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Crimean news 50.

(Mass Media survey for 20-26 March 2000).

(All the material is given in an abridged form).


Protest against injustice.

Land division can be carried out only within the law.

Land problem is a hot issue again.

Moscow tourist fair and the Crimean international forum.

Ukrainee solves the problems of the deported.

Will the protest actions be a daily event?

Sergey Kunitsin: "New tariffs will be adopted only after they are agreed with trade unions".

Chechen children arrive to the Crimea.

On Ismail Gasprinskiy's birthday.

Useful meeting.

Navrez has a fragrance of  a blue snowdrop.



Land Reform.


Protest against injustice.

Crimean Tatars' picket was held in front of the Crimean government building on March 20. The action was organized by the Moslem community of Simferopol. The gathered expressed their protest against the ways the land reforms were carried out in the Crimea.

To their minds, the problem of the Crimean Tatars' participating in land privatization has not been solved yet. Even though they make up 25% of the rural population.

The picket participants addressed  the President with the following demands:

1.To suspend the Decree "About land privatization" until the new Land Code of Ukraine will be adopted. This law should include an additional article guaranteeing the native nation's right for land.

2.To carry out the land re-division with representatives from the Crimean Tatars and  Mufti* of the Crimea.

3. To consider and resolve the issue of returning the illegally confiscated property back to 1944**.

R.Seitmemetov, "Golos Krima", #13 (332), 24 March 2000, p.1.

Our information: *Muftiyat - the electoral representative organ of the Crimean Moslems.

**In 1944 during the Crimean Tatar nation's deportation from the Crimea all the property of the Crimean Tatars was confiscated and never returned.


Land division can be carried out only within the law.

The majority of the Crimean Tatars had their land plots before the deportation. Having returned to their historical motherland, most of them are left without any land at all. Besides, 95% of the land has already been divided. The head of the executive power of the Crimea, Sergey Kunitsin signed the Resolution #182 on May 24. According to it, the Republic Committee of land resources was given a task to solve the issue of land division among the Crimean Tatars from the rural zone. Each land plot has to be of an average  size of the land plot of a  CAE member in that region.  A 1 hectare land plot will be given to people from settlements of the urban type and district center for keeping their household economies. At the present time this document has been argued by the office of public prosecutor of the Crimea because it does not correspond to the law. Though Sergey Kunitsin has not abolished his Resolution. How can this problem be solved? The Representative of Ukrainian President in the Crimea, Anatoliy Korneychuk, says the followingt:

- Land division is carried out without any nationalities differentiation. There is a  President's Decree about land division among the deported and   officials of social sphere. But it does not define the size of land plots. The land division can be carried out only in accordance with the law. If a person wants to keep household economies and he submits an application, he will get about 1 hectare of land. For farming the land lot is about 50 hectares. One can get up to 3-4 hectares of land if it is  available on reserve. But the law implies giving an average land plot only to the CAE members. There is no other way  to solve this problem. Sergey Kunitsin can not change the legislation himself. And his Resolution has been opposed by the office of public prosecutors just because it contradicts the law.

We should take into account that land division among the deported is being carried out.  And most of the problems have already been solved. About 43 thousand Crimean dwellers submitted land applications. This number includes 24 thousand of the Crimean Tatars. And the rest are social sphere officials and retired. 15, 819 applications have been accepted. 8 thousand applications are from Crimean Tatars.

Mariya Lashkina, the press-secretary of the Representative of the President in the Crimea, "Golos Krima", #13(332), 24 March 2000, p.1.

Our commentaries: Sergey Kunitsin signed the given Resolution on May 1999. It was after the Crimean Tatars' protest action devoted to the anniversary of their deportation (see Crimea news #4-7).


*      *      *

The Chairman of Ministry Council of the Crimea, Sergey Kunitsin, had a business trip last week. He had several meetings in the cabinet of Ministry and at President's Administration.

The Prime-Minister of the Crimea informed the head of administration about the situation in the Crimea and current problems. These problems are related to the agrarian reform, land division, and  interests of the deported. They decided that the Crimean government would draft a letter to the President about possible ways of  land division among the repatriates.

Elena Gornaya, "Krimskaya Gazeta", #51 (15907), 21 March 2000, p.1.


Land problem is a hot issue again.

 Picket in front of the Village Council has been recently held in Rovnoye village of Krasnogvardeyskoye district. About 500 citizens of all nationalities took part in it. After the picket was over they held a citizenry's gathering where they discussed the problem of land division among the teachers, medical workers, social sphere officials as well as  the deported.

They decided to solve this problem by March 27. In case the problem is not solved they will resume actions of civic insubordination, block out the work of Krasnogvardeyskoye district administration and solve this issue by themselves.

Zair Smedlyayev, "Golos Krima", #13(332), 24 March 2000,p.3.


Economics. Social sphere.


Moscow tourist fair and the Crimean international forum.

On 23 March, the Chairman of Ministry Council of the Crimea, Sergey Kunitsin, returned from Moscow, where he took part in the Moscow international tourist fair.

The fair has the forth rating on the international scale. About 2000 firm-participants, 50 countries and 60 government delegations were represented there. The Crimean delegation included several directors of health resorts who were actively involved in concluding contracts there.

In June an important event in area of information broadcasting  will take place in the Crimea. In Moscow House of the Journalists an agreement was signed about carrying out an international TV-forum in Yalta. All CIS and Baltic countries TV channels will take part in it.

As for the forecast of coming vacation season, it will all depend on such issues as political stability, simplifying the custom and border procedures.

Elena Gornaya, "Krimskaya Gazeta", #54(15910), 24 March 2000, p.1.

Our information: *CIS Commonwealth of Independent states, made up after the USSR collapse.


Ukraine solves the problems of the deported.

The deported citizens will get 1000 appartments this year in the Crimea. It is due to the returning and accommodation programs financed from the State and the Crimean budget.

Apart from the construction projects, the state provides medical aid, and also financial assistance for the individual constructors. They also provide tuition for students from poor families, support for Radio and TV-programs, subsidies for newspapers and magazines in the national languages.

New allocations from the budget of Ukraine have already been received by the autonomy. This money will be used for building construction,  water supply, treatment and health resort for repatriates .

"Krimskoye Vremya", #51(918), 21 March 2000, p.2.


Will the protest actions be a daily event?

On March 23, a protest action against the cost raise for public utilities was held in Simferopol. More than 200 Crimean dwellers (mostly aged people) gathered in front of Ministry Council of the Crimea with slogans "No reforms due to laborers' cost". The gathered demanded that the government head should come out to them. But he was away at that time. Then the gathered blocked the traffic. Traffic in the city center was blocked out for several hours. The picket participants adopted a resolution with economic demands to the Crimean government. They also promised to resume the action in case their resolution is not met.

Vladislav Ryabchikov, "Krimskaya Pravda", #54(22467), 243 March 2000, p.1.


Sergey Kunitsin: "New tariffs will be adopted only after they are agreed with trade unions".

Some people are still concerned about  government's decision to revise the costs for public utilities. Some Crimean dwellers blame the Head of Ministry Council of the Crimea, Sergey Kunitsin. He responded that he had not even signed the Ministry Council's Resolution about new tariffs. The government and the Federation of independent trade unions of the Crimea made up an agreeing commission, which decides whether the new costs are reasonable or not. The commission has to come to a mutual solution. Only then the new scheme of tariffs will be agreed and the Ministry Council chairman will sign it.

Ivan Dyakov, "Krimskaya Pravda", #54 (22467), 24 March 2000, p.1.


Chechen children arrive to the Crimea.

 In the beginning of February the Crimean Tatars' Mejilis received a fax from the President of Moscow Fund of the repressed nations and citizens, Alihan Ahilgov. He asked for accommodating children from Chechnya in order to strengthen their health and help them to get rid of their war stresses. The Crimean Tatars agreed to welcome the children. The decision of Mejilis was made during the first Chechen war. They made up a  list of families that agreed to welcome the children. About 200-300 children will visit  the Crimean health resorts in April.

Leylya Alyadinova, "Golos Krima", #13(332), 24 March 2000, p.3.




On Ismail Gasprinskiy's birthday.

On march 21, they held a laying of flowers at the memorial of I.Gasprinskiy in Simferopol. The same day scientists, journalists, writers and poets gathered for a "workshop" at the Gaspriskiy library. As a continuation of  literature readings "The World of Gasprinskiy" they shared about Gasprinskiy's literature activity at the conference hall of philological faculty of Tauria national university. It was accompanied by the artistic readings of extracts from his works. The Crimean Tatar people visited the grave of the great humanist, I.Gasprinskiy, located on the territory of "Zindjirli Medrese" in Bakhchisarai. They also read some pieces from Koran there.

Gulnara Useinova, "Golos Krima", #13 (332), 24 March 2000, p.1.


Useful meeting.

A meeting of high school seniors with the instructors from Tauria national university has been recently held in Belogorsk Crimean Tatar national school. Specialists shared their ideas about the native language development. They also mentioned that the school should make contacts with the university.

P.Adjiredinov, "Kirim", #13 (562), 25 March 2000, p.8.


Navrez has a fragrance of  a blue snowdrop.

Many Moslem nations celebrate Navrez on March 21 (it means "a new day" in Iranian). This holiday was resumed after the Crimean Tatars had returned to their mother land. On this new year day Moslems of Simferopol gathered at the Palace of Culture. The Prime Minister of the Crimea, Sergey Kunitsin, visited the celebration. The chairman of National-and-cultural Association of Societies and Communities also was there. The chairman of Azerbaijani community joined him. After the ceremonious part, the concert  of young and mature actors of "Teselli" ensemble started . Actors from the Crimean Tatar musical-and-drama theater also participated in the celebration. Songs  switched to dances. There was a mood of joy and cheerfulness in the hall. Young participants of Azerbaijani group "Gyandja" also showed their skills.

Leylya Alyadinova, "Golos Krima", #13(332), 24 March 2000, p.1.


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