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Crimean news 80.

(Mass Media review for 16-21 October 2000).

(Articles are abridged).



PM tells about the results of his trip to Uzbekistan*.

S.Kunitsyn: "The government will not take part in revolutions and conspiracies".

Ghosts of Crimean catacombs bother the "brains" of Russia.

Trust in the President, but rely on yourself.

It makes no difficulty to die of AIDS today

Farewell, basements!

Turkish government allocates $1 million for financing PDIC*.

Turkish government allocates $1 million for financing PDIC*.




PM tells about the results of his trip to Uzbekistan*.

On October 16, the press conference of the Crimean Prime Minister devoted to his business trip was held in the Council of Ministers. Delegation's program had a lot of issues to discuss. They held several meetings, where they signed 10 Ukrainian-Uzbek documents. As Kunitsyn believes, one of the most important results of the trip was the document, which prolonged the terms of agreement about the simplified procedure of denouncing Uzbek citizenship by the Crimean Tatars and acquiring the Ukrainian till December 31, 2000. Currently, there are more then 100 thousand Crimean Tatars living in Uzbekistan, 9 thousand of them have acquired the Ukrainian citizenship. And the PM noted, in accordance with the legislation of Uzbekistan, nonresidents of this republic effect payments for utilities, fares and removing their things in US dollars. This issue was raised and prepared for consideration by the Uzbek side after Sergey Kunitsyn had asked to.

Lentara Halilova, "Golos Kryma" ("The Voice of Crimea"), #43 (362), 20 October 2000, p.1.

Our information: * See "Crimean news 79" about the official visit of Ukrainian delegation to Uzbekistan.


S.Kunitsyn: "The government will not take part in revolutions and conspiracies".

The head of the government, Sergey Kunitsyn, spoke about the last week's results at the conference.

When answering a question caused by rumors "about his possible removal to Kyiv", Sergey Kunitsyn told the President of Ukraine had confirmed the words he had said before that there were no reasons for dismissing the Crimean government and its chairman.

As Sergey Kunitsyn said the government would not take part in any revolutions and conspiracies. In spite of the "de march of the seven"*, according to Sergey Kunitsyn's words, today all its members professionally carry out their responsibilities.

Oleg Shakhnyuk, "Krymskaya Pravda", ("The Crimean Truth"), #190 (22603), 17 October 2000, p.1.

Our information: *See "Crimean News 76, 77" about the dismissal of seven members of the Crimean government.


Ghosts of Crimean catacombs bother the "brains" of Russia.

"Interfax" agency has spread the following information: "The State Parliament has approved of the idea of the vice-speaker of LDPR* fraction, Vladimir Zhyrinovskiy, and given the commission to the committee for international affairs to ask for official information from MFA RF** and Overseas Secret Service about the fact of Turkey's armor delivery to Crimea.

V.Zhyrinovskiy emphasized that according to the data he had, the armor was hidden in the Crimean catacombs. He also added there has been a big flow of foreign citizens, in particular, form Jordan coming to Crimea and this "foreign expansion reminded the situation in Afghanistan in 1999".

The press group of State Administration of Security Service of Ukraine has quickly responded and refuted such unreasonable statements***.

The parliament speaker, Leonid Grach, is busy with some other, more important issue - preparations for the session, so he refused to comment this statement.

The chairman of Council of Ministers, Sergey Kunitsyn, offered the following evaluation: "…Knowing Vladimir Volvovich, I think, we can expect any kind of statements from him… My evaluation is as follows: a single mistake made by a politician of this level, a word may lead to the most unpredictable consequences…"

The chairman of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, Mustafa Dzhemilev said the followings: "This is nothing but the next in turn Mr. Zhyrinovskiy's statement of provocation. He has already introduced this kind of statements before. It is aimed at creating tension on the peninsula. Some of our neighbors don't like that we haven't got our own Chechnya in here. But they wish it were this way. As far as the practical side is concerned, it is absurd to say that they bring armor from Turkey to Crimea because if there is really a necessity of having armor, then it is possible to find any kind of armor on the territory of Ukraine, which will cost 5-6 times cheaper. It is even possible to buy armor at a cheaper price in Russia. True, they don't mention the people buying the armor, but it is easy to read about them between the lines. The Crimean Tatars have never resorted to armor. We address our issues by means of other ways. As far as our catacombs, where they hide something are concerned, this is our home business. Let the Russians seek anything in their catacombs, but we have our own Security Service for that matter. Speaking of Jordan's citizens coming to Crimea, tens thousands of people of different nationalities from different countries come here. And in any case there are much more people coming from Russia than from Jordan".

The ambassador of Turkey to Ukraine, Alp Karaosmanoglu responded as follows: "This is a kind of misinformation. Zhyrinovskiy often makes this kind of statements and this is one of them. Turkey works on addressing issues related to Crimea and Crimean Tatars. Zhyrinovskiy may often make this kind of moves. I sea the reason of his statement in the fact that Ukraine was not very friendly with him during his last coming here.   And he has always liked being the center of attention".

F.Tarsinova, "Golos Kryma", ("The Voice of Crimea"), #43 (362), 20 October 2000, p.1.

Our information: *LDPR is the Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia. It is headed by Vladimir Volvovich Zhyrinovskiy, who is famous for his eccentric character.

**MFA RF stands for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation.

***See "Crimean news79" about the official statement of Main Administration of Security Service of Ukraine in Crimea on this issue.


Land reform.


Trust in the President, but rely on yourself.

The next in turn sitting of working group for the problems of deportees was held under the leadership of the Regular Representative of The President of Ukraine in Crimea, Anatoliy Korneychuk. They also discussed the issue of satisfying the deportees, living in rural zone, by allotting land plots for them.

The talks were rather rough. The representative of the state head is not satisfied with the way this problem is being solved. The heads of district state administrations haven't satisfied the demands, foreseen by the minutes of commissions, which was signed in September 2000 at the widened sitting of the working group. According to this document, the parties* have agreed upon joint actions on addressing the problems of giving land plots to deportees, living in the rural zone and having remained without land because of certain reasons. As the practice has proved, today there is no synonymous way out of this problem, so it is necessary to seek different variants of solutions. One of the ways out has been found in Bakhchisaray district. They have prepared the list of people willing to voluntarily share their land plots with deportees. There are some more complicated villages having problems without reserve land. Their dwellers have to seek some other unusual ways of solution.

Taking into account the present situation, the president's representative has received a commission to gather information about the way the heads of district state administrations fulfill the minutes adopted on September 27, 2000 in order to find out where the heads consciously sabotage this decision's implementation. Republic committee on land resources together with the Ministry of agriculture complex of Crimea have received a commission to analyze the proposals of the Crimean Tatar people's representatives' Council and report their conclusions.

Mariya Lashkina, "Krymskaya Gazeta" ("The Crimean newspaper"), #193 (16049), 19 October 2000, p.2.

Our information: *This minutes was signed by the Regular Representatives of the President of Ukraine in Crimea and the President's Council of Crimean Tatar people's representatives at the joint sitting of the working group.


Social sphere, healthcare.


It makes no difficulty to die of AIDS today

Unless you know about it and remember all the time

As the head of the Ukrainian center for prophylactics and fight against AIDS, Alla Ssherbinskaya has informed, Ukraine is the European epicenter of AIDS. Today, there are 3191 people registered in Ukraine suffering from this disease. 1635 have fallen ill and nearly half of them are dead by now. According to the specialists' evaluation, 1,5 million people will die of AIDS in Ukraine.

The spread of this horrifying disease has turned into a real epidemic during last five years. Different categories of citizens suffer from it. These are first of all young and able-bodied people. The infection has gone out of so called "risk groups" and is being spread among people with a pace quicker then in the Central and Eastern Europe.

Acute condition has been observed in Crimea as well. 193 patients have been made an AIDS diagnosis since 1987 and 93 of them have died of it. And the main AIDS-indicator disease in 75% of the cases is tuberculosis.

Researches evidence that the spreading rate of the disease among drug-users has reached 27,2%. The proportion of falling ill by sexual relations has increased from 10,3% in 1996 to 31,6% Youngsters make up a considerable part of them.

The Ministry of Crimea within the frameworks of regional program purchases medical instruments for curing-prophylactics establishments of Crimea. The heads of curing establishments cannot purchase necessary quantity of disinfecting means, medical instruments and sterilizing equipment because of a very poor budget financing.

Yelena Ozeryan, "Krymskaya Pravda" ("The Crimean Truth"), #190 (22603), 17 October 2000, p.1-3.


Farewell, basements!

 25 Crimean Tatar families, living in basements will have got accommodated flats by the end of the year. Totally, there are 80 families living in basements in Yevpatoriya today.

The removal of people from basements has become possible owing to the financial support of Administration of chief commissar for refugees in UN and European commission for reconstruction. Two houses with 25 flats have been reconstructed in Yevpatoriya with the help of these organizations.

The Administration of the chief commissar of UN has expressed its willingness to continue the work on removing people from basements they are compelled to live in. Under this support, international organizations can allocate facilities only for reconstruction of houses but they do not finance construction of new buildings.

Currently, there are 12 basements in Yevpatoriya accommodated for deportees' living.

Valentin Kostrov, "Krymskaya gazeta" ("The Crimean newspaper"), #193 (16049), 19 October 2000, p.2.


Turkish government allocates $1 million for financing PDIC*.

Turkish government allocates $1 million for financing the Program of Development and Integration of Crimea (PDIC), reported Turkish embassy.

The agreement upon this issue was signed by the representatives of Turkish embassy and the Regular Council of UN, whose goal is to distribute the allocated facilities.

These facilities will allow including new Crimean districts into the program, and helping address the problem of water main and sewer as well.

Turkish government provides support to the Crimean Tatars on a two-way basis through the Agency of international collaboration of Turkey***.

Interfax-Ukraine, "Krymskiye izvestiya" ("The Crimean news"), #195 (2199), 21 October 2000, p.7.

Our information: *PDIC stands for the Program of Development and Integration of Crimea.

**See "Crimean news 79" on the details of PDIC UN.

***This support is giving loans for redeeming housing by poor Crimean Tatars.




Two-times hero: we still remember him.

On October 25, we will celebrate the 80th anniversary of a legendary pilot, Soviet Union two-times hero, Amet-han Sultan.

Solemn measures will be held in Alupka (hero's motherland) on this day. The program will consist of brass bend's performance, laying flowers to the hero's memorial, meeting, and presentation of a documentary film about a brave son of the Crimean Tatar people and a big concert of art masters and collectives of folk art.

Valeriy Turov, "Krymskaya gazeta"("The Crimean newspaper"), #192 (16048), 18 October 2000, p.4.


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