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Crimean News No 24

(mass media review 19 – 26 September, 1999)




Mejlis does not give rest to chauvinists

September 13-14 in Odessa took place the international seminar "Education and Languages of National Minorities in Ukraine in the Context of the Hague and Oslo Recommendations", organized by the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, State Committee of Ukraine on Nationalities and Migration, Ukrainian Ministry of Education and International Fund for Interethnic Relations. The seminar took place under the chairmanship of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities Max Van der Stoel. Head of the OSCE Program in Ukraine Charles Magy, employees of State Committee on Nationalities and Migration (Head N.Rudko), employees of the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Education of Ukraine, scientists, heads of organizations of several nationalities living in Ukraine. Crimean Tatars have been represented by Mustafa Dzhemilev, Chairman of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People and his first deputy R.Chubarov. M.Dzhenilev has acted with the statement about a condition and problems of Crimean Tatar people in the field of education and language, marking thus, that more then half of the articles of Hague and Oslo Recommendations in the field of education and language do not act in Ukraine in relation to Crimean Tatars.

The acute controversy took place in connection with dissemination among the delegates of the seminar by the chairman of "Russian community in Crimea" V.Terekhov community’s newspaper "Russian World", overflowed by the mean expressions against both Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian peoples. In the appeal in this occasion M.Dzhemilev, particular, has marked: "Certainly, in the democratic state each has the right easily to spread the point of view and judgments. But the dissemination of this chauvinistic and fascist newspaper has not anything common with democracy, and it is the crime, falling under a disposition of Article 66 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code providing the responsibility for sparking interethnic war. I would ask the organizers of this seminar henceforth to consider the question on expediency of the invitation to the similar kind provocateurs to such seminars. If will be decided, that nevertheless it is necessary to invite them, at least to notify remaining on the list engaged, because I am sure, many people have the feeling of fastidiousness which does not allow them to sit at one table with similar persons".

S.Sachenko, Secretary “Prosvita” All-Ukrainian Organization, Yu.Gresko, Head of the Department of Lvov Town Administration on Nationalities, Migration, and Religion as well as V.Rogozinskiy, editor of the “Vidrodzhennya” magazine appeared against dissemination of this chauvinistic newspaper. N.Rudko, Chairman of the State Committee on Nationalities and Migration advised to not pay attention to the such “trivialities” and to concentrate on the main themes of the seminar, because Mr. Terekhov by freely publishing and dissemination of such newspaper himself refutes the statements that Ukraine not give the space to the Russian press.

* * *

September 13 meeting of M.Dzhemilev and R.Chubarov with Max Van der Stiel took place, where was present Charles Magy as well. The broad circle of problems connected to restoration of the Crimean Tatars’ rights, including forthcoming parliamentary listening in Verkhovnaya Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine on Crimean Tatars’ problems, influence of the adopted Crimean Constitution to the increasing interethnic relations in Crimea, activity of the created by the President’s Decree the Council of Crimean Tatar People’s Representatives, problems of receiving Ukrainian citizenship by Crimean Tatars etc. have been discussed.

Mejlis’s Information Service, newspaper "Golos Kryma” (“Voice of Crimea "), No 39 (306), September 24, 1999, p. 1.


Mejlis’s News

September 15 the Chairman of the Mejlis M.Dzhemilev and his first deputy R.Chubarov thanks to the invitation of the Norway Kingdom’s Ambassador in Ukraine were present on the diplomatic reception at the Embassy in honor of Max Van der Stoel, the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, who has arrived Ukraine.

Pablo Villanueva, Head of the UN Representation to Ukraine, Yozef Jorke Head of the UNHCR Mission to Ukraine, N.Rudko, Chairman of the State Committee on Nationalities and Migration, N.Karpochova, Ukrainian Ombudsman, diplomats, Ukrainian MPs and state figures took part in the reception.

During the reception the talk of M.Dzhemilev and R.Chubarov with Max Van der Stoel about possible steps of international organizations on protection of rights and solutions Crimean Tatars’ problems took place. In particular, the problem on realization of the next donor conference on raising of money on the solution of social Crimean Tatar’s problems has been affected.

* * *

September 16 Mustafa Dzhemilev, the Mejlis’s Chairman has met with M.Pidpalov, the deputy of the Head of the Ukrainian President’s Administration. The questions of coordination of the drafts of Decree on Council of the Crimean Tatar People’s Representatives under the President of Ukraine which have been developed by Mejlis and President’s Administration were considered. Because of incongruity of the points of view on some items of the Decree, has been decided to continue the meeting after consideration of this question on the Mejlis’s meeting or on the session, forthcoming in near future, Kurultay of the Crimean Tatar People.

* * *

September 16 in Kiev M.dzhemilev, the Mejlis’s Chairman met with the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Turkish Republic to Ukraine Alp Karaosmanoglu. The Ambassador informed the Mejlis’s Chairman about his visit to Crimea on September 11-12 in connection with realization in Yalta of the meeting of the Heads of the states of Black Sea-Baltic region and about conversations, holding in Crimea, with the heads of the Crimean Autonomous Republic, in particular, with the Prime minister S.Kunizin and Chairman of the Verkhovnaya Rada (Parliament) of Crimea L.Gratch. Highly evaluating the efficiency and constructibility of the meeting with the Prime minister S.Kunizin, the Ambassador, at the same time, has expressed surprise concerning that, how the meeting with L.Gratch has been repelled in the official Crimean Parliament’s newspaper “Krymskie Izvestiya” (“Crimean News”) in article of Gratch’s press-secretary G.Mamiko under the title "There is no goal more important, than preservation of the peace". The special bewilderment of the Ambassador called the paragraph of the article, where is spoken: "A.Karaosmanoglu has marked significance of positive changes in political life of Crimea for the last 1,5 years, by recognizing the important role of policy of the Parliament’s leadership directed on stabilization. The Ambassador highly has evaluated the significance of the adopted Crimean Constitution and with bewilderment was stated concerning those Crimean opponents (including some Crimean Tatars), which, according to the Ambassador’s words "have strange think on some articles of the Constitution".

Actually, according to the Ambassador’s words any eulogies concerning the policy of Mr.Gratch and his Constitutions he did not speak, and on the contrary, has noticed, that, on information, being available tot him, the evaluation of this Constitution by Crimean Tatars considerably differs from an evaluation by Gratch himself, and was stated concerning expediency of consultations with the Crimean Tatars’ leaders on this question in the interests of stability on the peninsula.

A.Karaosmanoglu has informed M.Dzhemilev, that Turkey, despite of the terrible earthquake, which has overtaken recently his country, is going to continue to execute the promising about rendering assistance to Crimean Tatars in the solution of their housing problems, and also to near future will direct to Crimea a part of money intended for construction of facilities on maintenance by water of the Crimean Tatar settlements.

* * *

September 20-21 the Crimea representatives of International Republican institute (IRI) Vadim Naumov and John Pepsel visited Crimea. September 20 they have met the Mejlis’s Chairman M.Dzhemilev. The visitors were interested in the political situation in Crimea in before of the presidential elections. Vadim Naumov has informed, that in the day of presidential elections there will arrive 50 observers from USA, which will part on 10 regions of Ukraine, 5 from them will work as the observers on elections in Crimea.

During of the analysis of the meetings with representatives of NGOs and political organizations by IRI representatives will compose an analytical material for the observers from USA.

Mejlis’s Information Service, newspaper "Golos Kryma” (“Voice of Crimea "), No 39 (306), September 24, 1999, đ. 1.

* * *

There is no Crimean Tatar problem in political sense in Ukraine?

Vice-Chairman of the Verkhovnaya Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine Adam Martinyuk recently has declared, that in Ukraine in the political sense Crimean Tatar problem is not exist. He spoke about this in conversation with lord Ponsonby, the representative of the Council of Europe, investigator problems of integration and repatriation of the Crimean Tatars, who arrived in Ukraine with official visit. He has arrived in Ukraine in order to study of the situation with formerly deported Crimean Tatars and preparation of the report on this problem. The report of lord Ponsonby will make on forthcoming autumnal session of Council of Europe’s Parliament.

As has told A.Martinyuk, almost at the half all arrived Crimean Tatar families are not present the own housing. About 20 thousands of Crimean Tatar families have begun construction of the individual housing accommodation, however in connection with aggravation of the economic situation in the country they cannot complete it. Because Crimea does not concern to industrial centers, more than 60 per cents of able-bodied Crimean Tatar population require job.

Vice-Chairman of the Verkhovnaya Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine has expressed hope for that, as henceforth various international organizations will assist in settling of the returned Crimean Tatar people. By the words of A.Martinyuk, both central, and the local (Crimean) authority gives sufficient attention in becoming Crimean Tatar culture. He also hopes, that after the lord Ponsomby’s report on the situation of Crimean Tatars in Council of Europe’s Parliament, Ukraine will receive the help in settling of formerly deported Crimean Tatars.

Interfax-Ukraine, newspaper "Yani Dunya" ("the New World "), No 38 (488), September 25, 1999, p. 1.


Crimean Tatar awarded of the international reward

In New York Palace the Crimean Tatar surname – Elmaz Appazova has sounded, and under an applause of hundreds spectators on the scene there was a young woman, over which the Koffi Annan UN General Secretary has handed the reward - premium of the UN Development Program (UNDP) "For the struggle with poverty".

This reward established within the framework of the International Decade of Struggle with Poverty Program (1997 - 2006), adjudged annually, in 1999 the representatives of six countries - Bolivia, Burundi, Germany, Egypt, Thailand, and among them - for the first time citizen of Ukraine, Crimean Tatar Elmaz Appazova have received. Best were selected from 130 candidates from all continents of the world working on the UNDP. Under the Program, authorized in 1995, Development and Integration of Crimea Program (DICP) with financial support of Canada, Norway, Switzerland in a number of regions of Crimea the implementation of the various scale projects has been started, including in Kamenka neighborhood (Simferopol), where has moved in 1994 Elmaz Appazova with the family, DICP has organized construction of the school, ambulance station, water pipe. The ambulance station was transferred to the Kamenka’s NGO - charitable fund "Medis", which active member Elmaz is. Elmaz giving dentist help to the inhabitants of neighboring settlements by giving the help to the poor people charge-free.

September 16 in Simferopol on the press-conference on case of rewarding of Elmaz Appazova by the premium "For the struggle with poverty" was marked, that "Ukraine and Crimea will take this award, as national pride". Elmaz, acting before the journalists, has underlined: "This award for me large honor, at the same time parameter of all UN DCIP activity. Our people knows about UN from screens of TV sets and from pages of the newspapers as about peace-forces appearing in hotspots of the world for repayment of international conflicts. The UN mission in Crimea has exhibited insight, rendering well-timed support for formerly deported".

Gulnara Chilingirova, newspaper "Golos Kryma” (“Voice of Crimea "), No 39 (306), September 24, 1999, p. 1.


The UN Program works for Crimea

The representative of the President of Ukraine in Autonomous Republic of Crimea Anatoliy Korneychuk has met the coordinator of Merlin Udho the Coordinator of the UN Program to Ukraine under her request. Now under the UN aegis the project "Development and Integration of Crimea" is realizing. Its main priorities in the field of economic and social development, in the municipal sphere, on training both training of personnel and creation of working places.

The new projects directed on development of resort-recreate sphere of Crimea have been considered. Unfortunately, its attractiveness for the investors is reduced because of the existing tax laws, the necessity of which change is already dictated by time.

Anatoliy Korneychuk has expressed confidence, that legislators in the near future will introduce necessary changes into the state tax policy. The new project within the framework of the UN Program about creation of the route of ethno-cultural tourism on the territory of the peninsula, under the judgement of the Ukrainian President’s representative, will find the support at the leadership of Crimea and the central authorities.

M.Grigorjeva, newspaper “Krymskaya Pravda” ("Crimean Truth"), No 174 (22346), September 23, 1999, p. 1.




The holiday of native land

From time immemorial Crimean Tatars in September arranged the holiday of the crop — Derviza. According to the tradition invited to it all neighbors, irrespective from the nationality. Before the war to the holiday in Ay-Vasil were going not only from South Coast, but came from all Crimea. Arranged horse competitions, wrestlers duels, there were songs and dances, familiarities young...

The present holiday has passed more modest, but this is only beginning. Celebrated Derviza and Ana toprak bayrami (holiday of native land). The initiative group from Ay-Vasil has invited everyone, who was born in this ancient settlement, everyone, who has lived till the happy day and has returned home. Crimean Tatars celebrate together — going together elders and young. But to the old men and women is special respect. The amateur actors and national ensemble, liked by all, "Haytarma" acted. Prepared a traditional entertaining, and in meat men usually are engaged. Also has sufficed an entertaining for all — - and for engaged, and those, who has come on a site under the opened sky tempted with tasty aromas and music.

Maybe, the following holiday will be richer. But the issue not in it. Main, that in our time of trouble there is a place to the holiday. Signifies, people have the power. Signifies, all will be good in our multinational Crimea.

Larisa Merkusheva, “Krymskaya Gazeta”("Crimean newspaper"), No 174 (15788), September 23, 1999, p. 1.


Meeting with graduates

One of these days in the village Buyuk-Onlar took place the meeting of graduates of Ismail Gasprinskiy national school No 3, trained here during 1994-1999. At the meeting the pupils, parents and engaged visitors participated. The director of the school Alime Smedlyaeva has opened the meeting and shortly has told about the school.

Within 6 years the school was ended 227 pupils. More half from them have continued education in high and secondary technical schools. 26 graduates have entered to the universities in Turkey.

At the meeting were divided by the memories on time of study, about problems of those years, have expressed thanks to the teachers many former pupils of this school, and also have wished successes to today’s pupils. The graduates on steady-state traditions were congratulated by the pupils of the first classes. But most important this event consist that everyone spoke on the native language.

The newspaper "Yani Dunya" ("New World"), No 38 (488), September 25, 1999, p. 3.