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Crimean news 62.

(Mass Media survey for 13-17 June 2000).

(All the material is given in an abridged form).


Mejlis needs a building…

Land problem waits for an active participating of everyone.

Opposition continues.

To Alupka for rest and treatment.

Going overseas to show us.




Mejilis needs a building…

On June 11, Central Mejilis held a sitting, devoted to discussing the project of the Crimean Ministry Council's resolution. This document is being prepared by a joined working group, consisting of Mejilis and government representatives. In particular, it foresees creating the councils of the Crimean Tatar representatives at the Ministry council and local authorities. These structures are supposed to be similar to the one, existing with the President. These councils will consist of Mejilis representatives, like the Presidential one.

Apart from that, the project mentions giving a building, located at the city center to the Presidential Council representatives until July 15. It also mentions nominating the Crimean Tatars to the administrative positions and land division among the Crimean Tatars.

They also spoke about the "tent town", initiated near the Autonomy Parliament at the sitting. And the increase in number of these tents is expected soon.

A.Nejivoy, "Krimskoye Vremya", #106 (973), 13 June 2000, p.3.


Land problem waits for an active participating of everyone.

Last week the Crimean Tatar nation Mejilis chairman, Mustafa Djemilev signed his decree, addressing to the chairmen of regional mejilises and proposing to create working groups in all districts and village councils in order to solve the problems of providing a middle size land plots to the Crimean Tatars.

According to the decree, working groups, analogous to those, which already exist in Mejilis, have to fulfill the next obligations:

-                            holding regular explanation work about the necessity of Crimean Tatars’ participating in the land reform;

-                            initiating a joined check together with the village publicity if the lists of CAE are correct and if the land dividing is held according to the law;

-                            Sending a copy of decision to create working groups to the Crimean Tatar nation’s Mejilis.

Gathered Information, “Golos Krima”, #25 (344), 16 June 2000, p.2.


Opposition continues.

The opposition of Simferopol district state administration head, V.Zakoretskiy and the representatives of the Crimean Tatars living in Simferopol district still goes on.

According to the words of Simferopol regional mejilis chairman, T.Asanov, V.Zakoretskiy hasn’t done anything in order to meet their demands, the most important of them being land re-division, crimean Tatars’ representatives in local authorities: in village councils as the head assistants.

In this connection, on June 12 they held a meeting near the Simferopol district council, which accounted more than 100 persons. The meeting participants made the following decision: to stop any further negotiations with V.Zakoretskiy, who doesn’t wish to take part in a constructive dialogue on correcting the land law for presenting it to the President of Ukraine, Leonid Danilovich Kuchma; to collect more than ten thousand signatures under the address to the President asking to dismiss V.Zakoretskiy from the position of district state administration head; to increase the number of tents; to continue actions of protest at the village councils.

“Golos Krima”, #25 (344), 16 June 2000, p.1.





To Alupka for rest and treatment.

Sixty Crimean Tatar children aged from 9 to 14 will spend two weeks, from 12 to 26 June resting and improving their health in Alupka on the basis of City children hospital. The action organizer is the Crimean Tatar women’s League (the chairman is Safinar Djemileva). And it is financed by the Republican Committee dealing with nationalities and deported citizens.

G.Useinov, “Golos Krima”, #25 (344), 16 June 2000, p.2.


Going overseas to show us.

Dwellers of fourteen Turkish cities got acquainted with the plays of the Crimean Tatar music-and-drama theatre. Y.Bolat, "Bakhchcisarai fountain" after the poem by A.S.Pushkin and a concert program showed them "Dubarali toy" after the play. The theatre collective traveled six thousand kilometers during twenty-eight days of playing in Turkey and three days in Romania. They visited all big cities located on the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Marble Sea shores. And from May 25 to June 3 the group performed the play “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare at the third international festival of Turkik theatres “Tuganlik”, which was held in Ufa.

The art leader and the Director of Crimean Tatar music-and-drama theatre, Bilal Bilalov told the representatives of mass information about the results of participating in that prestigious festival and his future art plans.

It was a pleasure to learn that the crimean dwellers brought the biggest number of awards from the prestigious festival in Ufa. And fifteen theatres from Bashkotorstan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Chuvashiya, Tuva and Buratiya took part in the festival… Three out of six nominations were given to the Crimean Tatar theatre, and five actor nominations out of seven were also given to the Crimean Tatar actors. Noteworthy, it is the only theatre that got so many prizes at the festival. The biggest festival prize – “For the best women role” – was also given to the Crimean Tatar actress. Three more prizes in the nomination “The best role of episodic plan” were given to the Crimean Tatar actresses: Bilyalova, Dilyara Adjimambetova, and Leylya Omerova. And the prize “Hope” was given to Mustafa Kurmullayev. The theatre was invited to take part in festivals “Navruz”, which will be held in Kazan and “Gostinniy Dvor” – in Orenburg next year. They are planning to visit Turkey in coming October. The theatre collective is preparing a new concert program and the play “Mamlyuk Baybars”.

At the press conference they noted that there was an active preparation work for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Crimean Tatar music-and-drama theatre founding and the 10th anniversary of its restoration, which would be held in September.

V.Selivanova, “Golos Krima”, #25 (344), 16 June 2000, p.2.



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