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Crimean News ¹33.

(Mass Media survey for 22-26 November 1999)



Announcement by the Crimean Tatars’ representative body.

The last war, for everyone’s happiness.

The statement of the Azerbaijani Diaspora in the Crimea.

The Crimean nation’s art.




Announcement by the Crimean Tatars’ representative body.


The Chairman of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, Mustafa Djemilev, and his first assistant, R. Chubarov, met the Deputy Premier of Ukraine, S. Tigipko, in Kyiv on 18 November. They discussed the issue of money allocation to the program assisting the return and accommodation of Crimean Tatars for 2000. It was noted that the 20 million grivnas (4 million dollars) planned in allocations from the state budget, will make up only a third of the minimum needed for providing water and electricity in Crimean Tatar villages. M. Djemilev and R. Chubarov asked that the amount be reviewed and increased. S. Tigipko stated that he would take all necessary measures for a review. The following day M .Djemilev and R. Chubarov sent letters to the Prime-Minister of Ukraine, V. Pustovoytenko, and the President, L. Kuchma. The letters included the same appeal.

Newspaper “Kirim,” (“The Crimea”), ¹48(545), 27 November 1999, p.1.


*      *      *

The Mejlis’ work on 19 November included consultation with local authorities. Representatives of the Crimean Tatar regional mejlises took part in this process. The results of the presidential elections were discussed at the meeting. Various chairmen of regional mejlises noted that the appeal by the Mejlis to the Crimean Tatar Nation and more general mass support from the Crimean Tatars contributed to an increase in the number of voters for Kuchma. They also analyzed all the mistakes made at the polling stations where Crimean Tatars are concentrated. The leader of the Mejlis’ secretariat came forward to announce the coming Kurultay (No. 2) on 4 December 1999.

Newspaper “Yany Dunya,” (“New World”), ¹47(497), 27 November 1999, p.1.


The last war, for everyone’s happiness.


The working information group (WIG) of the Crimean Tatar National Movement (CTNM)* held a press-conference in Simferopol on 17 November. The group’s representative Vasfi Abduraimov, commenting upon the results of the presidential elections, explained the position of CTNM as follows: “Unless Ukraine regulates its relationship with the Crimean Tatars and the Crimea as a whole, the presidential elections cannot be considered legal in the Crimea. L. Kuchma is the President of Ukraine but he is not so for the inhabitants of the Crimea. We should understand the present status of the peninsula as following: unless an international legal status for the Crimea is adopted by the majority, the Crimea has to obey the jurisdiction of Ukraine.” WIG calls on the President to receive the CTNM delegation as the Crimean Tatar’s national representatives, the powers of which were defined by the general meeting of national representatives (18 October 1989).

WIG expressed its concern that the increasing level of violence against Moslems in Russia could be transferred to the Crimea. That is why, for the sake of the protection of Crimean Tatars’ lives, honor and dignity, it is necessary to attain international guarantees of security and peace for the territory of the peninsula. To this end the Crimean Tatar Nation petitioned (higher) international authorities, demanding the creation of an international tribunal in order to investigate the crime of genocide which was committed against Crimean Tatars, beginning on 18 May 1944. This step is aimed at both Russia and Ukraine and can only be stopped if the two states follow the course adopted in November 1989, which deals with the solution of the Crimean Tatars’ problems.

It was also noted that Russian, some Ukrainian and some Crimean “SMI” had made irresponsible comments, suggesting a link between Islam and terrorism. They often equate terrorism and Islam, extremism and the Crimean Tatars.

R.Seitmemetov, “Golos Kryma,” (“The Voice of the Crimea”), ¹48(315), 26 November 1999, p.2


*CTNM – Crimean Tatar National Movement – is one of the Crimean Tatar national movement factions, which has few supporters. It denies all the organized forms of protecting interests and restoring Crimean Tatars’ rights. It suggests preserving the net of the Crimean Tatar initiative groups, the idea of which was completed in the sixties and was replaced by new structures of the Crimean Tatar movement (Central initiative Group, The Organization of the Crimean Tatar National Movement, the Kurultay and the Mejlis) ten years ago. CTNM is close to the left powers, supporting social equality and the unity of Turkik and Slavic nations, but this ideology is not exactly defined and depends on the political situation. However, its rigid opposition to the Kurultay and the Mejlis remains unbending.


The statement of the Azerbaijani Diaspora in the Crimea.


The public liaison branch of the International Affairs Ministry has released statements reflecting badly upon the reputation of the Azerbaijani Diaspora in the Crimea. We should not forget that representatives of the diaspora include academics, scientists, doctors, instructors, military officers and members of the security forces. The main goal of the prejudicial statements is to justify illegal acts by the militia conducted against Azerbaijani. 

These acts are not conducive to harmony between the national groups in the Crimea. If there is no national stability, economic stability is also put in doubt. Use of mass media to propagate the suggestion that all Azerbaijani are criminals can only be a destabilizing factor. The militia has, in fact, been pursuing Azerbaijani physically, now it intends to persecute them morally.

It is beyond dispute that crime has no nationality and it is necessary to fight it with all available means. Blaming one targeted nationality has no place in this process. Crime rates in the Azerbaijani community, as compared with other nationalities, are not out of proportion. We can not blame the whole nation for the acts of individuals.

The Azerbaijani Diaspora in the Crimea totally agrees with the idea that our society has to clamp down upon all crime. We are, indeed, concerned by whether our compatrios’ are law-abiding or not, and the authorities can count on the understanding and support of the Azerbaijani Diaspora in this regard. We want to form a harmonious part of Ukrainian society, contributing in some way to an improvement in the relationship between nations.

Leadership of the Azerbaijanian Diaspora in the Crimea, “Krymskoye Vremya,” (“The Crimean Times”), ¹219(840), 24 November,1999, p.3/





The Crimean nation’s art.


The year 1999 is the Year of Crimean Tatar Culture in the Krasnoperekopsk district of the Crimea. Holidays for national culture were held in (the villages of) Dolinka and Voinka. Amateur performance groups presented wonderful concerts, there was an exhibition of decorative art and tastings of national dishes were also held. Particular success was enjoyed by the national instrumental ensembles “Faeton” (the art instructor is S.Adjillyalov) and “Djanet” (R.Ablitarov). Similar activities will be held throughout the whole district during November and December, with the final concert being conducted in the Krasnoperekopsk Palace of Culture.

Days of Ukrainian culture were held last year and next year will be devoted to Russian national art.

V.Perfilyev, “Krymskıye ızvestıya,” (“The Crimean News”), ¹227(1978), 26 November1999.