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Crimean News No20 (Crimean mass media review for period 23-29 August 1999)

International Conference for Indigenous Peoples' Rights 9-10 August 1999 in the Conference-room of the UN headquarter in New York, took place the International Conference for Indigenous Peoples' Rights. Ayder Seitosmanov, representative of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People and Director of the "Crimean Tatar Initiative" Foundation took part among more then 150 delegates from the World. "It was 4th Conference of the indigenous peoples' representatives, which organize under aegis of UN in New York - said A.Seitosmanov. - Civilized World more and more often pay attention to the fate of small peoples, whose harmonious existence on Motherland was sacrificed to single dictator regimes or technocrat revolution. Certainly there are big differences in the history of Crimean Tatar people and Northern peoples of Russia (or peoples of Southern America). But all indigenous peoples have one same problem - they are not owner of the native land. It is good then indigenous people's (which is a majority of the country's population) rights protected by Constitution of this country. But then a people is a minority with regard to other country's population, often its rights to traditional life style, saving and development of the ethnic culture are ignoring. In all speeches you could heard these. Only at the end of XX century the humanity became to understand, that ecological problems of many regions of Earth related not only with destroying flora and fauna, but even with forcible displacing of indigenous peoples from these lands. Representatives of the New York Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and, World Bank and International Labor Organization took part in the work of the Conference and this is saying that the indigenous peoples' problem becomes more actual on international level. The Conference organized within the framework of the UN Decade for Indigenous Peoples (1995-2005). It is also important to say that during the Conference was said that indigenous peoples' rights should be considered as a contradiction to human rights. It will be better, said the speaker, then right of the indigenous people's representative for realization of his own traditional ethnic culture on native land will consider as his human right as well. There was another important theme in the Conference: it is reserving of lands on native land of indigenous peoples. Really, only living on own ethnic Motherland giving to indigenous peoples chance to save own ethnic culture and at the same time giving chance to save the ecology of native land. Because only indigenous peoples interested in the saving of the environment of the native land and theirs relations with the land are balanced. In other case there are acting unlimited consumer laws of market, and all these sooner or later will lead to ecological disaster. Such Forums should be viewed as steps to the international recognizing of the indigenous peoples' rights, which oblige governments practically implement these rights in the own states. Besides participation in the Conference A.Seitosmanov have fruitful meetings with the Chairman of the Crimean Turkis Association in USA - Seitahmet Kirimcha and Chairman of the "DOST" Crimean Tatar Women' Organization - Remzie Mubayli and other compatriots in New York and Washington D.C. As A.Seitosmanov underlined, participation in the Conference was possible thanks to assistance of the Chairman of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People Mustafa Dzhemilev. Big assistance in visa forming gave Second Secretary of the USA Embassy to Ukraine Michel Dixon, in trip organizing - Director of the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe (IDEE, Washington D.C.) Irena Lasota as well as representative of the Crimean Tatar community in Istanbul Fikri Kanchala. Own information. 25 August 1999

"We are waiting for recommendations ..." Year to year growing the role of NGOs. Today they thanks to own powers solving many problems, including writing the projects, finding a financing for their realization etc. The quantity of these organizations are growing. They working in politic, economic, cultural spheres. The interethnic relations in Crimean are very tense. Political organizations can not find optimal variants. In this time NGOs should play big role. For example, the President's Decree on Creation of Council of Representatives of Crimean Tatar People under the President of Ukraine. Today in the President Administration going discussing of draft of Decree on Council of Representatives. 18August in Mejlis building took place the meeting of heads of NGOs which is worried about tighten of solving Crimean Tatar problem by Ukrainian State. There were some Crimean Tatars problems discussed in the meeting and adopted Appeal of Crimean NGOs to International Organizations. It was said, that misunderstanding by opponents of Crimean Tatar problems, not solving them, call the increasing of contradictions in Crimean society. Appeal saying: "We are waiting from international organizations analysis of our appeals in legal aspect as well as recommendations, which will take into account the tendency of giving wide rights to national minorities especially indigenous peoples". Leyla Alyadinova, newspaper "Golos Kryma " ("Crimean News"), No 35 (302), 27 August 1999, p. 1.

Mejlis's News 18 August in Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People took place the meeting of M.Dzhemilev with Deputy Chairman of NGO "Islam League" (Saudi Arabia) Muhammad Abu Nasa Abbuda. During the meeting were discussed wide circle of social-economic and humanitarian questions. From the "Islam League" has been officially received the invitation to visit Saudi Arabia by Mejlis's delegation for meetings with state and religious figures as well as representatives of business. * * * 20 August took place the meeting of the Presidium of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People, during which discussed the situation in Turkey, because of earthquake happened there in night 17 August. On the meeting was adopted the Appeal to Crimean Tatar people with call to collect humanitarian aid for victims, as well as was formed the headquarter for organization of aid for the earthquake victims. Mejlis Information Service, newspaper "Kirim " ("Crimea"), No 35 (532), 28 August 1999, p. 1.

The Appeal to the Crimean Tatar People As we all know at the night 17 August in some regions of Turkey happened big earthquake. As the result, under the data, perished more then 17 thousand people, 40 thousand got a mutilations, destroyed thousands of houses. Maybe the number of victims is bigger then these figures, because many of people stay under ruins. Hundred of thousands remained without home. Today all world gives the help to Turkey. Certainly Crimean Tatars will not stay away. Our brothers, who always gave us help, today are in difficult situation. Our turn begin. Dear compatriots! Certainly, today our situation is not easy, but we should help our brothers. We have the strength to shelter children, who became orphan as the result of this tragedy. Pure friendship appearing in hard minute. Lets give the help to our brothers. Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People. Mejlis Informational Service, newspaper "Golos Kryma " ("Voice of Crimea"), No35 (302), 27 August 1999, p. 1.

With hope to the future The Council of Ministers of Crimea Decree has been adopted the resolution about opening until 1 September Crimean Tatar national school in Belogorsk (Karasubazar)*. However, regional department of education openly ignoring implementation of this resolution, saying that in town they have national school, but department of education say nothing about 800 children, who have not possibility to learn in Crimean Tatar school. That's why 16 and 18 August in Karasubazar took place the meetings of parents and teachers, who is really care about the situation, because for the beginning of the school year we have only some days. The participants decided to appeal to the local authorities in order to implement the Council of Ministers Decree and opening the Crimean Tatar school on base of school No2. Teachers created temporary part of the "Maarifchi"** Association, which together with regional Mejlis will tale control under implementation of resolutions. New problem appeared because opposition of authorities. As it is known, annually many of Crimean Tatar students going to receive education to Turkey. During two month Military Commissariat and Visa Department of the Crimea specially tighten the departure of Crimean Tatar students to Turkey. If 1 September students will not depart, they will be dismiss for non-appearance in the classes. All these and other problems youth department of the "Maarifchi" Association proposed to discuss with heads of ministers during the Conference "Crimea - our future", which will take place in framework of Program "Preparing to the 150 anniversary from birthday of great educator Ismail Gasprinskiy". Ibraim Abdullaev, newspaper "Golos Kryma " ("Crimean News"), No 35 (302), 27 August 1999, p. 1. * In Belogorsk region Crimean Tatars are 36%, but like in another regions the problems of education, language and culture not solving. ** NGO, for teachers Crimean Tatars for solution the educational questions on mother tongue.

Monument for what? Mustafa Dzhemilev Deputy of Ukrainian Parliament called as act of vandalism that fact 24 August (Ukrainian Independence Day) in Simferopol was poured by color the monument to Petro Grigorenko. Under the words of Mustafa Dzhemilev, Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People send the letter to Major of Simferopol with reminding that town authorities should guard and clean the monument. ITAR-TASS -DINAU, KIA, "Krymskaya Gazeta " ("Crimean Newspaper"), No157 (15771), 28 August 1999, p. 2.

Finally University recognized Five years old Crimean State Industrial-Pedagogical University finally obtained III level of accreditation. University had not right to give state diplomas to students without accreditation. The situation changed now. Newspaper "Kirim " ("Crimea"), No35 (532), 28 August 1999, p. 1. 1