nothing common with the investigation of any kind of embezzlement:

1. Fund "Krym" is a charity organization, established in correspondence with the Crimean Tatar nation's Kurultay decision. (During the time of its activity the) The Fund has implemented many social and cultural programs aimed to help the returning Crimean Tatars dangling modifier.

2. The Fund "Krym" facilities are overwhelmingly formed by volunteer fees and donations of juridical and individuals. The fees are officially registered and spent for the aims (purposes, better?) foreseen by Fund "Krym" regulations. The adequacy of "Krym" fund's activity to the current legislation of Ukraine is proved by results of the last controls made by state controlling organs.

3. The fact that a person donated some money or made any other kind of contribution to the charity fund "Krym" in the form of paying back his own debt to the fund "Krym" can not be a ground for investigation organs to withdraw the fund documentation. In correspondence with legislation, any charity organization is obliged to register the made donations or paying back of debts in its documents. Fund "Krym" follows this norm with no violations.

4. Even if investigation organs really had to get any fund document for carrying out? Their investigations, they should have addressed the fund leadership with a reasonable statement and the demanded documents would have been presented under the procedure, foreseen by current legislation. However there was not any reasonable statement from militia…

Unlawful actions, made by MA MIA officials of Ukraine in the Crimea caused indignation among the Crimean Tatars. The opinion has been formed among Crimean Tatars that some people are trying to destabilize the socio-political situation in Autonomous Republic Crimea by using the actions of militia officials.

In order to prevent the conflicts planned by certain structures in order to involve Crimean Tatars in it, the leadership of Crimean Tatar nation's Mejlis met with the head of MA MIA of Ukraine in the Crimea G.G.Moskal on 12 January 2000. G.G.Moskal, in the presence of journalists promised to conduct a detailed investigation of militia's actions, punish the guilty and return withdrawn documents of "Krym" Fund. Militia officials looked through the entire Fund "Krym" documents during the next two days. After that they returned all of them, except for the documents related to dwelling programs for the Crimean Tatars, which is implemented under the program of Turkish Agency of international cooperation and development. It is noteworthy, that these documents have no relation to the investigated case, mentioned in the resolution of MA MIA of Ukraine in the Crimea.

Taking into consideration the above said and the fact that many unlawful actions of militia toward Crimean Tatars and other nations remained without proper investigation the Crimean Tatar nation's Mejlis turns the Crimean public's attention to the consequences that such unlawful actions of security organs may lead to.

The Crimean Tatar nation's Mejlis informs that by having not interfered to the official investigation process it has no intention to ignore the constitutional rights of particular people involved in the investigation of deliberate actions of discrediting public organizations.

Adopted at the sitting of the Crimean Tatar nation's Mejlis on 15 January 2000.

Simferopol city, "Avdet", #1 (235), 19 January 2000, p.1.


Who is going to win?

Militia has brought an action against Remzi Ablaev and the "Den" newspaper.

The first case hearing, instituted on the suit statement of the Main Administration of MIA of Ukraine in the Crimea against the editorial office of Kiev newspaper "Den" and the Crimean Tatar nation's Mejlis chairman deputy Remzi Ablaev was appointed on January 24.

In correspondence with the statement, the Crimean militia asks the court to protect, as much as, its dignity, business reputation, and make the guilty to restore the detriment made by the following article: "Militia beat severely three Crimean Tatars during the march", which was published by I.Zolotuhina on May 18 of the last year in the above mentioned newspaper.

The statement, in particular, mentions that "in his interview Ablaev states that "militia took three persons out of the column and violently beat them". Specific names of the injured, the time and place of the incident are not mentioned in the interview and no proofs which would prove Ablayev's statement are not mentioned as well".

The Crimean militia evaluated the detriment caused to its reputation as a half million grivnas, which will presumably be an obligation to pay. It will also make the editorial staff of the newspaper publish a new article with refutation. The matter is that the head of MA MIA of Ukraine in the Crimea Gennadiy Moskal signed the suit statement. So, the senior militia officer of the Crimea will control the judicial process.

And now? some words proving that the interview does not correspond to the reality. Three our compatriots, dwellers of Fontany Massive - Enver Uskutlyu, Ernes Kurkchi and Server Bashhadem applied to duties at the headquarters responsible for carrying out the march on 16 May at 22 p.m. Records in the register can prove this. They stated that they were attacked and badly beaten by militia officials who made such serious threats as: "we will kill you, we will bury all of you right here" in the region of Futbolistov and Kozlova streets. The injured told the Toyota militia car's number with one possible mistake - 042-42 or 042-02 OIA.

The "Den" newspaper correspondent, Irina Zolotuhiha called Mejlis on May 17 and was very eager to know about the action process from the temporary first deputy of Mejlis chairman. According to his words? he told about the beating of the march participant in Grushevka village and about the new incident. The next day, she published an article, entitled: "Militia has beaten three Crimean Tatars during the march", which made the Crimean militia head apply to the court asking to protect their honor and dignity on July 27.

"What honor and dignity can the security organs talk about? They have lost them yet in 1918,- was Remzi Ablaev' indigence . - I have lived in the Crimea for 30 years and have faced violence, made by security organs toward the Crimean Tatars. And now they blame me for blackening the reputation of militia.

As R.Ablayev says, the fact that the guilty who had beaten three Crimean Tatars have not been found yet bothers him too much. Wherever the injured were that time, they were taking part in a many-day action and were violently beaten. Remzy does not cater any illusions about the result of the case. Whatever you do but the court and militia are twin brothers. So, he wonders how long it will take militia to get 500 thousand grivnas from the pensioner, who gets 70 grivnas every month.

Gulnara Kerimova, "Avdet", #1 (235),19 January 2000, p.1.


Nothing is being done.

The other day a widened sitting of regional Mejlis took place in Karasubazar.  The agenda consisted of four problems, most interesting to the public.

One of the first problems to be discussed was renaming the city. They had been discussing celebrating the 700th anniversary of the city at the last sitting. However, this problem caused disputes among the publicity representatives, because Karasubazar city was renamed to Belogorsk in 1944. So, Karasubazar is celebrating its 700th anniversary and Belogorsk - the 56th. The 700th anniversary of Karasubazar is counted since Mongol-Tatar invasion, but the city had already existed long before their coming. That is why a commission, which would deal with this problem, was created in city council. The same commission was created in the city Mejlis.

The project author of memory stone, devoted to the deported nations, Server Haybullayev told about his preparations. He plans to make a three-meter high memory stone from marble. He needs 9,5 thousand dollars for the project implementation, which he is going to ask from city businessmen.

The problem of giving land (spots) to people in the district is solved with great difficulties, which causes a lot of disputes and doubts.

They decided to hold actions of protest from April 17 at the next in turn sitting of Karasubazar regional Mejlis.

D.Rumiyeva, "Yany Dunya", ("New World"), #3, (504), 22 January 2000 p.1.


Karasubazar is preparing for protest actions.

A widened sitting of city religious communities together with Mejlis representatives took place in Karasubazar on January 17. The district council leaders were also invited to the sitting. Member of Milli Mejlis, Abdureshid Jepparov gave a full information about unlawful actions that happened last week. He also told that 90 per cent of what is promised by district administration and city council is not done, neither Crimean Tatar specialist was accepted for a position. The deputy of regional Mejlis chairman in village Baksan, Enver Kubedinov, told that 6444 hectares of the most fruitful land out of 9 thousand were given to representatives of other nationalities. The chairman of Vasilyevka village regional Mejlis, Eshref Azamatly told about the same problem in their village.

Rusakovka village dwellers decided to interfere in solution of the land problem. Having been turned down after handing documents where they asked to give land, the public expressed its protest against village council and demanded that this problem should be solved Chairmen of other regional Mejilises told about the same contradictory actions made by authorities.

Sitting participants decided to carry out an action of protest against district administration officials, who have been fooling people during the year.

Pevat Adjiredinov, "Kyrym", #4 (553), 22 January 2000, p.8.


On the instructions of the President.

The National bank of Ukraine considers a possibility of opening a branch of Ukreximbank in Simferopol on the basis of commercial bank "Krym-Yurt" on the instructions of the President.

The second round of people concerned was recently held at the representatives of the President with participance of President's Administration chairman. The national deputy of Verkhovnaya Rada, Mustafa Djemilev, the deputy of KRU NBU head Nikolay Denisovich, chairman of liquidation commission, Marina Noskova, the chairman of "Krym Yurt" bank establishers’ council, Enver Nafiyev, director of PTP "Konservmashsistema", "Krym Yurt" bank establisher, Ibragim Mamutov took part in the negotiations.

The Crimean Tatar nation's representative’s council participants and "Krym Yurt" bank establishers addressed to Leonid Kuchma asking to help in reviving of the bank activity.  The President gave a commission to the National bank of Ukraine to consider possible variants of the problem solution. The National bank of Ukraine confirmed establishing the branch of Ukreximbank in Simferopol. Giving a reason to this decision of NBU, representative of KRU NBU in the Crimea Nikolay Denisovich noted that the bank has a good reputation for a high level and qualified services provided. This is one of the state's leading banks, which has a license to carry out any operations, including international economic operations.

The principle agreement of opening the branch of Ukreximbank in Simferopol has already been reached, but additional facilities are necessary for its implementation, (None of the sides can offer these sources so far. The "Krym Yurt" bank establishers were proposed to regulate unsolved problems with the tax inspection, pay back all the debts to the state and consider variants of possible buildings for the bank branch in Simferopol.

As the negotiations participants think, final decision of opening the state bank branch on the basis of reorganized bank "Krym Yurt" may be made only after the meeting of all the conditions or if additional crediting is available Maria Lashkina, Press-secretary of the President's current representative in Autonomous Republic Crimea, "Krymskaya Gazeta", #11(15867), 21 January 2000, p.1.


Some words about the privileges of getting the citizenship of Ukraine.

The temporary head of the Crimean UVKB UN conducted a press conference on 21 January. They discussed the results of the simplified program of getting the citizenship of Ukraine by the deported nations.

Ukraine and Uzbekistan Presidents' agreement term finished at the end of the last year. The privileges of getting the citizenship of Ukraine by the deported have been abolished. The UN representatives spoke about the results. 62 thousand people returned to their historic motherland from Uzbekistan. A little more then a half of them used the simplified procedure. The rest either had got the citizenship before or just had ignored the initiative of the UN. Almost 8 thousand people have not used any privileges at all.

Representatives of non-government Crimean Tatar organizations blamed the international officials that the UN action was not effective enough because the information campaign was unsuccessful. As the repatriates say, they did not spend enough money for it. Not everyone was explained the advantages of citizenship. Representatives of passport services were not satisfied either. The staff was enlarged during the campaign and now the positions of specialists are being reduced.

However, as the experts think, those who the action was made for have to be indignant too. A part of them, at least. Uzbekistan powers have been preventing the process during the half of the year. Nearly 4 thousand people still have not received their documents from Uzbekistan. The Ukrainian Ministry of International affairs officials state that they will try to correct the mistake in the future too.

There is a new problem in the Crimea: refugees from the Northern Caucasus. We can not exclude the fact that the UN will help them from now in.

 TV-program"12 minut novostey", State TV-Radio Company "Krym".


Social sphere. Education.


Micro district has revived.

Electric lamps have flashed out, blue TV screens have been turned on- or to be brief dwellers of Bakhchisaray 7th micro district have started a new life.

1000 land plots were given for construction on this territory, but there are only 300 constructions. 1 kilometer of cable and 22 kilometers of air cable lines were put in order to provide electricity to those houses. But the micro district dwellers are especially grateful to the workers of Bakhchisaray electric systems.

S.Kiryanova, "Krymskiye Izvestiya", #9 (2013), 19 January 2000, p.1.


Work is not alive but it runs away.

 77,7 thousand people applied to the center of employment during the first 3 quarters or the last year. There were 16 applicants for one vacant position. Moreover, unemployment has had a longer character - more than 10 months. The workers lose much of his qualification during this time and the possibility of his employment reduces. The rate of so-called hidden unemployment, when workers are sent to prolonged vacations remains high. 78,4 thousand or 14,5 percent of workers experienced such vacations during 9 months of the last year. This problem is especially urgent in health resort cities, where the number of unemployed in September increased by 3,2 times in comparison with August.

Krymprominform, "Krymskiye Izvestiya", #8 (2012), 18 January 2000, p.3.


The more languages there are  - the merrier.

Teachers' conference, devoted to the widened learning of the Crimean Tatar language in city schools was held in Sudak.

They approached the problem of creating national education establishments. They are planning to create two schools on the basis of school #1: with the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar languages of instruction. There is only one thing to add: the more languages a pupil speaks, the easier it will be for him to decide what to be in the future, because a lot of jobs demand not only the knowledge of English, but also the other nations' languages that live on many-national land of the Crimea. "Krymskiye Izvestiya", #12 (2016), 22 January 2000, p.1.

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