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Crimean News 

Issue #4



Crimean News ¹4

Kiev gives the assistance to us.

Last day of the Mission of OSCE in Crimea.

The Voluntary Organization instead the deputies.

The idea of the struggle for the rights of our People moves us.

News of Mejlis

First steps from the most remote point of the rally.

Crimeans celebrate 1st of May.

The assistance for Sevastopol.

Handshake through Kerch strait

Nikolay Kondratenko: "Third World War goes already – against orthodox Slavonic peoples"




Kiev gives the assistance to us.


29th of April the meeting of State Commission on Affairs of the Deported Peoples of Crimea Minister of Ukraine with Valery Smoliy as a Minister of Ukraine, was held in the building of Council of Ministers of Crimean Autonomy.

Two basic questions concerning the process of solution of the issues of the Deported Peoples in humanitarian and political –legal areas and conducting the measures dedicated to immortalize the commemoration of victims of deportation in Crimea were considered.

The lack of accommodation, issues of resettlement, teaching in native language, impossibility for numbers of repatriates arrived from Russia, Kirgizstan, Kazakchstan, and affirmation of belonging to citizenship of Ukraine – it is not a complete list of the adversities of deportees, are requiring the urgent solution. The participants of the meeting noted, that the solution of the issues in existing conditions and rate of financing is required 10 years else.

Out of 20 millions grivnas, provided by budget of Ukraine for solution of the issues of deportees, 11 millions grivnas include a capital investment, it means a ransom of accommodation, credits, 9 millions grivnas are intended for the solution of social issues. At present only 4 millions grivnas were come in Crimea.

It was stressed, the political – legal demands of the Crimean Tatar People, the recognition as Indigenous People of Crimea are more important, and they are not be able to solve at once. The Working Group by President of Ukraine was created, which is occupied with these issues.

The Chairman of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People ***M.Dzhemilev on question:"How does he appreciate the decision of the meeting of State Commission?" answered: "Crimean Tatars have a lot of issues, by 3-4 millions grivnas to withdraw this tension be not a success. The Indigenous People has no representation in bodies of legislative power of Crimea. Up to now, the status of Mejlis in legal of Ukraine area was not defined".


Gulnara Chilingirova, newspaper "The Voice of Crimea", ¹ 19 (286) 7th of May 1999, p. 1.

Our information: Crimean Tatar People, Armenians, Bulgarians, Greeks were deported from Crimea by communist regime in 1944, Germans – in 1941. They started to return to Crimea from the end of 80ss.

**4 grivnas = 1$ US

***The Supreme Representative Body of Crimean Tatars was democratically elected.


Last day of the Mission of OSCE in Crimea.

30th of 1999, the period of validity of the mandate of Mission of OSCE in Ukraine was expired. It was informed at press conference by Frank Evers, deputy of the Head of the Mission of OSCE.

The Mission of OSCE (the head office in Kiev and branch in Crimea) was invited to Ukraine in 1994, when situation in Crimea and around it was tense. It was to make a contact with state authorities, analyzing a situation on the place, and in the end to promote to the lessening of tension, worked out the proposals for bodies of government. Mission of OSCE lined Ukraine with European International Organs, its staff promoted as well. The members of the Mission were from USA, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Litva, Finland. Mission discussed the different subjects. In 1994-95ss, it was a constitutional issue, then legal questions of the status of ARC, the issues of ethnic groups of Crimea.

In December of 1998, Ukrainian Government and OSCE came to agreement that the period of validity of the mandate would not to prolong. The Parties started to discuss the further forms of mutual cooperation. Currently, the negotiations are in progress in Vienna, and the corresponding decision will be adopted in nearest days. No one knows what decision will be, but, possibly, both sides were in a hurry in decision not prolonging the period of the validity of mandate of the Mission of OSCE.


Leyla Alyadinova, newspaper "The Voice of Crimea", ¹ 19 (286) 7th of May of 1999, š. 1.

The Voluntary Organization instead the deputies.

The categorical unwillingness of the executive power of Crimea to allow the election of the representatives of Crimean Tatars to Parliament of Autonomy, and leaded to desired by them a result – the full lack of deputies of the Indigenous People** in Supreme Council of Autonomous Republic of Crimea*.

Ideologist of Communist Party Leonid Grach*** decided the next action, which was to imitate an interest to solve the issues of the people as a whole. It was concluded in establishment by Parliament "Council of Aksakals (Old Men)" from voluntary organization. "The Association of Veterans and Activists of the National Movement of the Crimean Tatars". This small organization was created in 1996, and it is the opposition to Supreme Representative Body of the Crimean Tatars – Mejlis.

"The Council of Aksakals", became as "branch" "Association", continued its traditions. The Representatives of "Association" developed the special activity after including them in Council of Coordination by Supreme Council of Crimea on consideration of the draft of the Constitution of Crimea in autumn of last year****. Concluded the notorious agreement with leadership of the executive power of Autonomy, they think naively, that the issues of Crimean Tatars will be solved by virtue of this alliance.


Gulnara Chilingirova, newspaper "The Voice of Crimea", ¹ 19 (286) 7th of May 1999, p. 1.

Our information.*The Supreme Council of Autonomous Republic of Crimea – the legislative body of Crimean Autonomy and

**It means of Crimean Tatars as well.

***The leader of Crimean Communists L.Grach occupies a post of the Chairman of Supreme Council of Crimea and carrying out a policy of the resistance of the restoration of the rights of Crimean Tatar People.

****The provisions of the protection of the rights and interests of the Crimean Tatars were not included in the Constitution of Crimea.

The idea of the struggle for the rights of our People moves us.

The traditional mourning meeting* and in present year takes place on Central Square of capital of Crimea, Simferopol, in front of the building of Council of Ministers (government) of Autonomy. However, the ignoring of the rights of the Crimean Tatar People in approved Constitution of ARC, caused the protest actions on the side of Indigenous People of Crimea. In present year to all crimean meeting will precede the foot rally from different regions of Crimea to Simferopol. 6th of May the rally of protest started. The basic centers of the beginning of movement are cities Kerch, Krasnoperekopsk, Razdolnoye, Chernomorsk, Sevastopol, Yalta and so on. Meetings in cities Feodosya, Old Crimea, Belogorsk, Bakchisaray, Alushta, Saki, settlements Lenino, Krasnogvardeysky, Oktyaborsky will be held.

As noted the Chairman of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People M.Dzhemilev, the idea of conducting of the foot rally came from leaders of Crimean Tatars of Sudakskii region. Dissolution of Crimean Tatar’s issues, concerning to the financing of Program of resettlement and return of Deported People out of the state budget of Ukraine, establishment of the national schools, status of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, skilled policy, and so on., more confirmed the rightness of this decision. Crimean Tatars are ready to use any peaceful initiations, in order to attract the attention of local and Ukrainian bodies of Government to solve their vital issues. M.Dzhemilev added that if will be not the positive results, that after all crimean mourning meeting around buildings of Council of Ministers and Supreme Council of Crimea will be pitched the tent camp as continuation of protest actions.

The State resigned from the solution of the issues of the Crimean Tatar People. Particularly, it became obviously with arrival of the large numbers of Communists to Executive Power. L.Grach disturbs about breaking up the health season. But it was said always – and before on not well timed of the demands of the Indigenous People, the authorities always haven’t a time for them, and for solution of their issues. There are no deputies of the Crimean Tatars in Supreme Council of Crimea. The adoption of the Constitution of Crimea, which disregards the rights of Crimean Tatars, was last drop of the patience. Up to now, there is no the political rehabilitation of people. Before existing of pre (conditions) for solution of the Crimean Tatar’s issue disappeared today. The preparing protest action will continue so long as the authorities and state will be ready to solve the issues.

The Crimean Tatar People trying again to attract attention of state authorities to its issues. It is impossible to allow continue making a view by authorities that there is no such people on peninsula.


Leyla Alyadiniva, newspaper "The Voice of Crimea", ¹ 19 (286) 7th of May 1999, p. 1.

Our information: * The meeting dedicated to 55th anniversary of deportation of Crimean Tatar People.

News of Mejlis

1st of May a meeting at building of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People was held. The questions concerning to preparation to mass protest actions of Crimean Tatars were discussed, including the foot rally, which started 6th of May in Kerch and continue to 18th of May. Mejlis listened the information concerning to preparation to those actions in regions, on organizing of places for overnight stop and stoppage during movement of 8 columns.

The flag of Ukraine and the National flag of the Crimean Tatars will be used during actions, by decision of Mejlis. It was decided, that on primary phase after meeting 18th of May at Square in front of the Council of Ministers will be pitched the tent town. Protest action of 1999 will continue as long as the basic demands of Crimean Tatars.

The information concerning to the issues of the exit from citizenship of Uzbekistan by Crimean Tatars living in Uzbekistan was sounded. The necessity of practical steps on transition of Crimean Tatar’s language into Latin graphic was noted. The attention of the members of Mejlis was directed to the issues of opening of the National schools, kindergartens.


Plan of the foot protest rally of Crimean Tatars.

6-18 of May – all crimean protest rally of Crimean Tatars.

Column ¹ 1 - Kerch - Simferopol. The beginning of movement on May 6, 1999. The beginning of meeting in Kerch at 9 a.m. in front of state commitee.

Column ¹ 2 - Dzhankoy - Simferopol. The beginning of the movement on May 13.


Column ¹ 3 - Krasnoperekopsk – Simferopol. The beginning of the movement on May 11.

Column ¹ 4 - Razdolnoye - Evpatoriya - Simferopol. The beginning of the movement on May 10.

Column ¹ 5 - Chernomorsk – Evpatoria - Simferopol. The beginning of the movement on May 10.


Column ¹ 6 - Yalta - Alushta - Simferopol. The beginning of the movement on May 12.

Column ¹ 7. Sevastopol - Bakchisaray - Simferopol. The beginning of the movement on May 14.

During movement of columns the protest meetings in large localities will be held.

The tent town after all crimean mourning of 18th of May in front of Supreme Council and Council of Ministers of Crimea will be pitched. They will act as long as the demands of the Crimean Tatars are fulfilled.


Newspaper "Yani dunya" "New world", ¹ 18 (468), 8th of May 1999, p. 1.

First steps from the most remote point of the rally.

6th of May in Kerch about 500 persons, took part in meeting and started first steps of the foot rally. About 170 persons went on the road. In first day of the foot rally took part in and the members of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People. The participants of rally went more 20 kilometers stopped for overnight in village Gornostaevka. They were placed at houses of compatriots because of the cold weather. It is planned to organize the overnights in rural mosques, clubs and schools.

In the evening of 8th of May, the column achieved the regional center Lenino (station Seven Wells) and on next day continued the movement after meeting.


Newspaper "Crimea",¹19 (516), 8th of May 1999., p. 1

Crimeans celebrate 1st of May.

The celebrations dedicated to Day of International Solidarity of Workers, were started, when at the Central Square of City entered the columns of the demonstrates dressed by red flags and transparencies. It was called the economical reforms turn by face to worker, protect the home producers, getting the general full employment, provide the payment in accordance with living wage, not allow the enlargement of prices, including payment for accommodation and public utilities. The participants of meeting required from authorities the social rights in reality enshrined in Constitution of Ukraine.

The Chairman of Crimean Parliament L.Grach addressed at the meeting noted, that "we put the foundation of Autonomy, approved the Constitution of Crimea". Particularly, it is important to support the inter-national consent on peninsula, political stability – is a pledge of promotion forward to best life.

In resolution, approved by participants of the meeting, except economical demands to authorities of Ukraine keeping the appeal "to take the definite measures on stoppage of aggression of NATO against Yugoslavia". Toasts in honor of Communist Party and trade unions finish the resolution.

Over 3000 persons took part in meeting organized in Sevastopol. They came there with red flags. Numerous transparencies and watchwords calling to the unity of actions of workers in asserting social economical interests, constitutional rights and guarantees, in struggle for renewal of life on principles of social justice.

In adopted resolution, the participants of meeting proposed a number of demands to President, Government and Parliament of Ukraine. Not only social –economical, but also the foreign political demands were sounded. They "definitely condemned NATO in unleashing war against sovereign Yugoslavia and required from Supreme Leadership of Ukraine to refuse from involving of country to aggressive unit".


O.Volodin, G.Staroverov, S.Sukhanova, V.Shevchenko, newspaper "Crimean Truth" ¹80 (22252) 5th of May 1999, p. 2.

Our comment: Pro-Russian and communist moods keenly stirred up with coming communists to power in Crimea. The tendency was reflected on celebration one of communist holidays – 1st of May. Pensioners, exs-soldiers and simply old men went to meeting under influence of the nostalgia of Soviet Empire. However, a lot of the demonstrators forced come under compulsion – leadership of Crimean Parliament, which gave appropriate instruction to state enterprises, establishments, and schools. Thousands of schoolboys as before constituted the basic number of demonstrators. Since the organizers of meetings appeared the communists, that this circumstance caused the content of watchwords and speeches. Similar mass actions in cities Yalta and Evpatoria were held.

The assistance for Sevastopol.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted some measures for solution of the social – economical issues of Sevastopol. By virtue of governmental financial support will be finished the construction of gas pipeline* Glebovka-Sevastopol, that significantly improve the giving blue fuel to city. Besides, the government allotted 1 millions grivnas for clearing off a debt to budget employees of Sevastopol and credit of 3 millions grivnas to collective of Sevastopol Sea plant for clearing off a debt as well.


Dinay, newspaper "Crimean Truth", ¹ 81 (22253) 6th of May 1999, p. 1.

Our information:

* - Gas by this pipeline will come from the fields on the West Black Sea coastline of Crimea.

Handshake through Kerch strait

The Agreement between representative and executive powers of Autonomous Republic of Crimea (Ukraine) and Krasnodarskii region (Russia) "On principles of economical, scientific-technical and cultural cooperation" during stay of Crimean delegation in Kuban was signed.

5th of May the Gubernator of the Krasnogvardeyskii region Nikolay Kondratenko and Chairman of Legislative Assembly of Krasnogvardeyskii region V.Beketov arrived with short visit in Crimea by the invitation of the Chairman of Supreme Council of Crimea Leonid Grach.


Newspaper "Crimean News", ¹ 88-89 (1839-1840) 6th of May 1999, p. 1.

Our comment. The Communist leadership of Crimea with aim to reinforce its positions for last half-year concluded treaties on cooperation with President of Byelorussia A. Lukashenko, Mayor of Moscow U.Luzhkov, and now with communist N.Kondratenko.

Nikolay Kondratenko: "Third World War goes already – against orthodox Slavonic peoples"

Divide us, Slavs, into Russians, Ukrainians and Byelorussians could only or a stupid man, or a plotter, - said Nikolay Kondratenko, a gubernator of Krasnodarskii region. – If only we are brought our senses (I mean Ukraine and Russia), then our development going in positive direction. However, if it will be further continued, what happen now, that I can say, we are doomed. We are on the threshold of XXI, and by those ways, which using in Yugoslavia and Iraq, we are able to judge, what wait us. In Yugoslavia, happening that happening, and in many respects because of the political leadership of Russia betrayed and Serbs and Chernogors. Russia could to stop this conflict in earliest stage, when united state Yugoslavia was started to rend into pieces. Russia supported the blockade instead to veto it.

Going a recording of the volunteers among Don and Kuban Cossacks for sending to Yugoslavia. And desired to go there a lot of. So if will be the good will of Serb People, that the volunteers go to assist it. Third World War going already. Only the forms of its running are others. And its edge directing against Slavonic peoples.


Tatyana Ryabchikova, newspaper "Crimean Truth", ¹80 (22252) 5th of May 1999., p. 2.

Our comment. Imperial, chauvinistic, and anti-western opinions of the gubernator of the Krasnodarskii region of Russia, communist N.Kondratenko not only appropriate to views of the present leadership of the Crimean Parliament, but to the moods of the majority of Russian population of Crimea.